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  1. I feel addressed as part of the rest of the world. And the extensions are actually given in inches. 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" etc. Pipe diameter is also measured in inches. I don't think either system is better. It's only better for those who grew up with it. We use the metric system. And when I see a screw in inches, it just looks "wrong" to me, I don't have a tool in my pocket that fits, the thread is different. In the US, mechanics with metric screws will feel the same way.
  2. Internetfound.... Not my Dog. Greets Forest Gun aka Stefan. VID_20230319_115247_533.mp4
  3. Excuse me, I know this is about dogs, but did you know that the Russians simply copied the BMW and Kreidler motorcycles of the German Wehrmacht in WWII, which were identical at the time and which they had lost to Russia? So a Ural is actually a copied Nazi bike. But I still think these are beautiful. But I don't want to get political now, just for info.
  4. this is me with Rusty, my 13 year old Belgian Malinois/Labrador mix. He is good, but has problems with his pancreas, so only special diet food with medicine from pig's pancreas made can eat. If he gets too much meat or treats, he won't do well. Unfortunately he doesn't understand that, I can't give him sausage, meat or anything else as a reward without his medicine. Until we found out what was wrong with him, he would have starved to death while we were eating. But with the medicine and the special food, Rusty is doing well, despite his age.
  5. it says here: "one of these has an education." (the ladies are members of the Green Party and some are members of the government in Germany)
  6. edited: Sorry, the automatic translator played a trick on me. it means: these incompetent ones, I ordered a new black BBQ smoker 20230316_074933.mp4
  7. Hello dear friends in USA. Can you participate in the end of trail as a tourist? A friend and I are planning to do it in 2024. And one more question, is it possible to borrow or rent the guns? I think it's too complicated to take our toys on the plane. Best regards from Bavaria Stefan "Forest Gun"
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