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  1. I thought about that too! It is easy to dress like matt dillon. A vest, hat boots and a badge,,,done. Gunsmoke was always lever action winchesters and sxs shotguns. I have a lever 1887 shotgun. Of course he only wore one handgun too, a long one. He was tall, i am short with all the wrong guns. I did buy a badge,,,
  2. Too late for good advice! Lol,,,i bought one. I bought a like new AWA from a member here just a couple minutes ago. I do not think there will be (too many)problems. Yes, i am the new guy to sass, but i grew up with pump rifles and shotguns. I shoot doubles in trap with a 97 winchester. I ain’t skeered. The reason i changed to awa, was after talking to lassiter about the two brands and what he could/would do to them. Hopefully i will not be back with my head hanging down for more advice! If so,, feel free to laugh.
  3. I am looking for one now. Turns out i am less then one hour from lassiter. Nice video!
  4. I just talked to Lassiter on the phone. Got info! I want to buy an AWA Lightning in 38 special, and he can make it run. That is the plan,,,,now just have to find one. I posted in classifieds for any leads.
  5. I have talked to lassiter and made my plan. I need a 38 spec lightning made by AWA. PM me please if you have one to sell.
  6. Great! Maybe it is possible. What range of money would a Lassiter rifle cost? Rifle and Lassiter work. $1500-2000 ?
  7. I love the looks of the lighting. I just want something different for a rifle. Seems everybody shoots a lever 66 or 73 or a marlin. I am a marlin fan,,but i shoot those for everyday guns at home, so no new excitement there. I wanted 38 to keep same cartridge when i shoot my colts.
  8. That puts a big crimp in my plans! I just assumed it would shoot 38spec,,but came here to check. Glad i did. Thanks
  9. I am thinking i may want to shoot a pump action rifle for my sass rifle when shooting 38spec colt handguns. The pedersoli seems to be the one i want. Any experience on how it feeds and shoots 38spec? Looks like it may be hard to find one right now too. Can’t find on the website either. edit: after phone conversations, i have had my mind changed. I am now moving the AWA to the “most wanted” category. Yea, i know,,worse then a woman.
  10. Lol,,i see you are new here. Bigtimber did what he was supposed to do. He answered the ad clearly saying he would buy what was being offered. Learn your manners maybe? Of course to some being called a knucklehead may be a compliment, as Harley built no finer motorcycle,,,,, edit, spelling
  11. Bought a roll crimp tool for drill. Still not here,,,,
  12. The only shotshell reloader i have is a ponsness warren for my old trapshooting addiction i had for a few years. It is a monster made for pure fast production,,,useless for anything else.
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