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  1. Thanks. Yes, it is a 20" barrel.
  2. Does anyone shoot an 1873 Short Rifle in .38-40. How many rounds of .38-40 will it hold? Thanks
  3. Brownell's has Cheddite 209 Shotgun Primers in stock for $74.99/K. As of 1:33 PDT.
  4. Sedalia Dave & Garrison Joe: Thank you very much. You guys gave me the answer and specifics.
  5. Having the proper sized punch, when removing roll pins from a firearm, do you: 1. remove from the right? 2. remove from the left? 3. does it matter at all? 4. does it matter the type (rifle, pistol, or shotgun)? 5. does it matter if the pin is solid or hollow? 6. just do it the same on all your firearms? 7. does it matter on the firearm manufacturer? Oops. I forgot Top to Bottom such as on a bolt Thanks
  6. I've used Schofield brass in my Vaquero and New Vaqueros with no problem, but I've never tried them in my Marlin.
  7. Great! Thanks you guys.
  8. I've been using Black Powder for years and have only used 2F granulation. I've never used 2FA. What is the difference? Has anyone used 2FA in place of 2F? I shoot 38 WCF and sometimes .45 Colt if that matters. TIA
  9. I have a pair of COLTs. One is 7 1/2" and the other is 5 1/2". It doesn't bother me.
  10. This may sound crazy and I hope I'm explaining it correctly. When I could get Schutzen powder with Graf's label or Diamondback powder, FFg both weighed about the same when I filled a case. When I could no longer get either, I switched to GOEX thinking (silly me) that the same weight would fill the case volume the same, but it didn't. For the same volume, I use a little less GOEX than the other two powders. I was just wondering if there was a powder measure that I could use to dump my case of powder into that would show me the volume. I've tried to use the Lee dippers, but the amount of powder kind of falls between two of the dippers. I'm kinda' anal and would just like to get a good reading on the volume of powder I'm using. Is that as clear as mud
  11. Hmmm. I've only seen where they measure in Grains. (i.e. Thompson Center Adjustable Black Powder Measure 50 to 120 Grains Brass) and not Volume.
  12. Does anyone know of an adjustable powder measure that measures in Volume Increments and NOT in Grain Increments? TIA
  13. Hey Doc, sorry to hear that. I've shot with you a couple of times and also bought your book "Breaking the Shot". I hope a neurologist can help you out and make things a little better. Take care.
  14. I bought my '73 in 2005 and all I have ever done to the bolt is clean the bolt face, use a small brush to clean under the extractor and brush the bolt tab, wipe down the top and the sides as best as I can, and once in a while, put a drop of oil on the top of the extractor so it can work its way down. My '73 has never seen anything but Black Powder. It probably wouldn't know what to do with smokeless.
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