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  1. "Mine lined up ok, but the wings of the buckhorn we’re distracting so I drifted it out and put in a blank in the dovetail. " This! Chancy
  2. Did Penny see this? You are living dangerously. Chancy
  3. OH OH That is a winner. No further help required. Thanks!!! Chancy
  4. I put an old sock on the ball handle to ease its use. Never tried the roller handle. As for the light, I use this one and am very happy with it. Chancy
  5. Just bought 11 pounds of WANO FFg. It came in 2 plastic bags. After I open one, what is the best way to store it. That 5.5 lb bag should last me through the winter so I am asking about long term storage. My first thought was Folgers coffee containers, but I don't know if they are good enough. What say the fire? Chancy
  6. Maybe its just in my head, bit I seem to find the next target and get on it quicker with a tang sight. I have two rifles. One with a tang and one with a flat barrel mounted rear sight. I run the tang sight without the insert. If i am looking through the hole and put the front sight on the target, its a hit. One of these days, I will put a tang sight on the second rifle. I will have to say that the tang sight, though faster for me, isn't really noticeable on my raw times. It is noticeable on my miss count. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Chancy
  7. I prefer to start with the Shotgun. If I fumble finger the first load, I can get a restart. Of course, I never do. Its the second load I fumble around with. Chancy
  8. Warden - Its a vertical rack for long guns after loading. Very handy. Chancy PS - Got my trailer out of storage and starting to pack.
  9. The cowboys I shoot with got me interested in Air Pistol Silhouette. A completely different type of shooting. There is still the instant gratification of Bang / Clang. Since movement is not required, I think I will still be shooting this long after I have to give up Cowboy. Chancy
  10. I use Pro Ears Pro 300. I can adjust the volume of normal sounds, but loud sounds are cut off. Behind the neck band works well with a cowboy hat. I took a look at Planetoptics web site and could not find the model I have with a behind the neck band. If I was buying today I would get these. http://www.opticsplanet.com/pro-ears-pro-tac-300-nrr-26-hearing-protections.html Chancy
  11. Cowboy Rick and Double Tap have the right of it. I do the same. Chancy
  12. I have an example that might be considered, outrunning my gun. I have 2 SXS shotguns. A biakial bounty hunter and a hammered double from Coyote Cap. The lock time on the on the biakial is such that I pull the trigger, it goes bang and move to the second shot. After several years of shooting this gun, I have no trouble hitting the first shot. Along come the hammer gun. Pull the trigger, expect the bang, move to the second shot and bang between targets. I have to wait for it to go off. My timing will have to be adjusted to shoot this gun effectively. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Chancy
  13. I use 41 grains of FFg. I think that is enough. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g226/wildemuthstevenl/_93R9337_original_zpsieochize.jpg Chancy
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