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  1. I read once that an apology that contains the word "but" or the word "if" isn't one.
  2. I'm talking about a yankee who uses it in an attempt to come across as a down to earth good ol' boy, or gal.
  3. It seems to have become fashionable to say "y'all".
  4. The reason the NWMP were easily able to maintain order was because the Sioux didn't want to be kicked across the border.
  5. Once upon a time I shot whole matches left-handed to try to learn to do it. This was before there was such a thing as gunfighter, and I just wanted to shoot double duelist style. But no matter how much I practiced, I couldn't hit the desert left-handed, and I gave it up.
  6. I checked with the consulting firm of Old Wives, LTD. Their response: "Same gun, same target, same shooter, if using Walmart 3 1/4 dram cheapies you will likely get splatter. If using Winchester AA12FL8, you will likely not. To suggest that velocity does not matter is illogical."
  7. If it has good horizontal and vertical hold it should be OK.
  8. Good for you. I subscribe to Guns and will be looking for it.
  9. All these suggestions are good, and I believe ammunition is definitely part of the problem. Those 3 - 1/4 dram equiv. Walmart shells are pretty hot, but they're cheap and people aren't going to stop using them. If I'm running the timer and somebody is using them, I stand behind the shooter.
  10. I love it. But I ain't eatin' no green meat.
  11. Lee also reworked their press mounted "safety prime." The small one would not feed primers at all. They sent me a replacement and it works fine. I would give them a chance to make it right.
  12. And they may prosecute for not having a license. Seems like he's been punished enough.
  13. Back in the early seventies a sheet metal workers union announced a big new contract that called for a $12 per hour journeyman wage. My old Aunt Mamie said, "There ain't a man alive worth 12 dollars an hour."
  14. City of New Orleans is a good one. Recorded by lots of folks,, including Willie Nelson.
  15. There was a Commander Commander stationed at China Lake in the 80s.
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