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  1. I'm the odd ball here it appears. I run Hornady "Powder Cop" dies. You adjust to your correct powder charge and you can see even small deviations in the powder charge. this doesn't lock up the press. Has a white O ring that rises up out of the die so you can see what's happening and to what degree.
  2. From a cost stand point I would say the following might be the least costly. Scarf/wild rag, sleeve garters, suspenders/braces, knife, Spurs w/straps, vest. Hope this helps, I went down the same path not all that long ago myself.
  3. Check out Brownell's "Oxpho Blue". will blue even with gun oil on the metal. Pretty good product as far as cold blue products go.
  4. I'm a bit reluctant to do this. See the third up from the bottom of SDQ's
  5. Hi Red,


     If you would by chance consider $275 for the tequila rig my wife would take it. Thanks for your time.


    Brazos Bo

    1. Red Dooley, SASS #36389

      Red Dooley, SASS #36389

      Brazil Bo, I think I have it sold. Sorry. 

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