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  1. So.......... Took this apart for shipping and found a WB welded in shim. Going to have to withdraw the gun from sale and go COMPLETELY through every gun I ended up with to locate any other problems before considering selling anything.
  2. Well....I guess that settles it then! Sold to my favorite star of Gun Smoke, Marshall Dillon.
  3. Thanks Hoot! Guess that means I missed something when I put it up. Computer wizz I'm not.
  4. I need a 3rd model or maybe two of them that the cylinder bolt functions on (the cylinder locks in position). Don't much care if anything else works or the bore looks like a sewer pipe. If other parts are good, it's just a bonus. Or if you've got a 3rd model cylinder bolt & spring assy that you have no use for I would like to discuss what you'd take for it.
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