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  1. I go by head stamps. Starline is my most reloaded brass. Most of it is close to 20 years old and it is what I use for monthly and lost brass matches . From memory all of the splits have been Starline. Makes since it's the oldest and most reloaded. One split a match is normal. Winchester is my next oldest. Used if I run out out of the Starlines. Tombstone is third in line. Used for important matches. And my newest brass is nickel Starline. Loaded and ready to go, haven't used it. IMHO the easiest ways to prevent splits is to keep your resizing die clean and case flare to the minimum.
  2. "Anybody ever change their Alias" Matthew Duncan is temporary (going on 22 years) until I can think of a really unique one.
  3. How much actual difference is there between "soft" primers and "hard" primers? Pounds, ounces, milliseconds?
  4. With desert conditions there wouldn't be a lot of erosion would there?
  5. Blue? I don't believe the Republic's future will have any freedoms for the masses. Red? Past bad decisions will just be replaced with different bad decisions. I'll stay in the now and present.
  6. Lock your dog and Wife in your car trunk for a few hours on a hot summer day. When you let them out which one is glad to see you and is planting kisses all over your face and which one is nagging?
  7. "What are snakes greatest predators?" Fellow politicians.
  8. Tell ya what. I’ll draw up a list of all the matches I want to attend along with the associate expenses. I know you wouldn’t want me to miss really great shoots and not meeting really fine Cowboys so you’ll be financing my attendance?
  9. Timer is Bluetooth connected to an individual scoring tablet.
  10. I was the scorer. TO read out loud the time. The score he announced wasn't the score the AMG reported to the tablet. I asked the TO repeat the time. TO had inadvertently transposed the last two digits the first time. Without the AMG the error would not have been noticed.
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