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  1. Here are two pair of high grade Walnut grips for the Smith and Wesson Schofield. These are new never on a gun Both pair $125 SHIPPED ONE PAIR $70 SHIPPED
  2. Here is the pic One pair is factory S&W one pair is marked Altamont however Altamont makes S&W grips
  3. I will get them out and take a pic how many pair do you need
  4. Are you looking for Smith and Wesson Schofield grips?
  5. For the price difference I would just buy a real Winchester
  6. Price was there in red no idea why it did not show in the post but I have added it! Yes it includes the screw!
  7. Three sets of Birdshead Grips for the Ruger birdshead fit ALL Ruger Birdshead Guns!Two re Silverblack and thinner than factory. one set is fux ivory and same thicknesds as factory. $60 per set shipped. Or $160 for all three sets PIC on My 32Cal Birdshead
  8. I believe the real answer here is rim diameter has about nothing to do with caliber. You might want to look at bullet diameter. Then if you are doing this much book work that it has taken years. You might want to get started before you miss it ! ww
  9. I bought a pair is stainless for $500
  10. $1000 way too much they think it is a collector gun
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