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  1. Bugler

    Which die set?

    Have used Dillon's dies since 2001 in my 550B and never had a need or use for the Lee Factory Crimp Die Bugler
  2. I shoot Duelist because it seems very traditional, yes, I draw the left hand gun with left hand and then transfer to my right..... speed doesn't much matter to me. Accuracy is certainly up to speed however. Doesn't matter whether or not which type of handgun I use, cap and ball or cartridge....it it the same for ME. Bugler
  3. MY observation as I frequently am at the Unloading table is this.....most if not all, shooters are very muzzle conscious bringing their firearms to the loading table, at the loading table and to the firing line. I see muzzle discipline go quite haywire when leaving the firing line and coming to the Unloading table......and usually it is with the shotgun. It seems like there is an attitude internally that "I finished the stage..."Whew!! Gotta go to the Unloading table with my empty guns and show clear" Almost lackadasical in leaving the firing line. Sort of a "My guns are empty man, I just shot the stage so there can't be a problem" This always changes when there is a malfunctioning firearm with rounds in it.....EXTREME Cautions then shows up!!! Almost like they are carrying Nitro..... Anyone else see that same issue? Bugler
  4. Believe it or not, I am using a Norinco 1911 with Chip McCormick Shooting Star magazines, the ammo is my replication of hardball with a lead projectile. Bugler
  5. If it isn't causing a problem with the function of the gun, leave it alone until it does.... Bugler
  6. Wonder when Wal-Mart will cave into the M.A.D.D. folks and stop selling alcohol? Or remove all food because it might be a problem to someone somewhere for something.... I demand that they stop selling cell phones....look how many people are killed every day-month-year because some one was texting.....If it only saves ONE life it is worth it isn't it? Bugler
  7. I am shocked at this announcement!! What a stunning moment in time!! Finally someone did SOMETHING.......This will send a very loud message to the mass killers...whatever will they do now? The jig is up now!! Randy PS. Sarcasm intended..
  8. To pillar bed your Marlin with!!! Bugler
  9. In 1968 my dad gave me a Winchester 131 7 round magazine fed bolt action .22lr rifle for Christmas. I shot many thousands of rounds through it and many years later I gave it to my nephew as a starter gun for him. To my great surprise last week I looked at a Winchester 131 in a pawn shop here locally and guess what....it was my old rifle....I recognized the sling swivel location and where it got messed up when dad was drilling it. They wanted $40.00 which I paid instantly, it has a head ache however, which is why I am sure that my nephew pawned or sold it outright to them. The problem is that the left hand extractor is damaged and will not extract or feed rounds from the magazine. The right hand side seems to be readily available...not the left so it may be a constant problem child.....The left hand side also acts as a bolt stop. This rifle was also sold by Sears as the Model 2C.....neither is a very expensive rifle and mine doesn't even have a serial number as it was not required before the GCA '68 I would like to get it running again as a memory of my Dad and my first rifle..... Thanks to all for reading, bigger thanks if you can help me!! Randy PS. If anyone has any extra magazines I would be keenly interested in those as well.
  10. Was the '66 ever offered in anything other than .44 Rimfire? I ask because my brother is looking at one that is engraved but is chambered for 44wcf (44-40). He thinks it is original.....I think it is a replica...Uberti, Navy Arms, etc. I can't get eyes on because of the distance... What do you fellow members say? Bugler
  11. Final outcome: I left the spotting scope on the dash of my Mountaineer all day and the moisture was all evaporated by the sun..... The scope will be relegated to fair weather use from now on..... Thanks everyone for your help!! Bugler
  12. I am leaving it on the dash of my Mercury Mountaineer so that it gets a good gentle sun heating, will also try the old rice trick and keep you all informed! Bugler
  13. To answer several responders questions: The spotting scope I mentioned is an Acc-Spot 60mm objective lens with an angled 20x eye piece. This was imported by Accuracy International, Champions Choice, and Champion Shooter Supply. My daughters bought this for me when I was doing a lot of small bore and NRA Service Rifle Matches. Accu-Spot is no longer in business and warranty was done in 1990, so there is no recourse in that area. Regarding the leak, most likely was due to the fact that the scope has been blown over, knocked over, tripped on a number of times. If I can get it dried out it will be relegated to fair weather range time only....I have other scopes that will go to work in inclement weather conditions. Thanks to all for your help!! I will keep you posted as to the final outcome. Bugler
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