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  1. Howdy fellow members! I am renewing my search in 2020 for some magazines to fit my very first .22lr rifle which is a bolt action Winchester 131 (Sears 2c) that uses a 7 round box magazine. My original is in poor condition and I would like to find several for this treasure to me. Anyone know of any or have some to sell? Bugler
  2. Have used 6 gr. of Unique and my 200 gr. RNFP cast bullets for many years with great success! Bugler
  3. Have shot SASS since 2001....no cart then and no cart now......if it doesn't fit into my saddle bags or the long gun scabbards that are lashed to each other.....I don't need it. Bugler
  4. Bugler

    MY name is:


    David  L. Murphy

    561 Sky Drive

    Clarkdale, AZ  928649-3728


    A  $25.00 check or money order would be fine.

    PM your Name and address to me so that I know where to send it.

    My Cell number is 1 (928 ) 533-5583



    1. Bugler


      Randy Grow

      Box 22506

      Billings, Montana 59104

      1-406-839-0081 C

      Check will go out in the AM...............Thank You!

  5. Aerosol sight black works well for me....spray it on before the match and will often go the entire match...if not....over to the safe area and re-spray. Have also used my carbide sight black lamp (Gunsmoke) with real carbide...left over from my NRA Service rifle days....gets things REALLY black and is non reflective as well....folks DO look at you however! Bugler
  6. Thanks Marauder!! Didn't know Milburn Stone sang with Harry James......know all about Ken Curtis and his singing in the Sons of the Pioneers and with Dorsey.....what a voice when he was singing....not all the hillbilly ridge runner voice when he was in character. Bugler
  7. In 197 there was an episode called New Doctor in Town in which Dr. Chapman (Pat Hingle) was replacing Dr. Adams ( milburn Stone)......my real question is what happened that Milburn Stone was not in a number of episodes and then returned? Was there a medical issue? A contract issue? etc.... 2nd question...how many episodes was Harrison Ford in?...I know of 2 but there are probably more.... Bugler
  8. Sometimes it is about the challenge in front of you.....I hope you exceed your wildest expectations! Man made it at one time, so another one can do the same.... Keep us posted on your progress. Bugler
  9. Koolaid... That is exactly the SxS I have been using for the last year.....If Hoss doesn't borrow it you are welcome to try mine out. It is also a Johnny Meadows gun.. Bugler
  10. Have used One Shot since it first came out.....totally satisfied with the results!!! Bugler
  11. Another reason that I love Montana!!! Bugler
  12. Bugler

    Spotting scope

    One of the best values for the money is the Konus 20x60x80 spotting scope. Many of my smallbore and NRA High power rifle shooters are VERY pleased with the results. You can see bullet holes (.30 caliber) at 200 yards if you are using the black bull. In the white I can see .22 holes..... Might work out for you as well. Bugler
  13. Am going to use my Uberti '73 in 44-40 next year on a friends ranch.....seems to have a good number of mule deer living in his alfalfa fields....usually less than 100 yards.... Bugler
  14. Resembles an old Fekker scope to me........ Bugler
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