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  1. If a California resident were to sell a firearm to a Nevada resident, is there a DROS requirement for Nevada? How would the California resident's record of ownership be removed from California's Automated Firearms System? Does anyone know? TIA
  2. Does the drop/feed 2 modification to an '87 Lever Shotgun prevent you from loading the magazine to its capacity if you just want to go out into the woods and blow holes in the air?
  3. At the 2:39 mark of your video, the spine of the loader is used for unloading a magazine. You run the base of the cartridges in the magazine up to the little tit on the spine of the loader which ejects a cartridge.
  4. On Gunbroker, I could only find 1 in .38WCF. Starting bid $1500.00. Time left to bid is just over a day.
  5. Same Same for me 'cept I add HOT HOT water after Windex squirts. Corks came from empty wine bottles.
  6. Here's a picture of one of my Vaquero's on top of its storage container. Not very fancy but functional.
  7. No! I like my rifle. Just dreamin' of a backup. I've had my rifle many years and one of these days something may break and I don't have a backup for it. I would NEVER let a hacksaw get near my rifle.
  8. Yes, the new Graf's Black Powder is made by Goex. Older Graf's Black Powder was imported by Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. and manufactured be Wano Schwarzpulver GmbH in Germany.
  9. Anyone have a Cimarron (Uberti) 1873 Short Rifle in 38 WCF? If so, will it hold 10 rounds?
  10. IF CZ did buy COLT and made them in their own country, I wonder if it would make it easier for the anti-gunners to get a ban on the importation of firearms than it would be to stop production from a manufacturer that is in-country. Just a crazy thought.
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