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  1. Briggsdale County Shootists have put together our 2022 Ironman Cowboy/Cowgirl Shoot. Join us on May 28th and 29th for a 24 stage weekend. Twelve stages on Saturday and twelve more on Sunday. Its a no frills shoot, no food, no prizes, just 24 stages. A special Briggsdale Buffalo for the straightest shooting, quickest, and toughest Cowboy and Cowgirl at the end of Sundays match. If your short of primers, powder or ammo bring your .22's. We've put together a .22 category and will give a special Briggsdale Buffalo out to the best Cowboy/Cowgirl winners. The cost is $20 dollars a day. Free Dry camping, I think it will be fun. Join Us, Sixty Nine Cent Wizard
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