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  1. I have used a wooden dowel, but yes, a pencil will work.
  2. Yes! You are overlooking something. It's easier than that. Look at the answers given by OLG, Garrison Joe, I.M. Crossdraw, or Jefro.
  3. I just reach with my right thumb and cock both hammers at the same time after I shuck the hulls. Works for me.
  4. I load with Big Lube bullets and Bear Creek moly coated bullets. I wear a rubber glove on my left hand (used for handling the bullets) and a glove of some sort on my right for cranking on my turret press. Shot shell reloading, no glove(s) for my MEC 600jr.
  5. I've been using steel media for several years and have never had this issue. Does steel media come in different lengths? I don't know. The steel media I use came with my Rebel 17.
  6. I'm sure these questions are out there somewhere, but I can't find them. 1. What is the difference between real Black Powder (I use 2FG in everything) and reenactor Black Powder? 2. Is 2FG any cleaner than reenactor? 3. Is there only one granulation? 4. Is it any harder to clean? 5. How does it perform? 6. Any problems with powder handling? (I use Lee's Automatic Powder Measure). I hope that's all the questions I have (for now). Thanks to any and all who respond.
  7. Great cartridge for smokeless. If you ever think about moving to black powder, I don't think the .45 with black powder is the best choice in a rifle due to getting crud in the action. Just my humble opinion.
  8. $1.20/Hundred!!! When did you get those? When central fire cartridges were invented.
  9. Any difference between the two for our game?
  10. Same Same here. Mostly AA, STS and Gun Club hulls, but I've reloaded many others and many times with no problem except for Federals.
  11. Yes, Nostrum Damus, the .38 and/or .357 will copulate very nicely with .45 Colt.
  12. I saw that. Great price considering. I already have 5K primers that will probably last be through my next lifetime.
  13. I don't think so either
  14. This is probably a personal preference (maybe not), what would be your choice for a short stroke kit for an Uberti/Cimarron '73 short rifle in 38-40?
  15. I also wondered who could make the call on the smoke factor. If someone questioned it, I guess the match director could disassemble one of "suspects" random cartridges and see if it contains at least (what is it?) 1cc of black powder or black powder substitute.
  16. The mainspring broke on my 3rd Gen Colt! . Would a Cimarron Pietta Parts Mainspring work as a replacement or would the NUMRICH mainspring part be a better choice? I don't want any light springs, I just want as close to original as possible. Thanks all.
  17. When I started using FFg BP, I had a Marlin '94 in .45 Colt. I used Big Lube 250gr. PRS bullets that I got from Springfield Slim. I never had an extraction problem. I always cleaned after each match with moose milk or murphy's mix. Now I shoot .38WCF
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