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  1. OK thanks for the clarfication.....what is your location/state this will ship from?
  2. Offering up this impressive Phrobis III M9 Bayonet with Scabbard This appears to be used, but not abused Blade edge appears to have been lightly sharpened, but not ground. Price is only $185 shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail Prefer PayPal for payment unless other arrangements are made in advance. First "I'll take it" followed up by an email to me at tomgraham01@msn.com (NO PM's) NO PM's please.....and please email me any questions you have.
  3. Thanks for the update Shotgun.......we call that a "Rug" around these parts.......can you post any photos?? How is the condition? is the hide still soft/sublte?? Is this a winter or summer hide? I assume winter.......how about the size in inches?? What is your location??? Any additional information would be appreciated.
  4. Are we talking a tanned hide or a rug? Hair on or off??
  5. OK guys & gals.......I gave you first chance at these.......will take them to the local gun show......thanks for looking!!!
  6. Going to give these another day or so before they go to the gun show here in Prescott Valley on Saturday......Don't miss out!!
  7. This is a limited time offering so don't miss out! Will give it a couple more days before these head off to an auction.
  8. *****WITHDRAWN - THANKS FOR LOOKING***** Offering up these two gorgeous WWII Remington Model 03-A3 rifles for your consideration. They appear to have been CMP guns and are both wearing the new leather US slings that CMP would put on the guns. Both have excellent bores with no issues and the metal and wood on both is also excellent. The serial numbers are as follows: 3377531 (barrel date 1-43) and 3900368 (barrel date 7-43) They are being offered at $875 EACH including shipping to your C&R or FFL in the lower 48. Be sure this gun is OK to be shipped to your state BEFORE committing to purchase. Shipping will be FedEx ground......if you want insurance it will be added to the shipping and is not included in the $875 selling price. USPS Money order for payment unless other arrangements are made in advance. Post and "I'll take it" including the serial number of the gun you want followed up by an email to me at tomgraham01@msn.com NO PM's please.....and please email me any questions you have. The following photos are showing 3377531 first then 3900368
  9. Copy that........but believe it or not people are buying them and Ray cannot keep them in stock. My price would be a bit less, but not by much for the full original box. I would do a bit better on the 50 loose rounds. Let's see what Ripple says......
  10. Turns out I have 50 loose factory Navy Arms .41 Rimfire cartridges plus the full original box. Again, if I do not work out a deal with Ripple they will be available for purchase.
  11. If Ripple does not purchase the box I will put them up for sale........these are very tough to find. Ray Giles has one box left for sale on his website.....you can click on this link to find them. https://www.rtgammo.com/
  12. Full box of Navy Arms .41 Rimfire
  13. I have a handful of loose rounds with no box.....but also have a full box of factory Navy Arms .41 rimfire available. The full boxes are spendy.
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