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  1. ACW, How long is the barrel on this H&R Sharps? Are you looking for a Garrett cartridge or percussion rifle or carbine? I have a Garrett Arms replica of Sharps percussion carbine. Are you interested? Far Country Traveler
  2. David Carrico either has or can make anything you need. carricoleather.com . . . And he is an expert on authentic civil war leather.
  3. Uberti web sight lists its 50 caliber rifle groove diameter as .507”. But your rifle may be different. —trvlr
  4. Say kid, Does this lightning have a rifle or a carbine Buttstock? Thank you, —trvlr
  5. Sorry for your loss, so many years ago. 


    appreciate your families service, and your backup offer. Guy and I have make the transaction it's going to ship ASAP. Good luck on others. 

  6. I do have the part you need for that S&W. 

    Check the retaining bolt and make sure that it's not bent, indented or damaged as well.  

    Pm me your address and I'll box them up for you.  

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