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  1. You are ready. Just as a curiosity, how many stitches did it take? Mine took over 40,000. Yours look a lot bigger.
  2. You are just trying to light a fire under the gunpowder. What could go wrong? Chancy
  3. I added one of these. I like it a lot. KMS Squared - UFO 550 Reloading Press Light Chancy
  4. There it is.....The point that is on point. And that joker will be in the middle of the room, not next to a load bearing wall in a corner. Chancy
  5. I would get 2. A little one for yourself and a big one for Short Cake. Let her pick the colors! Chancy
  6. Since I am cheap frugal, I modified my belt to be either BWestern or Classic Cowboy. The first picture is in the CC mode. The holster has very little drop so the pistol butt is above the top of the belt. For BW, I cut a slot through the belt that lowered the pistol enough to meet the requirements of butt below the top of the belt. If you are starting from scratch, make the loop over the belt narrow so the slot in the belt can be narrow and thereby covered up when the holster is in the CC mode. Mine is pretty well covered up but visible is you are looking for it. Chancy
  7. The marshal is right. With your concert about accuracy and low round count, the lee is more than adequate. Take that money and buy a new gun!! Chancy
  8. If you can get free to shoot with Dave, do it. Nothing like being at a match for find out stuff. If they are like my club (Ilowa Irregulars (shameless plug)), they will shove guns in your hands and get you going. Chancy
  9. I received a pound as a gift. I mixed it at about 1/5 in with the FFg I use in my rifle and pistol loads. Mixed in small batches. All went bang with no noticeable change in recoil or point of impact (Of course, I was doing the shooting so who really knows?). Chancy
  10. Here I have been using Skippy all these years. Shows how much I know about shotguns. Chancy
  11. I am using a Baikal also. Same problem starting out. I started using the rear trigger first, then the front. It caused me to grip a little farther back. After a couple of matches, it seemed was an unconscious movement (muscle memory). Then I switched to BP which is much softer(see profile picture). Now I am not sure which trigger I use first and I don't care. Chancy
  12. Tp isn't like primers. You can buy all you want at any time!!! Chancy
  13. "Mine lined up ok, but the wings of the buckhorn we’re distracting so I drifted it out and put in a blank in the dovetail. " This! Chancy
  14. The cowboys I shoot with got me interested in Air Pistol Silhouette. A completely different type of shooting. There is still the instant gratification of Bang / Clang. Since movement is not required, I think I will still be shooting this long after I have to give up Cowboy. Chancy
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