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  1. Have used 6 gr. of Unique and my 200 gr. RNFP cast bullets for many years with great success! Bugler
  2. Have shot SASS since 2001....no cart then and no cart now......if it doesn't fit into my saddle bags or the long gun scabbards that are lashed to each other.....I don't need it. Bugler
  3. To all that are interested n this shotgun there is an error with the phone number given..... This is corrected one Great Northern Pawn 1012 North 7th Avenue Bozeman, MT 59715 Call Us Phone: (406) 586-1962
  4. To answer the price question they are asking 1599.00 It is a pawn shop so everything is negotiable....
  5. While in Bozeman Montana doing some pawn hopping this last weekend, I came across a real Colt 1878 SxS 12 gauge shotgun that according to SN was made in 1883, damascus twist barrel so black powder only. Very nice condition. I don't have photos but am happy to put any interested parties in touch with the shop and am sure that they will be happy to send some out..... I have no connection to the shop, just thought it was a very cool piece of REAL history. PM me for shop contact.
  6. Any chance any of you having a magazine latch for 131 Winchester/Sears 2C or extra magazines for sale? Bugler
  7. Opening overture for "The Cowboys" starring John Wayne..... Bugler
  8. I just use a pencil..........unsharpened of course Bugler
  9. The old pledge trick has worked well for me for many years. Plus they smell real nice! Bugler
  10. Bugler

    Which die set?

    Have used Dillon's dies since 2001 in my 550B and never had a need or use for the Lee Factory Crimp Die Bugler
  11. I shoot Duelist because it seems very traditional, yes, I draw the left hand gun with left hand and then transfer to my right..... speed doesn't much matter to me. Accuracy is certainly up to speed however. Doesn't matter whether or not which type of handgun I use, cap and ball or cartridge....it it the same for ME. Bugler
  12. MY observation as I frequently am at the Unloading table is this.....most if not all, shooters are very muzzle conscious bringing their firearms to the loading table, at the loading table and to the firing line. I see muzzle discipline go quite haywire when leaving the firing line and coming to the Unloading table......and usually it is with the shotgun. It seems like there is an attitude internally that "I finished the stage..."Whew!! Gotta go to the Unloading table with my empty guns and show clear" Almost lackadasical in leaving the firing line. Sort of a "My guns are empty man, I just shot the stage so there can't be a problem" This always changes when there is a malfunctioning firearm with rounds in it.....EXTREME Cautions then shows up!!! Almost like they are carrying Nitro..... Anyone else see that same issue? Bugler
  13. Believe it or not, I am using a Norinco 1911 with Chip McCormick Shooting Star magazines, the ammo is my replication of hardball with a lead projectile. Bugler
  14. If it isn't causing a problem with the function of the gun, leave it alone until it does.... Bugler
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