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  1. I just saw a 5lb jug of Trail Boss at the Ides of March for sale for the low low price of $700.00. It sat on the table all weekend and I don't think it sold. Good luck with your sale.
  2. I'm already signed up. This will be my first time shooting the Mississippi State. Preacherman travels far and wide so if he says it's a good match, he knows what he's talking about.
  3. With the volume of intelligence coming in at all times, it's often hard to separate the good from the bad or just speculation. It's easy to go back in 20/20 hindsight and point to something and claim that if they had only listened. It's sort of like those Youtube financial "experts" who claim the market is going to crash and you should put everything into gold bars.
  4. Already signed up for: Alabama State Florida State Georgia State South Carolina State Tennessee State Mississippi State Kentucky State It's good to be retired.
  5. A lot of us stay at the Sale of Champions RV park. The sites are full hookup including sewer. It's a fenced in field at a horse show facility. Last year, the Cowboys had the whole place to themselves. Big grass field with RV hookups around the outside perimeter. It's about 10-15 minutes from the range.
  6. He probably had some of those Widder Humming Bird thumbs installed. All this talk about tendons is just misdirection.
  7. Yea, that's the right word. Lurking
  8. Prayers up for Schoolmarm's recovery. Get well soon and I hope to see both of you at Kentucky State.
  9. All signed up and waiting on Spring. Looking forward to it.
  10. I'm surprised he couldn't sell a well established business like Magma Engineering. Maybe it's not scalable in it's current configuration. There are only so many commercial bullet casters.
  11. Sorry. Copywrited. But for a small franchise fee...
  12. I'm glad to see some Cowboys taking over Waimea's bullet business. I'll be topping off my Outlaw Bullet reserves as soon as they get up and running.
  13. Submitted my application to the mercy of my totally incompetent, but DEI qualified, mail lady yesterday. Hopefully it will get to Dodge City Dixie in a timely manner. We are shooting Mississippi the weekend before and just camp a few nights at a state park on the way to Tenn. A shooting vacation/camping trip.
  14. I'll be glad to help with the ways of the Gunfighter. I have seen you shoot many times and you do have potential. I would recommend getting your left hand an eye exam. I found that mine was a little near sited. However, I have to warn you. Once you start down that path, it will be very difficult to go back to your squaw grip'n ways. The path of Gunfighter has many forks. Take one fork and there will be black smoke that no one can see through. Take yet another fork and you will give up using your sites and shoot everything from the hip.
  15. Welcome to the South. Cullman is just down the road from the North Alabama Regulators. Be sure to check them out when you get settled in. They host the Alabama State Match and the S.E. Regional.
  16. When I retired, I had to upgrade my watch to a day/date style. To me, every day was Saturday. I couldn't seem to keep up with what day of the week the rest of the world thought it was.
  17. I certainly don't have any problem with the steampunk category. It's just a costume category. If it keeps the game fun for them, well, mission accomplished. I'm thinking that the Gunfighter prohibition is an attempt by Rolan to keep us undesirables out of his category.
  18. I counted 47 California felonies in my gun safe. I guess I'd better not move to NY either.
  19. I was in Bass Pro Shop, Duluth, Ga. this evening and they had pallets of Winchester AA for $89 a case. All you wanted. I bought a case of Winchester target loads for $65 a case for Wild Bunch shooting. Don't need those fancy AA shells for the pump.
  20. After the stuff I saw our Intel people do with Facebook pages, I decided that there was no way I was ever going to put my life on the internet FOREVER.
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