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  1. Which ones do not work for you and what are you measuring with if it is a ruler that maybe why. Also you have to remove the stock from the gun
  2. I did not make the measurements these are from the manufacturer they will fit the Rossi 92 they are there for reassurance
  3. Just looking for grips like 22 and 28 but not wood. Faux ivory or stag or black or buffalo something other than wood
  4. Looking to upgrade my Uberti Birdshead Wood grips pics and price pleaase WW
  5. Looking for a Uberti 1876 crossfire carbine 45-60 or 45-75
  6. Hosted them myself fixed pic issue looks way better Now
  7. Here is a great Stainless Steel Dragoon style grip frame and a set of faux pearl grips with a spade inlay. I was going to use this to convert my 7 1/2 Vaquero to a Dragoon style gun. But never got aroundtuit! This is a dandy and might handsome looking $235 and I pay the shipping
  8. This is a large hide would make a nice couch throw for a den
  9. Still for sale, no idea why the pictures will not show correct orientation
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