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  1. **WITHDRAWN** Thanks for looking, will offer this fine rifle up elsewhere.........
  2. Last chance - Price reduced - Tough to find a rifle like this anywhere near this price folks!!
  3. Giving this through the weekend then it will be offered elsewhere........tough to find a custom rifle with scope for this price!!!! Must be someone out there with a big game who is in need of such a fine rifle!!!!
  4. A bump with price reduced to only $1,000 on this fine rifle that's ready for the big hunt! Will give this one a few more days then it will be offered someplace else.
  5. One and only bump on this fine rifle......seriously ready to take into the field on your next big game hunt! Will give this a few more days then on to other venues. DON"T MISS OUT!!!!
  6. I am offering up a very nice pre owned custom built rifle in .300 Weatherby Magnum built by Sakamoto Custom Rifles. Built on a Winchester Model 70 action. The rifle has a Leupold 3-9 scope, composite stock and custom paint job/finish. Has a 24" lightweight custom barrel. The weight is right at 8 pounds with scope. Also has a removable "Ultra Brake" muzzle brake installed. I have no information on the builder except that he was in the Bay area of CA, but it seems like a darn nice rifle for just about any big game animal you will find in North America Price is only $975 plus shipping to your FFL (Lower 48 only, may not be CA legal so check your regs) USPS Money Order or discreet Friends/Family PayPal for payment unless other arrangements are made. No trades at this time. First "I'll Take It" followed with an email (NO PM's) to tomgraham01@msn.com takes it.
  7. Offering up this very clean AUTOMAG II 6" .22 Magnum stainless semi-auto pistol made by AMT These are pretty neat little guns, very lightweight and although I have not shot this one, I am told they are very accurate. Price is only $700 plus shipping (Lower 48) to your FFL First "I'll take it" followed up with an email (NO PM's) to tomgraham01@msn.com takes it. USPS Money Order or discreet "Friends/Family" PayPal for payment. NOTE::: Be sure you can legally own this in your state BEFORE you commit to purchase!!!! There will be a $35 additional fee if this needs to ship from an FFL......Be sure your FFL is good receiving from a private party with copy of my drivers license.
  8. While you guys/gals are all home keeping a safe "Social distance" from one another......dig through that old coffee can and/or shoebox full of loose cartridges you have on the bench and see if you come up with any Frankford Arsenal cartridges you might want to sell. I am primarily looking for the early stuff from the late 1870's through around 1898 and in .45 caliber rounds such as .45-70, .45-80, etc. There are also other rifle and handgun rounds made by FA that have dated headstamps including .45 Colt, .38 Colt, .30-40 Krag, etc. I am also interested in full or partial boxes of FA stuff........ If you come up with some drop me an email to tomgraham01@msn.com preferrably with a photo and an asking price. **Please don't post what you have available on this thread, email me......NO PM's** Keep in mind the early ones were "Internal" primed meaning no exposed primer.....and they had a copper case. The later rounds typically had a nickel washed case and some were eventually brass. Thanks for looking and keep your powder dry!! Tom
  9. Fantastic guns and reasonably priced, I have owned one in the past and was very pleased with the performance.....Enjoy CHOPPERDOC!!!!!
  10. Check with High Country Guns & Knives in Prescott, AZ they cater to CAS guys and have a nice selection right now of rifles and sidearms. Ask or Bob or Roger.......Bob is heavy in CAS/SASS shooting.
  11. Bump for fresh eyes.......Dig through the safe.....somebody must have some S&W's they are ready to part with. Will give this a few more days then it will be offered elsewhere. Thanks for looking!
  12. ***TRADED LOCALLY - Thanks for looking*** Hello all - I am putting this one out there for possible trade for the right S&W hand ejector. This Colt is new in box and still wears the factory grease/oil on it's finish. Must be pre-lock and pre-WWII is even better - Target sights a plus - N-Frames get my attention as well. Email me (NO PM's) at tomgraham01@msn.com with a description and photos of what you might have to offer. Please do NOT post your photos or offers on this thread, email them to me. I would put a value on this of one in the $850 range........
  13. Hi they are original and have not been sanded. Send e-mail to siskidrick@gmail.com and I will send closer pics thanks kidrick.

  14. Hello, can you tell me if these stocks have been sanded/refinished? If not I am interested if you will take Friends/Family PayPal.......let me know. You can email me at tomgraham01@msn.com
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