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  1. Not exactly on topic, but. I started shooting with a Baikal double trigger. After the first match my middle finger was bleeding from the abuse of the trigger guard during recoil. It was probably inexperience shooting the gun, but I had a solution. From then on, I picked up the gun with the intention of using the rear trigger first, then the front trigger. I think that I unconsciously positioned my hand a little farther from the trigger guard. With practice, I can get off the rear trigger and onto the front before I can get the sights on the next target. I have won a couple of speed shotgun side matches, so It has not hurt my times too much. A caveat, I have shot double taps on a static target rarely. Chancy
  2. I really like the range bag. With the kind of pards I shoot with, the first thing I did was take to a local embroidery shop and put my alias on it. Chancy
  3. I bought grips for a pair of .45 vaqueros. I thought I ordered rosewood, but I received a walnut set and a rosewood set. They looked so good I kept them. They are now "Rosie" and "Wally". Rosie goes on the right. Chancy
  4. I bought grips for a pair of .45 vaqueros. I thought I ordered rosewood, but I received a walnut set and a rosewood set. They looked so good I kept them. They are now "Rosie" and "Wally" Rosie goes on the right. Chancy
  5. Beans Some very nice things you said about me. ( You know you can go to hell for lyin’, just like killin’ and stealin’ ) I’m going to be at “Fire and Ice” and “Winter Range”. Any chance you will be around. Chancy
  6. Thanks you all for your information. It looks like a little study is required to be sure, but on the face of it, AZ looks like a very nice place to visit. See you in Arizona, Chancy
  7. I will be snow-birding in Phoenix this year in Jan and Feb. I have a concealed carry permit in Iowa, but I am guessing that does not work in Arizona. What are the requirements there? I anticipate having a personal protection weapon in the house I am renting, Is that a problem? Its too darn confusing moving around this country . Thanks for any advice Chancy
  8. I folded over a couple pieces of leather and attached with fancy carpet tacks. Moved them from the first cart to the second to the third. The fourth cart uses a different approach. (Planning the fifth.) Chancy
  9. Don’t let him kid you. Marshal Chance can’t read. He just looks at the pictures. Chancy
  10. The cowboys I shoot with got me interested in Air Pistol Silhouette. A completely different type of shooting. There is still the instant gratification of Bang / Clang. Since movement is not required, I think I will still be shooting this long after I have to give up Cowboy. Chancy
  11. I use Pro Ears Pro 300. I can adjust the volume of normal sounds, but loud sounds are cut off. Behind the neck band works well with a cowboy hat. I took a look at Planetoptics web site and could not find the model I have with a behind the neck band. If I was buying today I would get these. http://www.opticsplanet.com/pro-ears-pro-tac-300-nrr-26-hearing-protections.html Chancy
  12. Cowboy Rick and Double Tap have the right of it. I do the same. Chancy
  13. I have an example that might be considered, outrunning my gun. I have 2 SXS shotguns. A biakial bounty hunter and a hammered double from Coyote Cap. The lock time on the on the biakial is such that I pull the trigger, it goes bang and move to the second shot. After several years of shooting this gun, I have no trouble hitting the first shot. Along come the hammer gun. Pull the trigger, expect the bang, move to the second shot and bang between targets. I have to wait for it to go off. My timing will have to be adjusted to shoot this gun effectively. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Chancy
  14. I use 41 grains of FFg. I think that is enough. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g226/wildemuthstevenl/_93R9337_original_zpsieochize.jpg Chancy
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