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  1. Does anyone have a little cowboy guitar from the 50’s or 60’s especially a painted one with a cowboy scene Maybe a Roy or Gene ? they were mostly made by Harmony or Stella River
  2. I think all of these were made after that and have special serial numbers. This one is PC10XX
  3. I will include a copy of the Venturino book for the lucky buyer as well as some brass....
  4. I will include a copy of the Venturino book for the lucky buyer as well as some brass....
  5. I actually have a 2008 Frontier six shooter that is basically the same as the 1973 guns except in blue and CC. It was tuned by Bob Munden and I have all the papers including the test target he shot with it
  6. It is indeed on the cover of his book. You guys are talking me into keeping it River
  7. I have a fantastic 1873-1973 Colt Peacemaker Centennial for sale. What is great about this one is that when I got it it had been shot so I bought it as a shooter but actually only shot it a few times and only then in a single match. As you may know these guns are true second generation Colts and are faithfully correct in most ways to a a US Cavalry Colt. Chambered in 45 Colt of course. It has a great action job and while having this done my gunsmith discovered a hairline crack on the original hammer. Rather than risk using it he made me an exact copy and I will include the original hammer in case you want to have it repaired. You will not regret taking it to the next match as it has a great action job by Curly Bill Kelly here in TN. $2000 to your FFL River Jordan SASS 18742
  8. I sent your bullets out yesterday



  9. Rawhide


    please send payment to 

    Jerry Maine

    2205 Wrights Ferry Rd

    knoxville tn 37919


    please let me know where you are and I will go ahead and ship your items




    1. RAWHIDE RED, SASS # 7076 L

      RAWHIDE RED, SASS # 7076 L

      J.L. Hamilton

      401 Betsy Ross Dr.

      Arlington, TX 76002




  10. Yes indeed. Mostly 3rd and 2nd gen. A complete inventory of exact colt parts would be great especially 3rd gen cylinders with full length bushing clyinders to make it easy to rehab early third gen Colts
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