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  1. Welcome to the game. We have a bunch of great clubs in KC. Hope to see you soon. I will send you a PM with my contact info if you want to get the lay of the land. Sneaky
  2. Ill take #8 xl white shirt. Let me know where to send the gold
  3. Great Run, you both should be very proud, I was going to say more but I need to go practice now...…..
  4. Mister Badly I have been looking at those Texas Grips for months and am sawing my rear in half sitting on the fence. I currently shoot the SASS grip that you have shown above. I am a two handed shooter currently but thinking about gunfighter. Did you order the Texas grips stock off the website or are your custom? I am wondering if they are thin like the SASS grip or thicker like the stock grips? Any input would be appreciated. Sneaky
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