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  1. A very good shooter at the club once told me - do not over react to a problem or a miss keep shooting- I did not take that advice yesterday. Shot the 1st 5 stages of the match clean - stage #1 went well - had to make up a shotgun target on the 2nd stage - but still clean. Stage #3-5 went well and around 30 seconds each - which is a good time for me. Stage #6 Started to really think I was going to have a clean match. Straight forward stage - 3-3-4 sweep. Rifle then pistols then 2 shotgun targets Shooter Ready Beep Shot riffle a little slower and clean Moved to pistol position Drew first pistol Only pulled the hammer back 1/2 way Panic set in - will I be out of sequence and have to go another full round to shoot all 5 Pulled hammer back and shot - miss Now panic turned to disgust with myself for a miss and messing up my clean match Don't even remember shooting the remaining 4 shots with the first pistol Then I just stood there - the TO had to remind me to shoot the second pistol Missed 3 more Now even more disgusted with myself I just stood there again Gallery all yelled - shotgun So I move to the shotgun and got those down So 4 misses and a very slow time gave me a 65 second stage - no clean match and put me toward the bottom of the overall match times. So as advised - Next time I will try not to over react and keep shooting. But always remember Fun Stages - Fun people - Sunny warm day in Northern Colorado and 1 train wreck of a stage - still equals a great day at the range
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