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  1. Anyone have a line on reproduction playing cards and chips from the old west.....cards like those used in Tombstone? Am making a shadow box with a pocket gun, reproduction dice, chips and cards. I have keyed in most every combination I can think of and keep getting old Bicycle cards.....not quite what I am looking for..... Thanks to all!! Bugler
  2. I couldn't resist having some fun at Gunshow last weekend. Lots of grumpy people looking for overpriced stuff....there wasn't any....it was insanely priced. Displayed this on my table.....got a lot of chuckles and grins lightening the day for some folks. Limit was one to a family.... Randy
  3. Thanks everyone on trying to solve my mystery...... there were only 12 of them.. As they were range pickups, I have no way of asking the original shooter.... Interesting brain teaser for sure!! Bugler
  4. At the Billings gunshow this weekend I bought an ice cream bucket of mixed brass......mostly .380 auto. I did find about a dozen casings that are headstamped .380 auto but are only 13.35 MM long. What in the world are these for? The left casing is a regular .380 auto casing for contrast. Bugler
  5. From looking at case dimensions, it looks like I could use my friends .460 S&W dies to load Casull casings? Right or wrong Bugler
  6. Please refresh my memory, I have 45 Colt dies and have used them to reload 45 Schofield casings, Is there enough adjustment to also load the 454 Casull? Or do I need to obtain 454 Casull dies due to the much longer casing length? Bugler
  7. I would also like to mention Law Dog Hat Company here in Billings Montana.....Randy has been a big supporter of SASS locally and does exquisite work. Look him up..... Bugler
  8. Don't know how to fix the picture problem..... The 45-70 ammo has been identified as mfg. for a two year period between 1878-1880. The .45 acp shotshells were issued during WW2 to air crews as a survival cartridge. The 38-40 casing are Starline..... The 351 SLR Winchester ammo is a mix of WW and Remington Thanks to all!! Especially Backstrap Bill for his research........ Bugler
  9. I recently was given some ammo from an estate of a dear friend of mine.....anyone a cartridge collector that can help ID the year of mfg. on the 45-70 and approximate value , same question on the .45 acp shotshell box that contains .45 acp shotshell and is unopened? There is also 62 rounds of factory .351 Winchester ammo not in boxes however, lastly about 40 some rounds of 38-40 casings.... Thanks everyone Bugler
  10. See if you can obtain a copy of the NRA Range Standard manual. Big help in ALL regards. Bugler
  11. Do all of the really hi speed rifle shooters use a straight trigger? I cannot see in any videos because their hand or finger obstructs the view. Just wondering if that really makes that kind of difference in speed.....seems like these lever guns are going full auto!!!! Bugler
  12. It is remarkably well preserved.....and seems well made too.
  13. My Lady's great, great grandfathers revolver pics are attached for you eagle eyed forum members to try and solve what it REALLY is. It is indeed an Eagle Co. revolver which was I am told was a subsidiary of Whitney Arms in the day. I have found examples similar to this revolver online with brass frames and usually .30 Rimfire, 32 Rimfire etc. What baffles me are the barrel dimensions....lands and grooves .284 and .277......too big for a .22 of any sort, too small for a .30/.32 cal......a .257 bullet just drops in. The cylinder measures .852 in length and the cylinder spindle is not
  14. Take what you shoot best!! Caliber is insignificant in the cartridges you mentioned. I am a big believer in use what you already have, whatever that might be. Bugler
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