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  1. Buy all of them! I refuse to have a firearm be primer specific.......... Bugler
  2. I AM one of those people that picked up and reloads 9mm........a friend of mine that scoffed at my doing so sheepishly asked me if there was any chance he could buy some 9mm brass....."John" I said, you made fun of me all of this time for picking it up and reloading and now that you cannot get any from any store you want me to bail you out? Ah, yeah, sorta........Said, let me think about it....... Next morning I handed John a bag of about 500 casings........How much he asked? Merry Christmas, you old scallawag, you owe me lunch! I later learned that it was for the members of his church's security detail......John works the gun counter at a local gun store. He took them home that night and ran them through his Dillon 550B. I noticed that he did NOT ask about primers or bullets....... Bugler
  3. I have seen this done at a club in Montana, where each club member bought 2 targets and then donated them to the club. This could be extended to non club members as well. The NRA Grant request is also a great idea, Assassin is to my memory a great grant writer, perhaps he could guide you on this. Your state Fish and Game dept. also have Pitman-Robertson funds that you might be able to apply for. Lastly, if there are clubs that are defunct, perhaps they would sell at a great price or consider them a loan to YOUR club. This worked very well when West Yellowstone and Grassy Butte closed up. Hope you find a good solution....... Bugler
  4. Bugler

    TO question

    Would pass to another T.O...... Bugler
  5. They are infected with Covid-19...............in quarantine..........small attempt at humor. Bugler
  6. Hey guys, Refresh my memory as to who makes the large brass bead front sight for my Marlin 1894c? Drawing a blank here. Bugler
  7. Took a little more than gentle bop on the cleaning rod, but it is out and properly reassembled...... Thanks Guys!!!! Bugler
  8. I took the bolt out of the action and cleaned it as it had been shot in at least a dozen matches, my problem is that the bolt went all the way forward so that I cannot insert the lever, nor can I seem to get the bolt to retract far enough to insert the lever..... What do I do to retract the bolt in order to re-insert the lever? Bugler
  9. Amiss sounds alot like DANG
  10. Had no idea response would be this spirited! Bugler
  11. Was asked about this by a .36 caliber cap and ball shooter....."Can a shooter request the targets be re-painted so as to ensure that hits are easily distinguished"? Cannot find anything on Manuals that answers that. What do you all say? Bugler
  12. Not no way, not no how..........
  13. I don't understand your statement......please explain this. My calipers are measuring the side to side distance of the chamber. Why is that an impossible measurement? Bugler
  14. A friend of mine in Idaho has a real original Henry in .44 rimfire and a case of 200 rounds of ammo in an unopened case that I guess is worth much more than the rifle. I always admired his Henry.....wonder what it would take to have a manufacturer make a run of 44 rimfire? Sort of like they have done on the old 5mm rimfire. With today's technology it can't be that difficult.. Bugler
  15. Using my digital caliper for inside measurement.... Bugler
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