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  1. Just to eliminate one possibility, in the Rugers that have the Power Custom hardware, swap out the base pins with the Rugers that don't have the hardware. See if it does the same with the base pins from the unmodified Rugers. That should tell you if it's a base pin issue or a Power Custom issue. Just a thought.
  2. I do the same as Driftwood and Johnny Longpants. Last time I took the side plates off of my '73, there wasn't any gunk inside. That was about a year ago. My Colts have never been opened up and my Uberti/Colt clones and Rugers have been opened up and cleaned maybe once or twice in the last couple of years. Never any rust inside and VERY little gunk.
  3. How do you compare weight to volume?
  4. I understand that they don't play well with Black Powder or Subs.
  5. Me too! I'm right down the peninsula.
  6. Some heavy dude (or dudette) is standing on the network cable.
  7. Lumpy, that picture of you doesn't make you look any older than 25!
  8. That's what I used when I first started shooting cowboy. Later I switched to BP and Big Lube bullets, but I use Bear Creek Bullets when I shoot Wild Bunch. I load my .45 Colt ammo with the 255gr and .45ACP with the 230gr. They work great for me but I still can't hit the broad side of a barn if I were standing inside.
  9. I shoot the real stuff for cowboy and smokeless for WB. The cowboy guns that I have bought new (all 38WCF) have never seen smokeless powder. If they did, they probably wouldn't work any more from the shock!
  10. I do know that dull brass shoots as good as shiny brass. I was just curious to know if I could tumble to remove some of the lube after reloading.
  11. Has/Have/Do any of you shooters ever run LOADED cartridges through your vibratory case tumbler to get the brass polished? Is it safe?
  12. Guessing about 4 years ago, this pistol blew up. Piece of brass hit the window frame next to my face while spotting. Bad reloads. The rifle blew up when, I think, a smokeless round was loaded into this old antique lever gun. Both shooters ended up with some hand injuries.
  13. I always thought that those numbers indicated how many reloads you could get out of each plastic wad.
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