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  1. Hey sorry I missed this, good to see you again. I only need to work on safety, speed, accuracy, and remembering the shooting order. Other than that I'm crushing it!
  2. Everyone knew I was a new shooter, they made an announcement at the beginning. I really can't stress enough how cool everyone was, a bunch of shooters told me they'd done the same thing when they started, or something similar. That said, I totally agree that the DQ was the right thing to do. New or not, safety has to be first. At least I did it with an empty gun and they caught it early in my CAS career before it becomes a habit.
  3. Thanks for that, cleared it right up. Gonna check out your channel later
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking! I'll just go with whatever the rules are, Im looking for nothing but a good time. Luckily for me everyone is pretty laid back and willing to help so I'm sure I'll get along fine.
  5. I'm on my phone and when I clicked it, it opens a PDF file. I opened it 3 times thinking it was a website before I figured it out. I'm not the brightest bowl in the bowl drawer
  6. Ok I just looked it over and it makes perfect sense now. Thanks for adding the clarification
  7. It's on my list, just have to find out when the next one is near me
  8. I must have misunderstood what the reasoning was. I'm new and it was in the middle of a match. It's all good though, they're really friendly and willing to help so I'm sure someone can make it make sense.
  9. That would make sense, maybe thats what they were trying to say. It was during the match so there wasn't an abundance of time. Luckily the group I shoot with are really cool so I'm sure I can get someone to explain it
  10. I asked for clarification, they said the 170 rule was for horizontal and vertical. Didn't make sense to me but I'm also super new so just went with it. It didn't make any difference in the overall results so I'm not mad or anything just don't get it
  11. Hey everyone, had a question about the 170 rule. Just so you know I'm new and trying to understand. Here's what happened: I got a stage DQ for violating the 170 rule with my shotgun. The targets were on far right and far left of the stage so you had to shoot, move, shoot again. I shot 2, moved to the next phase and shot again. Was told that because I had my shotgun pointing up while moving (it was open/unloaded) that I violated the 170 rule. Here's my question - how is it safe to go from loading table to firing line with your shotgun pointing up but unsafe to go from one part of the stage to the other with your shotgun pointing up? I don't ever want to do anything that's unsafe so trying to understand. I'm in no way competitive at this early stage but don't want to make a dumb mistake that costs time when I do get a little quicker Thanks in advance
  12. Maybe I'll just keep using what I have been in the rifle for now and just load for the pistols. Don't think there'd be an issue with middle of the road loads but like you said, it's not mine so...
  13. Funny you mention that, I'll be using magnum primers as well
  14. I'm using a borrowed rifle but have some rounds that have been running good in it so I'll check those Sorry about that - 38 Special for me
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