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    Many shooting sports disciplines....from NRA 3 & 4 position smallbore, air rifle, smallbore silhouette, USPSA/IDPA/ICORE NRA Hi Power Rifle,
    Also semi-professional trumpet player as well as a real deal bugler and play graveside for deceased veterans and their families.

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  1. My oldest daughter told me some time ago, "Dad, Not being on Facebook or any of the other social media sites was the smartest thing you have done"! Bugler
  2. Why is it that in every western made when the rider gets hit the horse has to fall down too? So many are shot running full tilt wide open on the horse as well. What marksman ship skills they have!! Bugler
  3. How is $25 Shipped for 100 - 1x fired?

    Paypal to Jgommeng@hotmail.com

    1. Bugler


      sounds good to me.

      Will send via paypal



    2. Twelve Bore

      Twelve Bore

      Paypal is   



    3. Twelve Bore

      Twelve Bore

      Did you change your mind?


      Still trying to figure out what the H&R is chambered for?

  4. Several shooters in our local silhouette matches are quite successful with the Stevens 44 1/2's They also get extras hits for way cool styling!!! Bugler
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