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  1. I am a long time SWCA member....here's a link to our forum, we have a WANTED section. That's your best bet for finding original period correct items for your new addition. http://smith-wessonforum.com/forum.php
  2. If you live and Arizona and are willing to drive to Prescott hit me up.......they ain't gonna be cheap, but you'll have some!! Keep your powder dry!
  3. Just about every auction site out there always has bulk primers for sale and I seriously doubt that many if any have the proper certification to legally ship primers......not saying it's legal, just pointing it out.
  4. One last bump on the two remaining S&W's........will pull this listing soon. I will consider REASONABLE offers on these so email me at tomgraham01@msn.com if you wish.
  5. OK.....I have a pretty good stash of smalls and some large. These are PISTOL primers. I'll be listing a few boxes in the classifieds shortly.
  6. OK....just checked COMPLETED auctions on GunBroker and WOW was I floored at what primers are selling for!! Then I called a couple local shops who are all sold out of the common primers and have no way to get them......apparently we are back in a shortage situation because as has happened in the past the ammo companies are using all the primers to make ammo and not selling them to the public. Seeing one box of 1,000 small Winchester pistol primers selling for $190 on an auction!!!! YIKES!!
  7. I am well stocked.....may be able to help you out......email me at tomgraham01@msn.com Tom
  8. The heavy barrel is nice to shoot on that 4".........not harsh! I'll give these a few days folks then off to another site........DON"T MISS OUT!!
  9. The 31-1 is chambered for .32 S&W LONG.........it's visible on the barrel if you zoom in on the photo......a very nice piece! I will update the listing above with this information, thanks for bringing that to my attention!!
  10. WITHDRAWN.....THANKS FOR LOOKING, I WILL BE OFFERING THE REMAINING TWO S&W'S ON ANOTHER SITE ****Please email me (NO PM's) to tomgraham01@msn.com with any questions*** OFFERING UP THREE VERY CLEAN EXCELLENT CONDITION S&W REVOLVERS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT IN THE PHOTOS.......... S&W 31-1 Regulation Police .32 S&W LONG 4” Barrel Blue Square Butt S/N H45238 Stocks do not number to gun Shipped February 1972 according to Roy Jinks $650 S&W 10-7 .38 Special 2” Barrel Blue Square Butt S/N 8D53449 (PC Stocks number to gun) Shipped September 1981 according to Roy Jinks Price is $550 **SOLD PENDING FUNDS** S&W 10-6 .38 Special 4” Heavy Barrel Blue Square Butt S/N D396087 Has PC stocks that are not numbered Shipped February 1972 according to Roy Jinks Price is $625 **SOLD PENDING FUNDS** Prices include shipping to the lower 48 only........Will need to ship to your FFL so be sure your FFL is good receiving from a private party with copy of my drivers license. Payment: I prefer a USPS Money Order but will also consider DISCREET Friends/Family PayPal so no fees are charged to me. First to post an "I'll Take It" followed up with an email to tomgraham01@msn.com gets it......be sure to specify which model number you are committing to purchase in your post. Thanks for looking!!
  11. The barrel, glass bedded action, trigger group, sights, etc. Keep your powder dry Russ and enjoy!!
  12. Great rifle at a really good price....I own a couple of these, one standard grade and one match grade........you will love it!!! CONGRATS RUSS!!!!
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