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  1. I have a big box FULL of molds and everything needed to cast boolits........just don't have time to do the deed!! But thanks for thinking of me!
  2. Thanks Al, drop me an email at tomgraham01@msn.com and we can get it done!
  3. Still looking......will also purchase FACTORY loaded ammo in original boxes in these calibers. Email me at tomgraham01@msn.com
  4. Please drop me an email if you have brass and/or bullets for these old smoke pole cartridges........ Send email (NO PM's) to tomgraham01@msn.com Thanks for looking!
  5. Let me know what you have.....please send photos/prices to my email which is tomgraham01@msn.com Thank you!
  6. I am in need of some brass and bullets for the .348 Winchester Prefer new brass, but will also consider cleaned fired brass in good condition (no split necks or corrosion). Please email me (NO PM's) at tomgraham01@msn.com what you have and an asking price, a photo would be appreciated. I prefer to pay with PayPal (Friends/Family) rather than sending a check.
  7. Well.....someone was willing to pay a bunch for this box of 1,000 primers recently......makes $100 per box seem a bit cheap....LOL!!! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/881869362
  8. I am a long time SWCA member....here's a link to our forum, we have a WANTED section. That's your best bet for finding original period correct items for your new addition. http://smith-wessonforum.com/forum.php
  9. If you live and Arizona and are willing to drive to Prescott hit me up.......they ain't gonna be cheap, but you'll have some!! Keep your powder dry!
  10. Just about every auction site out there always has bulk primers for sale and I seriously doubt that many if any have the proper certification to legally ship primers......not saying it's legal, just pointing it out.
  11. One last bump on the two remaining S&W's........will pull this listing soon. I will consider REASONABLE offers on these so email me at tomgraham01@msn.com if you wish.
  12. OK.....I have a pretty good stash of smalls and some large. These are PISTOL primers. I'll be listing a few boxes in the classifieds shortly.
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