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  1. Minor tweaking includes whisper lever springs, stainless steel magazine spring and follower, front grabber sight and filed rear buckhorn sight. $1050.00 FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR FFL. ( It will be shipped in original packaging with original lever springs and original magazine spring and follower included )
  2. I tried to but only the tag would pop up. How can I get it on the post
  3. unless I'm missing something there is a price right under it $475.00 & Free Shipping to your FFL
  4. Hi Dallas I sent a pm could you please check you email want to run something by you
  5. Very nice once fired $399.00 Free Shipping Gun & Holster
  6. Who made the hat???  Thanks  RT

  7. 508-923-9141

    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      Found your number on my profile page.  What can I help you with?    GW

    2. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      Just responding to your inquiry. I'm not sure why you are pooping up on my site. 


    3. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      No problem  , like I said your phone number just showed on my profile page.     GW

  8. No I have not sold it, but I'm not really looking for trades.


    Thanks for asking

  9. I will still pay the $375.00 for the Dragoon & holster shipped. Thanks, DC

    1. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      I can't do that If it doesn't sell I will just keep it. But Thanks

    2. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Thanks for the reply. DC

  10. I'm sorry but I don't remember it is an older one with browned  barrel. I have only shot balls out of it. I remember checking it years ago but I can't remember what I came up with.

    1. Three Foot Johnson

      Three Foot Johnson

      On the barrel it will say either Great Plains Rifle or Great Plains Hunter.

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