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  1. When you say you forgot the line but are really just too cool to say lines.
  2. They sure were. At first I thought Just George was nuts to want to put on big matches, but it turned out he was just an unhinged genius.
  3. Funny you should mention that. As I’m sure you know, many clubs used to shoot what they called Wild Bunch side matches, based on the variety of guns used in the movie, prior to SASS’s involvement. We didn’t have a machine gun, but we used 1911s, single action revolvers, pistol and rifle caliber lever actions, Milsurp bolt actions, and 97s. We shot it many times at annual matches (we put on two a year for a while). When SASS decided to standardize and mandate their rules at sanctioned matches, we changed the name to The Professionals, named after another movie. It was popular, but when we quit doing annuals we stopped doing it.
  4. I’d say the cheapest one you can find. If my Zulu wasn’t a junk wall hanger, I’d use it.
  5. Our club, the Robbers Roost Vigilantes in Ridgecrest, CA, put on that event on side match day at our annual, Defend the Roost. We don’t do our annual anymore, and although we philosophize about setting up a train robbery from time to time, we haven’t done it since. It was very popular, and also included 22s, a single shot rifle, and shotgun along with the guns you mentioned. It took the fast guys well over a minute to shoot it. We used moving targets, flyers, knockdown racks—it was a blast. As far as I know, Just George came up with idea. And he was also the reason we did Defend the Roost and hosted the state BP match a time or two.
  6. Never met him but I sure enjoyed his contributions on the wire back in the day. All the best.
  7. When I joined SASS in 1995, Las Vegas was a hotbed of CAS. Clubs were stumbling over one another, and Stampede was one of the biggest shoots around. I shot over there a lot, at Jean and Indian Springs, and at Beatty and Pahrump. When I had some time on my hands, I went out looking for clothes and accouterments, and found virtually nothing. The western shops sold Gene Autry shirts, Annie Oakley boots, and Shady Bradys, like all the rest. I was surprised, since this was when SASS really was “the fastest growing shooting sport in the world.” I can only imagine it is even harder to find stuff now. My recommendation is don’t bother looking around, just order it online.
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