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  1. The first group, absolutely torch-cut. Been there, done that. That's what it looks like. The second set, not as clear in the photos that they were torch-cut -- there are other mechanical ways to demil pistols.
  2. Maybe my terminology is wrong. To keep the powder and filler separate, I'm using Traditions Wonder Wads which are 100% wool wads, which come pre-lubed with "all-natural WonderLube1000 Plus" -- whatever that is. They look and feel pretty much dry to me, so I can't see how they could contaminate the powder.
  3. Good question! Do I not need it to separate the 777 from the grits filler?
  4. I'm with Edward R S Canby: I'm trying about 30gr FFg Triple Seven, under a greased felt wad, under grits filler, under a Lyman 292gr .458" bevel base (BB) coated bullet. But I'm very new at this category, so if anyone thinks this recipe is crazy, please tell me so.
  5. If you don't know how to gauge the character and honesty and trustworthiness of your TG without Nanny State Big Brother surveillance, I'm afraid I have nothing to offer you.
  6. Sounds to me like a solution in search of a problem, and an unnecessary potential source of friction between clubs. A TG who cannot be trusted by her club shouldn't be a TG, period.
  7. "know he can trust" makes no sense. All we are doing is reducing the inherent risk in the transaction to some manageable, reasonably acceptable level. There is no such thing as "trust" except among true friends (and sometimes family) -- don't forget that trust is not automatic for anyone -- it has to be earned.
  8. Another observation/suggestion -- don't be so impersonal. Chat up the other party -- find out what they know about what they are supposedly selling or supposedly buying. And how about a phone call? Most scammers won't do it because they have accents that don't match their names. Or a video chat? EVERYONE can video chat on their phones these days and anyone who refuses to do so after being asked is IMMEDIATELY NO GOOD in my book. I only ask to video chat when I have some lingering doubts after other checking, and it is the best way to make the scammer disappear -- after which you can help the community by calling them out by name.
  9. It bears repeating: one of the easiest "red flags" is a non-cowboy-sounding alias ... like scott98.
  10. Disassemble them, dump the powder, de-prime, and wet tumble. ND
  11. Welcome! Bullion Rose and I split our time between Houston and Lewes, East Sussex. We leave our cowboy stuff behind in Texas when we're in South East England, though. If you are down Houston way, come shoot with us and the other friendly folks of Thunder River Renegades -- you can borrow whatever you'll need. (But in July we're in Lewes -- too damn hot in Houston in July.)
  12. Please post pix of that original Schofield -- they are rare and so cool ...
  13. No problem CRC. I wouldn't be doing any of this if there was residential AC service in my work room. Other lighting solutions include rechargeable Li-ion battery powered Bosch work lights over the bench to supplement the minimal overhead light provided by the few available 277V 48" fluorescent tubes. I'm a big fan of those Bosch work lights (https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/boschtools-ocs/cordless-lights-fl12-121246-p/). With the Jackery portable power supply, I am now also running a magnetic-mount gooseneck LED work light on the press that operates on 110V also at very low power usage.
  14. Following up. I bought the https://www.jackery.com/products/explorer-300-portable-power-station to power the Dillon Automatic Casefeeder and it works like a charm. And it will power the Casefeeder for a very long time between charges.
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