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  1. And, case gauge every round that you load for him. It's easy to leave a sliver of lead bulge at the case mouth, and that will quite often cause the round to fail to feed well. GJ
  2. For your brother's needs - a round nose "ball" bullet, 230 grains - many different makers make something very close to the FMJ from military and factories. The Magma mold 230 grain round nose is quite good. A poly coated bullet is excellent in the 1911, because the 1911 gets fouled quickly using conventional lubed lead slugs. Make sure you seat the bullet so that none of the straight section of the lower part of bullet sticks out of case above the mouth - at very most, only 0.10" above the case mouth. If you leave the "full bore diameter" of the bullet exposed above the mouth, it jams while feeding with the slide refusing to close the last 1/8". Test in his gun that you have the seating depth right before you load a big batch! The 1911 has a very short throat in the barrel, so bullet seating depth is pretty critical. About 4.3 or 4.4 grains of WST (Winchester Super Target) will have him making power factor while using the most common Wild Bunch pistol powder. Muzzle velocity must be checked with a chronograph before they test his ammo at some future match and disqualify him! Good luck, GJ
  3. Here's a good video to learn how to adjust the tension in a 1911 extractor, if you are up to working this yourself in the mean time. Wilson Tech Clip on 1911 Extractor Tensioning https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiTlZyqn6flAhVDqZ4KHXWhAk8QwqsBMAB6BAgIEAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DUOSmJd7HaDY&usg=AOvVaw1Djbu_exKTRJRqx-fuU-Im Good luck, GJ
  4. Blaze - your Personal Message box is full of messages...clear it out some and I'll send my phone number. Thanks, GJ
  5. Kimber makes a Super Match II 1911 now. I don't see the model you bought that was made in 2004. But, 1911 parts are highly interchangeable. I've got two new extractors I'll bring, as it does sound like an extractor problem could be your situation. I'll bring my extractor tuner kit, too. Stones and tension gauge and trigger pull gauge (used to measure the tension). I do not have a slide release. I find I get over 100K rounds from a slide release, so I don't have a spare right now. I've got a ton of Tripp mags with me at all times, I believe Jim Bowie is coming to BT with his portable work trailer. He may be your best bet for a quick and accurate turn-around. Check out there Monday..... If I can help, I'm willing to try. But I got a feeling you are starting a little too late to get this gun running well for BT. I'll PM you my mobile number. Should be at the Territorial RV park after 7 PM on Monday. Good luck, GJ
  6. There's probably 20 oils that are great for future rust prevention. Boeshield T-9 is another that is quite good about staying put on the area applied and not attracting dust. RemOil is a commonly used gun oil, but it lacks stay-put power. Any rust-resisting wheel bearing grease will stay put and really prevent rust - apply very thinly and remove from bore before next range/field outing. But - Kroil is NOT going to stay put and prevent future problems. BTW - throw that can of Pyrodex on the lawn. It's REALLY hard to keep that stuff from corroding firearms. Good luck, GJ
  7. Which model exactly do you have? Those two parts are usually universal parts, unless you have a special "control surface" on the slide release that you want to keep exactly stock, or you have an extended slide release. You would have to look that part over and compare to other Kimber or Springfield or Colt guns. The extractor will have a strong chance that it needs to be fitted (tension adjusted). There's maybe a 50% chance a generic replacement will drop in and be tensioned close enough, but I've not had that happen on last three straight I installed. Are you having spent cartridges left in the chamber or slide, or cartridges that get stuck under extractor hook so badly that the ejector can't kick them out? Those symptoms could point right to extractor tension or hook shape. Other types of jams - not so much. Slide release is not often involved in causing jams, in my experience. I'd be willing to let you shoot a backup pistol of mine there, but it would be a Traditional Colt. Either pull out your backup, or maybe a pard has one you can borrow that is closer to your main gun? And the sad news - Last "who's coming" lists for BT (Cowboy or WB) did not have Boggus signed up for BT, so I doubt he's coming down. Finally, while you are thinking this over, GAUGE CHECK your ammo one more time. Maybe something changed in your loading setup or components. That's the most common cause of jams. Then examine magazine lips, too. Good luck, GJ
  8. Kroil (a maintenance oil, from most gun supply vendors) removes rust without pulling off bluing. Have used it, rubbed in with BRONZE wool (get at hardware stores), on several rusted old firearms. Good luck, GJ
  9. Gunbot. http://www.gunbot.net/reloading/Powder/ is the powder link. I find it much less useful than it used to be, however, as it seems the number of vendors that it mines has decreased. Good luck, GJ
  10. When lever is fully closed, nothing (but firing pin) moves in a perfectly functioning 73 action. Do you perhaps mean it's sticky and hard to get the lever to move immediately after firing the gun? Just as you start to stroke the lever? That suggests the chamber is hanging up the fired case to me. You could have bulged the chamber when you forced a round into chamber with part of a case in it, then fired the round. You could also have bent parts enough to affect timing and thus smooth extraction, as I mentioned above. Or while extracting the partial case from chamber, tools could have gouged the chamber wall. The calamity that you describe is one that is well worth hiring a gunsmith to get that rifle running well again. It's worth little as anything but a risky fixer-upper to other shooters right now, because extracting fired cases is pretty vital to running in a match. Good luck, GJ
  11. At what part of the stroke is the action sticking? On carrier upward motion (lever opening) or downward (lever closing)? Where is the bolt face at the time the action sticks? Close to chamber, or close to frame? Has gun been short stroked? Has gun been worked on recently? Has gun had an out-of-battery discharge? Have you changed the load that you are using? Best guess with almost no info is you might have a timing problem that has developed due to wear or an out-of-battery firing. And that could have damaged lever or lifter arm or carrier. If you have an urgent need to get this running, a trip to a good cowboy smith is the fast and sure method to get it running. Diagnosing a 73 with minimum info over the wire when there is an urgent need to get the gun running is an exercise in developing hard feelings. Good luck, GJ
  12. Go to your local matches. Try some out before you buy. What you like may be different from what the last Cowboy shooter you asked likes. Good luck, GJ
  13. If you would instead consider the Traditional gun being a service-issued model up through about Vietnam era, and Modern being something the US services might have issued if they ever thought about using the 1911 type platform after Vietnam, you would be just about right. The A1 update being a dividing line would not be very "friendly" to a large segment of the WB shooter base. And especially so if you allowed nothing after the A1 update. Good luck, GJ
  14. Why welded? Probably loose when assembled and would not stay together to fire safely. Would take major investment to get this one working. IMHO. GJ
  15. I like my Altamont slim grips on a pair of New Model Vaqueros, shooting duelist style. Fit was excellent. Good luck, GJ
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