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  1. If it comes as pictured with the scope and Tang sight I will take it
  2. Slim, here are the 32 short grip pics I sent them to your email twice/ I posted on your original post but said it had been removed WW
  3. That might might be on the assault weapons ban, semiauto in 30.06 sounds like a garand for sure on the west coast and the mid east! FREE BUMP
  4. i was looking for some a while back with no luck So I posted an add on other forums looking for ammo and found several boxes that were about the same cost as the components! Not that they were cheap, but I do not recall the price for positive but in the $1 a round neighborhood!
  5. Do you have the grips, regular Ruger grips are too small for these frames
  6. How about real vintage stags? These are period correct for your gun. I would take your grips on trade plus some cash. If you are interested. This is my auction for pictures https://www.gunauction.com/buy/17135814
  7. Yes that guy paid 1750 for that gun but he had to pay tax on it as well could have been as high as another 170, and the seller was charged tax for selling it as well as the fee. I am thinking GB has lost a good share of it's business because of it!
  8. https://www.gunsamerica.com/944296576/Uberti-1873-Cattleman-Stallion-Bird-s-Head-OWD-38-Special-3-5-Barrel-34989.htm
  9. I looked for one for a long time only one I could find is on Gunbroker, hard to find the 5 1/2 barrel for some reason. If I found one the price was way higher than the shorter barrel
  10. sportsmans warehouse had them for $39 just lately might check them
  11. boils down to 3 things condition condition condition, this is subjective however nothing is as new unless it is new most dealers view good condition as fair. To get a good evaluation you need to take it to a gun show and find a good ruger collector and get an opinion as if you are gong to sell it to him, You can take on one his table and say mine is as good as that one and take that price, Used guns are like used cars no two are the same and look do not tell the whole story last but not least does the buyer want the gun and how bad. Well I guess what I mean is " It Depends"
  12. I had posted this but got delete somehow when I made a spelling correction I have an original Ruger Blued Folder on my Mini 14, I will remove it and sell it to you for $750 plus the shipping. Let me know if that works for you
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