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  1. To quote myself from a Facebook post regarding this issue, "So we have officially sanctioned inattention and carelessness at the loading table. And that's a good thing?"
  2. Well, as far as I'm concerned, your list of "love me" plaques is quite impressive.
  3. A friend's wife had two sisters, Novel and Uvon. She named her daughter Novel Uvon Smith. The Diaper Derby editor in the local paper, understandably puzzled, wrote her up as "Girl, Smith, Norville Uzon." They called the kid Tammy.
  4. I will be sure and let you know. It would be good to see you. Didn't you shoot Defend the Roost a time or two? I could have you confused with somebody else.
  5. I've got about everything but a 1903. I could be competitive with my k98 Mauser but my grandson likes it so I shoot an Enfield, Steyr, Berthier, Krag, or Mosin-Nagant. I sometimes shoot several in a six stage match. I love shooting those old bolt actions.
  6. We haven't shot a GAMM yet, but we've talked about doing it. Our plan is armor plate targets and milspec ammunition.
  7. I thought this was going to be about P traps. Neat picture.
  8. Our club has offered a Pike category for years. Same scenario, same round count, just load a second magazine loaded with five rounds and go. It gets shot three or four times a year. I don't see this as the beginning of the end for SASS.
  9. You beat me to it. I guess his social conscience wasn't fully woke at 18.
  10. "Indian War Veterans" by Jerome Greene is worth a look. PS: Congratulations!
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