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  1. Check out Brownell's "Oxpho Blue". will blue even with gun oil on the metal. Pretty good product as far as cold blue products go.
  2. I'm a bit reluctant to do this. See the third up from the bottom of SDQ's
  3. I was curious if the coated bullets made a difference in regard to the lead build up I had been fighting with, so I decided to see for myself. 30 rounds with Coated bullets and 30 rounds lubed bullets. This was the results. Hands down winner was the coated bullet. See pics below.
  4. Hi Red,


     If you would by chance consider $275 for the tequila rig my wife would take it. Thanks for your time.


    Brazos Bo

    1. Red Dooley, SASS #36389

      Red Dooley, SASS #36389

      Brazil Bo, I think I have it sold. Sorry. 

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