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  1. I'm not making excuses for this goober. He should find another occupation. However, in his defense, the police academy and training units do everything they can to wind up officers with the officer survival mindset. It's a constant barrage of, this is how this officer got killed because they got sloppy or used poor officer survival tactics. It a challenge to get the officers to think clearly and calmly when in high stress situations and maintain the ability to evaluate threats correctly and act within policy. Obviously, this officer failed at this.
  2. Oppps. Forgot about the internal locks. Totally worthless attempt to placate lawyers. I have a pair of 510's with the internal locks that have functioned flawlessly for 19 years.
  3. I am not aware of any changes Ruger has made to the New Model Vaquero since it was introduced in 2004. They are all durable. Either one of those will last a lifetime and be exactly like the rest of them.
  4. I can't count the number of clubs around the Southeast that use Pig Iron's targets. I think we have 40 of them.
  5. The only brass that needs to be trimmed is bottle necked rifle brass. No need to trim pistol brass. It will split long before it needs trimming. Same goes for annealing pistol brass. Total waste of time.
  6. Pretty much any police officer will be glad to run a gun through NCIC to check for stolen. The only thing is, he will want to physically see the gun and if it is stolen, he is going to seize it. They are not going to tell you over the phone if the gun is stolen or not, for obvious reasons.
  7. All signed up and waiting on Spring. Looking forward to it.
  8. This quick release for the Dillon powder measure is the best thing since sliced bread. No tools needed to dump powder. I have them on both of my 650's. https://www.armanov.com/shop/qrdpc-quick-disconnect-for-dillon-powder-measure-90?category=63#attr= Sorry for changing the subject. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  9. I have found that I can reload shotgun shells for about 2/3 the price of new shells. I can buy the components in bulk when I find a good price and I can tailor the load to suit my needs. With components on hand, I can make shells as needed. Not being able to find Remington STS factory shells for a couple of years forced me back into reloading. I recently bought a Mec 9000 reloading press, so hopefully, it will reduce my hatred of reloading shotgun shells.
  10. They referred to it as the Rule of Sequestration around here. Or just envolking "The Rule" for short. Witnesses were instructed by the judge to go outside the courtroom and not talk about the case with other witnesses. If you are released from your subpoena, you can stay in the courtroom or go home. The judge will clarify your status as you leave the witness stand.
  11. I had a problem with the shuttle that moves back and forth from the case feeder tube to the final drop tube. My spring got weak and wasn't fully returning. This resulted in cases not getting dropped onto the shell plate but not multiple cases dropping. Something around that shuttle may be gunked up and sticking. It's got to be in that area if your getting multiple cases being dropped.
  12. Because when your shooting Double Duelist, you are so close to shooting Gunfighter, you may as well just make the leap.
  13. If your loading 38 spl, your case feed tube adapter should be orange. Looking at your picture, it looks like yours is green, which would be for 9mm. This is how my Dillon conversion colors run.
  14. Most of the cans I buy these days have pop tops. For everything else, there's the electric can opener.
  15. I would go to the range and turn them into practice rounds. If they don't go off, you can pull them. If they do go off, then you save the effort of pulling them and you get a little practice in. It would be a lot easier to pull 75 duds than 700 live rounds. I'd probably use them in my pistols and get keep a squib rod handy.
  16. If you decide to use the pins, the best way to get them out of your cases is using water and your media separator. Just run the hose over the media separator into a large tub or bucket. The pins will all end up in the bottom of the tub. If you can totally submerge the brass in water while inside your media separator, it will work even better. You can the pins dry and then pick them up with a magnetic transfer tool. Using the SS pins will make the inside as shiny as the outside.
  17. I'm not allowed to cook brass in the kitchen oven either. I just put them on a towel on a Tupperware tote lid and put them out in the sun. They mostly dry in a couple of hours. I then leave them on my workbench for a couple of days to finish drying before I put them in the appropriate tub. I'm not normally in a rush to reload them anyway. I have lots of brass.
  18. I use a 9mm case of Lemishine and a good healthy squirt of Dawn dishwashing liquid. About 90 minutes does a good job. I have abandoned the lizard litter tumbling mess.
  19. I'm surprised he couldn't sell a well established business like Magma Engineering. Maybe it's not scalable in it's current configuration. There are only so many commercial bullet casters.
  20. I've been buying Rigid cordless tools at Home Depot. They have held up well so far. The best feature is they have a Lifetime Service Agreement. You must register your tool, battery and charger by serial number along with your Home Depot receipt after you purchase the tool. The batteries, tool and charger are covered for life. I don't think they are as good as Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee but they work just fine and I really like the warranty. I'm not in construction but I do use my cordless drills a good bit in the workshop.
  21. Filing your sites will have the same effect as having your alias engraved on the backstrap. Lower the value of your gun for resale.
  22. Yea, I haven't brought it up yet. Probably wouldn't be healthy.
  23. There's just something about that belt fed upper receiver that is calling my name.
  24. I had 3Cut repair one for me. The problem is, the broken tab is probably just the symptom and not the cure. Chances are your rifle is out of time, which causes the cartridge to come up early and broke off the bolt tab. The out of time is often the result of shooting a round out of battery or forcing a stuck round, thus bending something important inside. I would recommend sending the whole rifle to the gunsmith so they can fix the timing after they repair the bolt.
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