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  1. Pictured with my 4 3/4 Vaqueros they will only take up to 4 3/4 barrel There are 12( 44-45 cal ) loops . Belt Measures 42 inches from the bar of the buckle to the center hole. Both holsters are lined as is the belt. This is a $1000 set of holsters see the workmanship in the pictures $425 Plus the shipping to you.
  2. I have a brass grip frame grips and trigger guard if that is what you are looking for, if you are looking for steel that are steel ones that will fit I have found Uberti made at least two sizes the on you have is like the 1st model Colt, what is called the black Powder model, the new model or 2nd 3rd model will not fit. Now I do not know how to tell the difference from looking at them just try them and see if they fit. I believe the AWA uses the first model on their guns
  3. How much for the grip frames?


  4. I have two sets on GB with Stag grips, if they suit you I will give you the friends and family price
  5. This what you have in mind, I do not think the gun has been fired, Uberti wax on the stock was not rubbed off before the pic
  6. From the title I though the Elk were short, or Pa dutch. My father use to say through the horse over the fence some hay. Man it was hard lifting that horse.
  7. I you get the hankering for some dueling pistols check out these, I have them for many years and time to find a new home, these were custom hand made queen ann style
  8. Unfortunately no we were communicating on the shipping cost. My purchase was clear a simple message on such a miscommunication would have cleared this up for sure if that had been the case. Which unfortunately was not the case I am done with this now. It is what it is
  9. No misunderstanding purposeful deceit! Not the cowboy way!
  10. Now I was the buyer on this holster set and was PM the seller on the shipping cost, he asks for my zip code to get th shipping cost, Now says it is sold and shipped like he has no idea what I am talking about?? Not the Cowboy Way!!!!!!!!
  11. Yup got the same message on a conversion cylinder
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