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  1. No I did not email is hughlongii@aol.com
  2. How much for the colts? I assume you mentioned Nickel as SAA never made in stainless
  3. Looking to acquire a pedersoli lightning carbine prefer 44/40 or 45 colt
  4. I will take it as you communicated with me What is the case you mentioned in your message like?
  5. I have an extra original Winchester 92 lever that I Would have modified
  6. Am looking to have an original Winchester 1892 lever modified to the big loop John Wayne configuration
  7. Those are for Rossi m92 nothing like the Winchester 1892
  8. And where would I do That? Who sells them?
  9. Who would be the best recommended gunsmith to modify an original 1892 lever to a large loop type like the one John Wayne used?
  10. Was able to do some research and finally figured this out. I took the 32wcf 1892 Winchester completely apart and was able to tap out the remnant of the old staple and stake in the new staple with ring. I cleaned the new old stock staple and ring with white vinegar and 0000 steel wool before installing it. Actually it was pretty easy using a 1/4 β€œ steel punch and a moderate weight hammer to peen the forward keg of the staple forward for a tight fit, just like the factory did. I also cleaned the action out completely while I was in there, applied lube sparingly to the key parts, reassembled, and now it’s just perfect.
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