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  1. Put you a couple pictures of that Smith up there might scare up a little interest! WW
  2. SASS msg board says you cannot receive msgs. I need your mailing address.  try to msg me .


  3. They are not Schofield grips see Below there is no shoulder, might be a K Frame S&W
  4. http://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=289693 Saw this one this morning
  5. I believe all of the early Winchesters are all long actions, so I would think any LA bolt could be made to fit
  6. I like the Booby Vinton Cannonsburg Boy!
  7. I have an 8x58R there is a fellow on line that makes odd caliber Ammo he loaded me up a couple of boxes. I have not shot her yet but will when I can get to an open outside ramge the guy takes a long time but the ammo looks great and he is very busy http://gadcustomcartridges.com/#obsolete
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