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  1. I shoot the S also. The FG has that big ole stock that feels strange to me.
  2. I believe the new henry has a side loading gate. The marlin is gonna really hurt his wallet.
  3. Schofields go in 45 colt gun and shoot fine,,,,45 colt does not fit in my schofields,,,,,no help from the name at all is needed. How does the added word “long” help?
  4. Not really,,,the shorter ones where/are schofields. There was no need to add the word long.
  5. Unopened 8lb. $200. Face to face in ohio, or will take to ohio state shoot at end of the month.
  6. I assume “most” of the nics checks in ohio are new shooters. If you have a ccw in ohio, you do not do nics check, so a lot of gun owners have bought in ohio without being added to the number of nics checks.
  7. If the marlin is a jm i will take it edit: marlin is still available.
  8. Mine also has the rope inside. I like that. Less noise from rope beating on pole in the wind. I fly ultralights so i use mine as a windsock. That means i fly cheaper flags because the heavy duty flags do not move in the lighter winds.
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