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  1. One of my all time favorite pistol powders!
  2. I best award I ever got from a match was a 1 oz. silver round with the match and club engraved on the reverse and a buffalo on the obverse. It's been displayed on my desk for years now. Frankly silver was much cheaper back then, but even at $25.00 an ounce a club could spend a lot more on "Big Match" trophies. I'm not sure what a belt buckle costs these days and they are nice too, but just how many belt buckles can one actually use (I have a drawer full of them)? Wooden plaques are affordable for most matches and I do have some of my better ones displayed on the walls of my gun room and wo
  3. Randy, you do make a valid point about shooting .22LR at the local matches helping to save on primers and I think it's great that Wartrace is flexible enough to allow it. However, as pricey and difficult to replace as they are now, I'd still rather load and shoot the .38's. That attitude would probably change rapidly if I was about to run out of primers, as many out there are. Thankfully, that is one thing I did stock up on after the last drought, but even those won't last forever. Cudos to you guys for finding another way to keep people shooting and coming out to the matches, you obvious
  4. Wow, I have been away for awhile, but glad to know that posting load data is now okay on the Wire! In the past, I too have been a stickler about following published load data. However, times are tough out here and Clay Dot was all I could get at least for now. Since the two powders are made to be very similar in burn rate and ballistics, I'd expect that Clay Dot could be used safely with Clays data using normal cautions used to work up a load with any powder and careful monitoring of pressure signs. Besides, I'm shooting .38 Special in .357 Magnum revolvers and .44 Specials in .44 Magnum r
  5. I used to use Hodgdon's clays for most of my handgun and shotshell loads. However, it wasn't available for quite some time and now it's back on the market, but scarce as hen's teeth. However, I was able to purchase some Clay Dot awhile back and stocked up. Anyway, I know that it is supposed to be made to duplicate the ballistics of Clays. However, Alliant does not recommend it's use in cartridge reloading and does not publish any load data for anything but shot shells. I'm pretty sure others have used this powder for pistol and rifle cartridges and I am wondering what their experiences mi
  6. Thanks to all that contributed here and sent me numerous PM's, which I will try to respond to individually. At this time, I am not choosing to sell the .44 Mag VQ's, but I was interested in whether there was any real interest in them and what they might actually be worth on today's market. As others have stated here, I think the .44 Special is a decent CAS round and have used them in matches although they are not my main match handguns. I have loaded .44 Specials from 600 fps to almost 900 fps with a 200 grain cast truncated cone bullet from an RCBS mold that I really like and all have been
  7. Sorry, they are standard 5-1/2" barrels. Frankly, I'm not anxious to sell them, but they are not my main match guns and I am interested in what they might go for and how difficult they might be to sell.
  8. Wow. I call 58 shooters a great turnout for a local match! However, I'm not sure that adding .22LR is a big help, as I can currently cast and load .38's for less than I can buy new .22LF's and that's if I can even find them. Anyway, I think your situation may be typical for most in that live round practice is mostly a thing of the past and the number of matches that are planned to attend would be somewhat reduced as well. Anyway, thanks for the input and good luck to you and yours!
  9. I know that .44 Mag/.44 Spl. is not a real popular revolver cartridge for SASS Shooters, but I am wondering if there would be any real interest in a pair if I decided to sell them and what might be a fair price. These are not the smaller "New VQ's and are not "3 Screws" either, just original, blued, VQ's in good shape.
  10. Has the current shortage of ammo and components cut down on participation at the matches much recently or did the really serious shooters stock up enough to keep shooting for two or three years when the stuff was obtainable? Now it seems like nothing is available and when it does show up on the market, it's way overpriced, but still goes quickly. This type of panic buying and/or hoarding is just making things worse in my opinion and prices will probably never come back down to earth! Anyway, I was an avid cowboy shooter before I became disabled a few years back, but would like
  11. I have used many Lee 6 cavity molds, never a problem like yours, could there be slag or a burr on one corner or a tight alignment pin? Not sure why bullets world stick in size die except no lube or extra hard bullets that expand oversize, wipe a bit of lube on when sizing. If you ship mold back send oversize bullets. Gary Seattle

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