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  1. Looking for a pair of Colt D frame Target grips. These do not have to be factory grips Sile made some that would work fine for my project Thanks WW
  2. I have an early pair of the wood grips, however these early guns did not have grip frames that were all the same and had much higher tolerances than guns of today that said. If your interested PM me WW
  3. yep is the buyer only wants a part of this rig at this price he could sell the remaining parts ad make money on the deal and I am A ok with that!
  4. yup Portugeejn is a good counter there are 24, 38 Caliber Loops,Dantankerous is being cantankerous!
  5. Pale wolf, that gun in the picture is El Hombres gun I just got mine yesterday after long looking and as you state years later. Mine was used no box, and as I stated I see them on Ubertis web site but do not see the markings saying Uberti, I did not remove the forearm That is why I asked the question.. I have had many guns from Taylors and it says Taylors but normally Uberti is visable or who ever them maker is. I was looking for info not a problem, and thought this was the proper forum to get. I beg your pardon Sir.
  6. No Uberti anywhere that I can find unless it is under the wood, as I look at it in the morning light I am thinking it is saying Cimarron is in the USa but this doesn't look like an import stamp. Uberti lists it on their site as the maker but I am not finding them on the gun
  7. I picked up my Crossfire Carbine. So I am looking it over to see where the makers name is listed and it says Made in the USA. Anyone have any info. I thought they were made by Uberti in Italy
  8. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/902734324 Here ya go $1700
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