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  1. Man....prices have skyrocketed!!! I guess buying mine back in 2015 for $685 was a pretty good deal!
  2. How about one of these....... Marlin 1895GBL "Guide Gun Big Loop" Hard to find these days.....
  3. ***Putting this up for trade - looking for ORIGINAL CONDITION early Winchester and Marlin lever guns and possibly early S&W Hand Ejectors (Revolvers)*** ***DO NOT*** post your trade offer on this thread, PM me and we can exchange email address for photos, etc. You can check COMPLETED auctions on GunBroker to see what these have been selling for. Offering up this near mint condition Marlin 1895 GBL Has a hairline scratch on the magazine tube These are nearly impossible to find at stores or online except the occasional auction site
  4. That is a very nice M1917...........if I did not already have one I would buy it!!! Price is right!!
  5. Relisting with ONE-TIME price reduction - DON'T MISS OUT!! Will give this a few days on the SASS site before moving to auction......Thanks for looking!
  6. There is one box of factory Winchester .25-35 at a local shop here in Prescott Valley, if you cannot find some I would guess he would ship. Getting even harder to find these old calibers as you know.
  7. Fantastic guns, I own a few.....and AWESOME caliber!! You guys better grab this one before I decide I need two in .308 LOL!!!!
  8. PM Sent.....thanks for the heads up.....I am purchasing ALL of them!!
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