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  1. Unless I misunderstand what the Sacramento County Code, Title 9 Public Peace, Morals and Safety Chapter 9.36 PARK REGULATIONS (https://qcode.us/codes/sacramentocounty/view.php?topic=9-9_36-9_36_060&frames=on) it appears to me to reference the use of the "weapons" inside the perimeter of a designated PARK. I would think that using an air gun inside your basement or garage would not be against the county code. But that's just how I see it. Our Nation State may look at it differently.
  2. Marauder: Do you know if this slightly changed bolt design will allow it to replace the bolt in a '73 (.38-40) manufactured around 2005?
  3. I had that problem also. What I do is as I'm raising the handle I "agitate" the handle as it's going up. That seems to work for me.
  4. If you just filled the cavity with lube of some kind, wouldn't that bleed into the powder? Just curious. I don't load .45-70
  5. On the rubber seal on my Rebel 17, I just wet with the water in the tub before I put the seal on. You could probably use most anything. Liquid soap, a bit of oil, some petroleum jelly, grease, or some silicone. Water is the cheapest and easiest to come by.
  6. Actually, I did buy 2, but don’t ask me where I “hid” the spare.
  7. There's a couple of different flavors for the Frankford tumblers. The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series with a larger tub that holds about 1,000 .223s and a smaller version that will hold about 300. I think the other similar ones likely are comparable to Frankford's capacities. Yes, thumb screws are a pain
  8. I have the Extreme Rebel 17 that others have. Though it does a good job of cleaning as probably any wet tumbler does, I WOULD NOT buy another one. The drive belt on my unit started to break. It didn't break completely, but it needed to be replaced so I bought another one. Quite expensive for a little drive belt. I'm sure I could've rigged something else up. Also, screwing and unscrewing those 6 locking nuts is a pain in the butt. I've never used a Frankford tumbler, but I've seen them in YouTube videos and if my Rebel broke, I'd probably buy a Frankford tumbler. There are others out there like National Matellic, Lyman and maybe a few others. I think those are all gear driven. Check out YouTube for any reviews.
  9. He's still around and workin' hard. He's my Big Lube Bullet supplier and has made several leather products for me.
  10. Good idea with the shell holder. I've done that myself. Just make sure that the cartridge you're trying to disassemble does not have a high primer. It may come in contact with the edge of the hole in the shell holder and you may end up with a bad accident.
  11. Lee case feeder will not work with .38WCF, .44WCF or .45 Schofield cases. The inside diameter of the tubes seem to be about (I'm guessing) .001 or .002 too small. When I used it for these calibers, I would always have to use a wooden dowel as a follower to force the brass down the tube.
  12. Driftwood, you said that the military reduced the load in the .45 to 30grains (as your photo shows). Do you know what they used as a filler? Did they just leave air space?
  13. I've been using the Lee Auto-Drum for a little over a year. It works great for both Real Black Powder and Smokeless Powder. I don't use black powder subs, so I can't comment on those. It's very accurate with smokeless, but for some reason, with black powder I will get very slight differences. Nothing that affects the load. I always get enough in the case to get slight compression. I load .45ACP and some .45 Colt with smokeless and .38WCF, .45 Schofield and some .45 Colt with Black Powder. I've never cleaned the Auto-Drum and I use the same plastic powder reservoir for both smokeless and black powder. Before I got the Lee Auto-Drum I had used the Lee Pro-Disk for about 10 years with smokeless and black powder. Never cleaned it, never a problem. The Lee Auto-Drum works as well as the Lee Disk set up if not better. For me, it's a quicker change when doing different loads. All black powder that I use is 2F.
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