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  1. boils down to 3 things condition condition condition, this is subjective however nothing is as new unless it is new most dealers view good condition as fair. To get a good evaluation you need to take it to a gun show and find a good ruger collector and get an opinion as if you are gong to sell it to him, You can take on one his table and say mine is as good as that one and take that price, Used guns are like used cars no two are the same and look do not tell the whole story last but not least does the buyer want the gun and how bad. Well I guess what I mean is " It Depends"
  2. Need-Want are synonyms, Have is critical, and I have what you want I have a carbine style Kraig only 3000 were ever made SEE Pics Looks like full size but shorter
  3. I can make that trade!
  4. I have this wood folding stock for sale will fit any year mini 14 or mini 30 $250 shipped to you in the lower 48
  5. I have not seen any of the new ones for sale yet it is like the Pc Charger they are as rare as hens teeth. I have the new one in 9 and the old one in 40. I like the old one better!
  6. I did raise the price, you asked about round count and this is an old add I raised the price when she went to Guns international in November the price l edited here is $150 less than the $1850 listed there.
  7. https://www.gunsinternational.com/search-results.cfm?qs_cat=&Quick_Search_Keyword=howdah&start_row=1&the_order=6
  8. Yup got one when they first came out no hammers, just like the original Auto Burglar. It was a little more than I want to pay but about 1/5 of the auto burglar. You are a super brother! I can not help with this one however I do a ,pederasoli howdah it 20ga and 50cal round ball. I also have the stock and holster for it and it is as new never fired! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/523050944197854246/
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