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  1. I am planning to give "Hunters" a look. Of course it isn't a comedy, but Capt. George Baylor posted a laugh out loud line of dialogue from the show on Facebook: "Men are like floor tiles. Lay them right the first time, and you can walk on them the rest of your life."
  2. Newsom will sign everything the legislature sends him. Unless a lot of democrats wake up and stop voting "progressive" loons into office, our last best hope is the courts.
  3. I keep hoping some moderate democrats (there must be some left) will snap out of it and stop voting crazy "progressives" into office. But if that doesn't happen, there's not much conservatives, who are outnumbered about 3-2, can do about it.
  4. I use it at the Christmas match. We have numerous "ticket shots" where you can earn a ticket in the door prize drawing. Last time, on one stage with the pistol, you had a choice: a close(r) ticket shot for one ticket, or the buffalo for two tickets. About half of the shooters tried the long one. The ticket shots don't count as misses, but they are on the clock. Lots of fun.
  5. My Colts have Eagle Sambar Stag grips. They always go in the same holster with the figure I like best showing.
  6. I'm the next best thing to deaf. I can hear virtually nothing without hearing aids, and would describe myself as "low functioning" with them. So, since they take me from deaf to functional, I should love them. But I hate them. For all of the reasons expressed above. Over the last twenty years I'm about $25,000.00 out of pocket into hearing aids, with some of the cost covered by insurance. So I'm not trying to low-ball the problem. I get the best I can get, but when your natural hearing goes away, it is gone for good. For severe hearing loss like mine, hearing aids are an artificial substitute that can get you by. I wish I had something more positive to add, but that is my experience. Your mileage may (I hope) vary.
  7. I just looked up one of our Great Train Robbery scenarios. 10 guns, 62 rounds. Truly a ball to shoot.
  8. That's a perfect example of the sort of thing that has happened many times over the years. SASS would then say, "Come on, man, that looks horse s**t." Then they would make another rule outlawing the practice.
  9. None of those actions described by Evil Dogooder were "cheating" until SASS was forced to pass rules against doing them.
  10. A gamer is someone who says, "If the rules don't say I can't, I can." That's not necessarily a good thing.
  11. For ratings purposes, do they only count who listens live, or do the podcasts count as well?
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