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  1. Here are two pair of Faux Buffalo Remington 1875 Outlaw grips. I bought these for my pair of Nickel 1875 Outlaws. Then a Pard on the wire was looking for a Nickel 357 outlaw to make a pair for his main match guns and he talked me in to selling him mine. So now I only have one and I have a pair of black checkered grips on it . So here is a real bargain. I wil sell both sets for $110 shipped in the lower 48!
  2. Ya know those are rare, however I have had two of them. The first came on the original belt. So they are out there good luck with your search last one for me was over 10 years ago but I sold it on here!
  3. I aint smart and I aint tried this but always thought you might try a 44-40 cylinder in a 44 mag gun to see how it fits my guess is it would fit and I had a pair of 44-40 gun but never tried one in my 44mag gun. There are lots of 44mag guns out 71/2 barrel. I have an extra maybe two if I looked hard
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