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  1. PM sent I think the pictures might have got through to your cell on the 3rd or 4th try. Benefits of country living = crappy cell service & worst internet service known to man. Other than that and waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, it's pretty nice out here.
  2. Probably chambered in .44 russian or 10.6 German which is very close. I've got a very nice 1878 Marlin (shootable) pocket single action in .38 S&W (not .38 special ) that I'd trade you for it. Provided the action works in yours. I need a project to keep my mind sharp as post Covid recovery and old age seems to be creeping up on me.
  3. I do have the part you need for that S&W. 

    Check the retaining bolt and make sure that it's not bent, indented or damaged as well.  

    Pm me your address and I'll box them up for you.  

  4. Hey Bill,

    In regards to your 1875 Remingtons in 44-40,  did you switch calibers?

    Would you be interested in trading them off?

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    2. Irontree


      Sorry for the delay in reply.  My life got busy real sudden like and it's deer season.

      Anything that you're looking for in particular? Do you like Original (1840's to 1880's )BP rifles?

    3. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      I would take $500 a piece, including buffalo grips and shipping to your FFL. I got them used, but have never fired them.

    4. Irontree


      darn...Cash is a bit out of my reach for a long while.  Fixed income and all that.  Mostly have to confine myself to trading.

  5. do you still have these?

  6. Sir,

    would you still have the Vaquero pants?

  7. I have a pair of union style riding boots in 12 that I hardly ever wear. I'd take $135 shipped. PM me a E-Mule and I'll take a picture to send you.
  8. Many guns and whiskeys can please me but only one woman will.

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