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  1. I saw you sold someone 44 russian brass here, I am also on backorder with starline for several months. I was wondering if I could buy some either new or used. I only need a few hundred for use in USPSA. I don't shoot SASS but I do shoot my 629 in USPSA. I just made an account to comment here... I have rep on other websites for buying and selling.




  2. Howdy Roger Rapid and everyone else who has contributed to this most informative thread. A couple of years ago my brother drove down from Oregon and brought his Pedersoli Lightning in 45 Colt. Not a cowboy shooter, he solved most of his problems with it by refusing to load more than 5 rounds in the magazine. Still it was enough fun to shoot that my wife suggested I buy one. It arrived as a slightly used Pedersoli (Dixie Gun Works version) 44-40 rifle with a 24" round barrel. It now has several hundred rounds through it powered by 32 gr. of GOEX FFFg and is way more fun to shoot than my brother's Uberti. Only problem is the occasional failure to feed. I know that I need to disassemble it soon to clean it so a copy of your manual on the Pedersoli Lightnings (S/N below PL01000) would be appreciated. Thank you. Far Country Traveler trvlrmn@msn.com Elko, NV
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