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  1. Going through my junk mail folder and found a message that CheyCast bullets was sold to Cowboy Choice Bullets. Hank and Dee were the best folks and I wish them well in retirement...
  2. Prayers up for a speedy and full recovery for Manatee!!!
  3. Matthew, I bought the Snap Safe Trunk vault, actually two of them, and hooked it up in my pickup bed, I bought extra cables so i can secure both sides.   It has an electronic key pad and I can put two 20 inch rifles, two shotguns and probably eight pistols in one of them....  They won't take a 24 1/4 barrel rifle though....https://www.safeandvaultstore.com/products/snapsafe-75406-trunk-safe-ii?variant=31268695736378&matchtype=&network=g&device=c&adposition=&keyword=&gclid=CjwKCAjwscGjBhAXEiwAswQqNPDjQrIc5Nx6445RrddaePznn1Lun_kgcRBqmgDdU7bFTiumnCwXbRoCNXQQAvD_BwE

    1. Matthew Duncan
    2. WymoreWrangler SASS 46187L

      WymoreWrangler SASS 46187L

      For transporting firearms through Chicago, hard to argue when they are in a vault...

  4. Nebraska Kansas Iowa Wyoming Missouri Oklahoma North Dakota Conn. Virginia North Carolina Georgia Texas Nevada California
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