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  1. Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380 magazine
  2. I bought two boxes in the yellow box for $15 each last year
  3. Diamond.

    Please send check or money order to:



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    2. Double Diamond

      Double Diamond

      Thanks for the update!

      It was nice and easy working with you!

      Good shooting,



    3. Double Diamond

      Double Diamond

      Howdy Keith,

      I received the grip/back strap assembly and have to say thank you!

      It is even nicer than the photos!

      Many thanks!


    4. Wild Willi

      Wild Willi

      Great Thanks WW

  4. Here is a Uberti Brass grip frame with a beautiful set of Tiger Striped one piece grips. I removed this from a New Gun when I converted it to Birdshead. $130 shipped
  5. If you have the grip frame the trigger , hammer and top allen screws, is it a bolt on job to convert a Vaquaro to Bisley or do you have to widen the slot for the hammer on the frame of the gun, same with the trigger is it a drop in on the reciever or does it need to be fitted. Thanks, Ww
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