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  1. I'm surprised no one has said anything about the OP's desire to use .357 Mag for BEAR defense. That's a decision you might not live long enough to regret, should you actually encounter a charging bear. In my opinion, the only .357 Mag cartridge suitable for stopping a charging black bear (and ONLY black bear, not its larger cousins) is the Buffalo Bore Heavy 357 Mag Outdoorsman 180 gr Hard Cast LFN-GC or equivalent. This round delivers more energy out of a 18.5" barrel than a standard .30-30 rifle cartridge. I carry this round as bear defense in very low density BLACK BEAR country only, wh
  2. It is fashionable to bash venture capitalists but some decaying bodies cannot be brought back to life, and were rotting long before the VCs tried to resuscitate them with an infusion of dollars, often coupled with management control in order to see that their investment was not completely wasted by the same people who've already run the companies into the ground. Colt was on life support from the moment they lost the M4 contract in 2013, and that had absolutely nothing to do with VCs. And don't forget that without VCs, highly successful companies such as Mobileye, Semiconductor Manufacturin
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