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  1. I just took the side plates off and with a screw driver, I slid the springs off the shelf that they sit on so that they stick out the side, and with no tension on them, the screws came out easy enough. I put a couple of layers of masking tape where the spring end would ride off the shelf to protect the finish. Maybe I was lucky, but it was easy for me.
  2. Here's where I get my 2F Diamond Back Black Powder. ADDICTEDTOBLACKPOWDER.COM With HazMat and shipping, it's still about $85 cheaper than the Goex with no HazMat for a case of #25. DiamondBack is not Goex but it still goes BOOM and Clang!
  3. At the end of the match I put 'em in a bottle of water that has some blue dawn or Murphy's Oil Soap or most anything I can fine in the laundry room. I let them soak on the way home and rinse them off in the back yard. Unless its overcast or damp, I'll place a towel on an old cookie sheet and spread the brass out. Then I'll place an old microwave glass tray on top to act as a sort of magnifying glass to keep in the heat. The brass dries out pretty quickly. Then size and de-prime and then they go into the tumbler.
  4. Great info! Thanks much.
  5. Does that affect the accuracy any? How much BP (ffg) do you put in your cartridges? What bullet weight do you use?
  6. For any one with an Uberti '73 long gun who uses REAL BLACK POWDER, I have a question. When using lubed lead bullets, do you have any issues with the rifle getting hard to operate WITHOUT doing a quick clean between stages or do you need to give it a quick shot of moose milk or murphy's mix every stage or so?
  7. The only filler I use is Black Powder. I mentioned the corn silk "peanuts" because someone brought up using styrofoam for a filler and you two know a lot about loading Black Powder and what works and what doesn't and what should not be done. I get a lot of good info from you two. Thanks.
  8. If you can find some of those packing "peanuts" made from corn silk, those may work without the threat of any static. Maybe Driftwood or OLG can chime in with their thoughts.
  9. a) LEE (my opinion only) b) Fill with ffg Black Powder. I use a 110gr bullet c) You're NOT gettin' mine!
  10. I'd like to see that, but I probably won't be there. You must have some strong arms!
  11. Smokey, I bought a Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro about a year ago. I shoot 4 calibers (.45 Colt, 45 Schofield, .45ACP and 38W.C.F.). I have the case feeder but no bullet feeder. I use the Auto-Drum Powder measure. I shoot Black Powder for cowboy and Smokeless Powder for wild bunch. The rims on the 38W.C.F and 45 Schofield are just large enough to keep the cases from going through the case feeder. The same would be true with the 44W.C.F (see Artie Fly's post). I told Lee Precision about this and they agreed. If you're loading multiple calibers, you would have the added expense of buying breech locks for each die for each caliber you shoot. For me, that was 16 breech locks! I personally would not buy another one. I have been thinking about going back and using my Lee Turret Press.
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