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  1. March 30th is the deadline for The Bushwhack.... 2024 South Carolina State Championship! Jump online and get registered at scstatematch.com BBQ lunch include for shooters on Friday and Saturday Scarlett Darlin's Birthday Party! Dynamite throwing! Mind Reading Show! Axe Throwing! Ice Cream! 10 Main Match Stages, RO II training, WB Mini Match, BP Mini Match!
  2. Several of you were asking about services for online payment and applications... I use Cognito Forms and Square for payment for The Bushwhack, South Carolina State. Check out our website at scstatematch.com. The website costs us nothing... it's a google site. I simply pay for the name scstatematch through GODADDY. A work in progress, of course, but we do online registration and payment... and allow the shooters to vote on 5 of the stages, sign up for RO training, and our monthly matches... all online. Our gun club, Belton Gun Club, even uses Cognito forms for raffles, new member sign up, match reports, and a few other things.
  3. RANGE OFFICER CERTIFICATION! RO I - 3/9/24 after the Belton Bushwhackers Monthly Shoot RO II - 4/11/24 10:00 AM on side match day at The Bushwhack $25 for Certification - $10 for Refresher CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND SAFELY PAY ONLINE
  4. Preacherman, you probably have more pull with the Owner of the Weather than I do! Doing what I can!
  5. FEBRUARY 1 IS THE DEADLINE TO VOTE ON THE STAGES AND ONE OR TWO FLIGHTS! scstatematch.com The Bushwhack 2024 - Bushwhackin' the Duke! 10 stages, Wild Bunch, Black Powder, Speed Pistol-Rifle-Shotgun, Free BBQ Friday and Saturday for Shooters, Front Porch Churn Ice Cream, Carolina Silver Sweets, Blade and Bull Axe Throwing, Dynamite Throwing, Mind Reading Show, Shooters Trading Post Swap Meet on Thursday Scarlett Darlin's Birthday Party!
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