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  1. Beautiful! Will check that cost out. I like the engraving. Not as “busy” as some are. Can i borrow them for a few years?
  2. Will look at those. A lot of fitting needed? Thanks
  3. What low hammers can be purchased and installed in USFA rodeos? Early black rodeo pistols. edit:longhunter has no more.
  4. Came back to leave a note for other buyers. The pistols i bought here are perfect just as described. Giving Yeldog a vote of confidence for anyone thinking of doing business with him. He went the extra mile to get them too me also.
  5. I need an inexpensive 28 ga reloader. Pm whatcha got.
  6. Came back to let everyone know this rifle was exactly what john brown said it would be. A vote of confidence in dealing with him.
  7. You might make that label pic clear and complete for people to go check sizes at manufacturer website
  8. I’ll take them per our conversation
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