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    Also semi-professional trumpet player as well as a real deal bugler and play graveside for deceased veterans and their families.

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  1. My ASM Liberty 44-40 (copy of a '73 Colt) has recently developed a problem with the base pin walking forward when firing. The load is mild enough ( 6 gr, of Unique with a 200 gr. RNFP that I have used for many years). I went to the Belt Mountain Home page and all I saw were pins for Rugers...... Any suggestions as to the real problem? Bugler
  2. So what did they finally send to you anyway? Bugler
  3. Anyone have an H&R stock that they would be willing to trade for a very nice Springfield Armory stock with correct cartouches? I have an H&R rifle with a SA stock and would like it to be all H&R if possible. Maybe you have a SA with and H&R stock??? Bugler
  4. Isn't that a belt fed M1 Garand? Very rare indeed! Bugler
  5. Get a set of Reddings and be done with it.............. Bugler
  6. Best advice regardless of what equipment is used is to make absolutely sure the casings are going straight into the die.....slow down until you develop a feel for things. As already mentioned be sure to lube.....many of us use Hornady One Shot Spray Lube. Bugler
  7. I have sounded TAPS for the unaccompanied veterans service held quarterly at the National Cemetery in Laurel Montana since 2007..... Seems so sad that these vets are the end of the line........they however have never had a zero turnout. The local communities of Billings and Laurel respond very warmly. Too bad there was not a live bugler for this event............As long as I am alive and can sound good playing, the digital bugle will stay in its case forever! Bugler
  8. Dillon 550B and Redding dies Bugler
  9. Have used 6 gr of Unique and 200 gr. RNFP that I mold and size myself for many years without issue. Used in handguns and rifle.....very mild, very accurate. See no reason to change what works so VERY well for me. Bugler
  10. With all of this discussion, which is very interesting, I think I will just keep using my Unique for both rifle and revolver........... Bugler
  11. So, why would this not be the best powder for SASS? I usually use Unique or real black powder.....Just thought I could put it to use and save my Unique for a bit later. Bugler
  12. Anyone use this powder in the 44-40? My brother gave me 6 lbs of it and I would like to use it.....It looks like 14 grains would be a near equivalent of my 6 grains of Unique with a 200 grn RNFP Bugler
  13. Right on all accounts..........my home range. the master plan also made sure that several years ago the berms on all bays were raised substantially. Placing the range next to an airport is in MY opinion genius....there is the Rehburg Ranch addition that is adjacent to the range and home to "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" that would dearly love to have the range close on noise abatement ......not happening....the airport and range were there LONG before that development was implemented. Bugler aka Randy
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