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  1. Yes, interesting article and thanks for posting! I generally use my BP lube for wax bullets and it is a similar recipe, but without the petroleum based grease ( I use vegetable oil instead). However, a word of caution here to anyone shooting wax bullet indoors to provide adequate ventilation, as primers are one of the primary sources of lead exposure for us shooters. Your better off out back if you can get away with it in your neighborhood. Good luck and good shooting to all.
  2. I like to shoot 148 grain double ended wadcutters in my pistol rounds at about 800 fps. These are very consistent and yield single digit standard deviation across my choronograph and they are very accurate. As a gunfighter, I always wanted a bit of recoil as I think it helps to reach the hammer and cock the gun again while shooting the other one. For the rifle, I like a 140 grain pill cast from an RCBS "Cowboy" mold. This bullet has what I consider to be the prefect shape to feed and shoot well and would recommend it to anyone, especially for lever gun usage. I have also used t
  3. Yep, 9mm Largo is a longer cartridge than 9mm Luger and it also has other case dimension differences as well, so modifying to shoot in a 9mm Luger is not going to work. As others have said, your best bet is to try to sell them to someone that can use them in the proper gun. 9mm Largo was very popular in South America and there are many Spanish guns chambered for this cartridge. You should be able to find someone interested. Good luck and good shooting to all.
  4. I'm pretty sure that with Trailboss you can load the powder right up to the base of the bullet without issues, but do not compress the powder. However, you can load lighter and leave a bit of air space if you want. As others have stated .357 Mag in not a real popular cowboy load. However, my little Marlin carbine rifle cycles much better with the longer rounds. Unfortunately, it also throws most of them forward of the firing line and I seldom get many spent cases back unless I try to get them after the match. Frankly, if you've got them, use them, but if you need a longer round it's also
  5. Way to go Stoney! I really miss the days when we got to shoot together, especially down at Possum Trot, Tennessee.
  6. Unless your wanting to use this shotgun for things other than SASS, I'd recommend passing on the screw chokes, as they really aren't needed for cowboy action shooting. If your wanting to hunt, shoot clays, etc with the shortened barrel, then screw chokes may help and they do make thin wall versions that can be installed in your gun that should work. However, I wouldn't expect original full choke performance with the screw in's and short barrel, because the original full choke barrel uses a much longer section of the barrel for the choke and the shorter barrel will also reduce overall velocit
  7. I don't really load 44-40, but I do know that the cases are generally rather thin and that they can be easy to bulge, etc. Sizing is generally done in the first station along with spent primer extraction and there's plenty of opportunity after that to bulge a case. I don't know of anyway to safely resize a loaded round, although the Lee Factory crimp die is about as close as you can get and well worth the price. Anyway, it sounds like maybe the cases are getting squashed or bulged during one of the loading stations (most probably during bullet seating or crimping). Also if loading BP, mayb
  8. I have a Virginian Dragoon in .357 Magnum and it's a fine gun! Mine was actually made by Saur & Sons, in Germany, and imported by Interarms. Anyway, "Robust" is a very good description as it is a big and solid revolver that can handle full house loads with no problems. I didn't shoot it in cowboy much, due to the adjustable sights which were at the time I purchased it, only allowed in the Modern category. However, it's a great side arm for someone experienced with a single action revolver and in a very potent caliber that I have found useful for other things. This handgun does have a
  9. While I haven't been to the matches lately due to major health issues, I did see the Lightning Rifles growing in popularity when I went regularly to matches in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Lassiter has already been mentioned as one that can make one fly and is probably one of the best at making one shoot well. In the right hands and working properly the Lightning can be very fast. However, I have to question whether it is inherently faster than a well set up lever rifle. It is a different skill set to be sure and the fact that one has to move the forearm of the rifle to cycle it would have
  10. I have to agree with this statement in that there really are two camps in SASS. When I first started this game I was shocked and generally offended by the use of the term "Gamer." I thought a shoot was meant to be a competition where your time was your score and came to compete, but I apparently started at a high enough level that it offended some of the "Just for fun" shooters. In fact, at my first shoot I was asked to find another posse on my next visit, simply because I was obviously a "Gamer" and that "they didn't play that way around here." Frankly, I didn't go back to that club for q
  11. I've thought for a long time that the number of categories has reached the point of absurdity! Frankly, Snakebite's suggestion is worth considering, however, I'm not much on a handicap system. I think the one-handed, two-handed, and both approach is a logical division and that black powder and smokeless should also be separated. After that, some logical, but minimal age divisions could be determined and still cut the number of categories down by goodly number. This would make awards a much simpler and less costly proposition and cut down on the number of low participation categories as wel
  12. Wow, a lot more variation than I expected, but I must admit that I liked Widder's answer best! I've shot with Deuce and other amazing 97 shooters and it is indeed impressive. As for the screw chokes, they were installed when I bought the gun and one of the reasons I never cut down the barrel. Since everyone sees them as a big negative, maybe I'll go ahead and cut down the barrel after all. Anyway, for $300.00 to $400.00 it's going to continue to be a safe queen at my house. Thanks for the input!
  13. I said "unmodified," but it did have screw chokes installed at some point and because of that I never cut down the barrel. It is a take down model as well. Otherwise, it is all original and in good shape and has become a safe queen at my house.
  14. I too like HP38/Winchester 231, but good luck getting any! This is a ball type powder that meters exceptionally well and is very clean unless you load it too light. I also like Titegroup in larger cases, but it does have a very sharp report and at least in my opinion a considerably stiffer recoil impulse as well. I have also found that most of the fast shotgun powders work well in target loads for handguns and have used Clays, Red Dot, and recently Clay Dot since it was all I could find. However, if I had to choose just one powder for everything I load, then Unique would probably be the al
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