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  1. PG 13 see second bullet point under age based category.
  2. Maybe this will be helpful. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol
  3. Howdy Tell, I have a friend of mine that's in need of some furniture and would like to take you up on the offer if it's still available. Thank you, Brazos Bo
  4. It's in the Northeast portion of Texas if you consider that SW. But "Comin At Cha" is a 3 day event and its a blast.
  5. They certainly don't make it the easiest to find.
  6. Hodgdon has data specifically for Cowboy Action loads that are different than standard pistol data.
  7. No sir, they both are 5 1/2". I do see what you mean though.
  8. Howdy Smokin Khook, Sorry, but I gave the competition hammer away. The original hammer was a low spur similar to a Super Blackhawk hammer. Tempted, but I have to pass on the Operator. Not quite what I need. Nice guns though.
  9. .38-55 hi wall 1911 in .45 cal Might be some others i haven't thought of, what do you have for trade?
  10. The El Patron is a factory tuned gun, but no work beyond that.
  11. .45 colt 5 1/2" barrels One has color case hammer. Normal CAS use marks. These have the good old pre-lawyer firing pin style hammers. Reduced to $975 shipped to lower 48, FFL must accept from individual.
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