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  1. Thanks to you guys I found everything I needed. SASS pards are the best!
  2. Sent you a PM, I think. I had to delete some messages to get it to work.
  3. I’ll take it all. I won’t be at the state match but some people from my club will and I’ll arrange for somebody to get with you and pick it up. I’ll let you know. Thanks.
  4. Yes, I would like to know what he has and what he wants for it. Thanks a lot, Tully
  5. Thank you, Cyprus! Against my better judgement I paid their price. I know it encourages gouging but I’m desperate to shoot this gun. I’ve wanted a Model 92 25-20 for a long time and I am seriously looking forward to shooting it. Many thanks to both of you guys.
  6. It will be a handsome wall ornament, if worse comes to worst. I just sent a whiny email to Starline but I’m sure they get a lot of those. I might write Winchester, Remington, and Hornady too, but I know this is probably the worst time to be looking for obsolete stuff since 2008. They can’t keep up with the demand for popular stuff.
  7. Thanks again, Three Foot. I ordered the dies. Don't know how I missed them when I was searching before, because Midway is where I had the notification on the Winchester brass. I added a notification on the Remington brass but it sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath.
  8. Thanks. I'll check out Midway for the dies. Don't remember where I signed up for the brass notification, but I'll look into that too.
  9. Just picked up my new old Model 92 carbine and need 25-20 dies and brass. I have signed up for email notification on both, but thought I'd try here also. Thanks.
  10. Oral histories aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  11. When I started this game in '95, Lucky Smucky was running the matches at West End. It was a great place to shoot, and lots of great folks: Har Trigger, China Camp. Capt. John Sutter, Stony Burke, Island Girl, R.J. Poteet, Dastardly Dave, Calamity Jane, Justin O'Sheriff, Lady Jailer. I have lots of others in my mind's eye but can't come up with the names. I shot Showdown several times. It was always a fun match.
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