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  1. Once fired, 9 Weatherby casings.....free to anyone that can use them. Send you mailing address and they are yours. Randy aka Bugler
  2. Sedalia Dave, Would the gunsmith that opened up your cylinder chambers to SAMMI specs be able or interested in opening up both of my Uberti cylinder chambers? If so, how can I contact them? Bugler
  3. Who has a 44-40 chamber reamer and would be willing to work on my cylinders? I looked at Brownells and their reamer is $125.00 I did find several rental shops....might be best to go that route. Will also check locally, perhaps one of my gunsmith friends either has one or can rent one.....Bugler
  4. I learned this technique this years ago when at a state shoot with a bunch of Canadians......So simple.....eliminates a high primer issue right there. The rifle doesn't care. They also showed me that with the cap and ball revolvers they all shot that at the ULT they turned the revolver upside down, when I asked about that, simple answer again....gravity mate. Gravity was pulling spent caps away from the frame and not into the lockwork. Bugler
  5. Update.... I am using 200 grain RNFP .428 bullets that I castand have for over 20 years......with no problems in my other 44-40 revolvers or rifles. My dies are Redding dies that I have used successfully for 20 years. I don't think that shortening the die body or shell holder is in order. When factory new ammo is that tight going into the cylinder leads me to think that the cylinders need to have a reamer run through them. I have used Starline, Winchester, Remington and PMC brass with no issues until I bought these revolvers from a dear friend of mine has parkinsons so bad he had to quit. To my mind ammo that has worked for many years gets tried in new to me revolvers, indicates a cylinder problem. A freshly sized but no crimp applied yields the same result....hard to fully seat.... Bugler
  6. I recently purchased a set of Uberti revolvers chambered in 44-40 and the problem is that they chambers of the cylinder of both guns seems too small, I have to use a pencil or dowel to get the cartridge fully in the chamber, if I don't then it acts like I have a high primer problem but the rim is sitting too tall and binding on the frame. This is with reloads AND factory new. I use a Wilson case gauge to make sure the casings are fully sized. This same ammo drops in with no effort on my 7.5 in bbl Uberti's. I think getting in touch with Uberti is in order, what do you all think? Bugler PS. I did do a thorough clean on all chambers of each cylinder to no avail..
  7. Rudy, I have used 12 grains of Unique with a gas checked 170 RNFP projectile in my 94 Win since I started SASS in 2000. When I shot in Rexburg they had a Tom Horn Side Match that was a hoot and very challenging....no time limit. Unlimited sighters, 5 rounds for record at acetylene bottles placed at 50, 100, 150, and 200 yards. Once you declared you were going for record no more sighting shots allowed at any distance. Could use cross sticks, prone, etc. Was a hoot!! Spotters were allowed. Highest number of hit was the winner.....wonder who that could have been?????? Shot a 19 out of 20.... Bugler
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