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  1. Since we have gone through this cycle many times before....buy your ammo when no one wants it and store it for the leaner times. That won't help anyone now but I know a number of shooters who are reasonably stocked and bought at prices 1/5 to 1/10 of what they are now. I have seen 9MM at $1 per round and not that far back it was less expensive than .22s.
  2. I have one of the runs marked "Colt Frontier Six Shooter" but NOT etched that has ivory handles. It would be pricier. I have to pull it from the safe when I get home later this week if you are interested to get more specifics. Purchased from Harrison Carroll in CA years ago and never fired.
  3. No, Colt did not charge me extra after it turned out to have been ordered by Tom Mix. I was a bit surprised myself.
  4. Thanks Guys, it's appreciated. It'll give me some researching experience.
  5. I have seen a Colt .38 Officer's Model revolver which has been in the family since the 50's. Family lore is it was traded to my wife's grandfather by Roy Rodgers for a Luger he had that Roy saw. We have no documentation for the provenance so as a way just to settle the issue I sent to Colt for a factory letter. The letter came back with no reference to Roy. What it did come back with is it was in a shipment of two sent to Tom Mix of Beverly Hills, Ca. Pretty nice but surprising find and no proof of the family story. I checked the serial number so it is not one of the ones taken from his mu
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