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  1. That's a keeper, Widder. Just waiting for a chance to work it into a conversation.
  2. State Trooper: You were going awfully fast. Driver: I was just trying to keep up with traffic. Trooper: There isn't any traffic. Driver: I know! That's how far behind I am!
  3. Ace of Hearts was a good fella. Very sorry to hear this. RIP.
  4. Ace of Hearts was a good cowboy and a good guy. Very sorry to see him go.
  5. I put one on a Rossi short rifle. Ordered it from Steve's Gunz.
  6. Thanks from me as well. That was a great read. I remember years back Johnny Crawford said there were three rifles on the set. There was the shooter, the most reliable one. There was a "walking around" gun, which was the nicest. The third one was a beater, which was used for throwing around, dropping in the dirt, etc. The beater was an El Tigre.
  7. I don't have any experience with that gun, but with springs you can always trim off a coil and try it, or go to the hardware store and get something the same size that doesn't feel as stiff and try that.
  8. I've long wanted a lever action .410, but never did anything about it. Also a Model 92 in 25-20, but I bought one of those last month. So the .410 could be next.
  9. Thanks to you guys I found everything I needed. SASS pards are the best!
  10. Sent you a PM, I think. I had to delete some messages to get it to work.
  11. I’ll take it all. I won’t be at the state match but some people from my club will and I’ll arrange for somebody to get with you and pick it up. I’ll let you know. Thanks.
  12. Yes, I would like to know what he has and what he wants for it. Thanks a lot, Tully
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