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  1. You said you have 3031. I've run it through my M1. That's what I would use if I were you.
  2. If I was a vet I'd let Tatiana refinance my home loan.
  3. Thanks, Griff. I guess no cash is what I was remembering, and I made up the rest.
  4. I haven't watched it, but I'm curious about something. Do they sharks offer opinions about whether the product actually is a good product, or is it just about whether it will make money for investors? Reason I ask is I've seen ads for products that brag about their success on Shark Tank, then you never hear of the product again.
  5. Okay, but regardless of the source of the gun, it is a whole lot unlike a gun given away in a random drawing. I've been under the impression that SASS policy was always no money or valuable prizes for winning. I'm obviously mistaken.
  6. I never knew SASS ever gave such prizes to winners.
  7. Good for you. I've thought about a novel, or maybe a short story, about a time-travelling cowboy action shooter who finds himself in the old west. It could be fun.
  8. Newsom says a lot of stuff. I don't know anyone that pays any attention to it.
  9. I know. As the man said, "the world will little note, nor long remember." But she is partially world famous in certain sections of central New Mexico.
  10. Ladies Overall World Champion 2013. But that's okay. Nobody knows everything.
  11. Gene Autry. I remember an episode of the TV show where he shot the hat off a bad guy, who dropped like a rock. Gene said something along the lines of, "He'll be OK. I only creased his skull."
  12. "He was big, and bent, and gray, and old. I looked at him and my blood ran cold and I said, My name is Sue. How do you do? Now, you gonna die." Johnny Cash
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