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  1. The guns America ad is more than 10 years old the rifle is long gone need a current value
  2. You must be thinking about a Japanese Winchester 1892. The browning 92’s are no longer made so there is no longer a MSRP the 357 is considerably rarer than the 44 magnum
  3. Looking for Winchester or starline 32/40 cases, not cases made from other calibers but headstamped 32/40
  4. Looking to buy a browning 92 357 magnum lever action carbine.
  5. Would also be interested in 44 as well as 357 please let me know if you have one to sell
  6. Looking for a used browning 92
  7. No Thanks, I think the price I'm asking is fair

  8. Hugh I saw u had a 66 for sale what u want for it?  Can u send me some pics?

    1. Hugh Long

      Hugh Long

      Yes $750

      send me an email address to hughlongii@aol.com

      i will send pics 

    2. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy


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