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  1. " I figure around Mark 5 I will feel satisfied." Maybe, but Mark VI for sure Chancy
  2. I used the red one for several years. The top compartment was used for ammo. The drawers and bottom compartment for stuff. The big disadvantage was it does not fold. I drive a minivan and it worked great. I could load it by myself with everything on board. Chancy
  3. I have found that after shooting cowboy loads, pellet guns have unmanageable recoil. Chancy
  4. Popcorn - Don't worry. I have been told size does not matter. Chancy
  5. At Hobby Lobby, look for "circle punch - 5/8" At Michaels, look for "Lever Punch, Circle by Recollections™" Chancy
  6. My app is in, hotel room reserved, and in the process of counting out ammo. Can't wait!! Chancy
  7. This is what we use. The advantage is we can put enough targets and stands for 12 stages on a trailer and move it from stage to stage during setup and tear down. Cheap, too. The cleats on the feet keep them from tipping over under warthog usage. The little foot on the back leg keeps them from sinking into soft earth. We are a little far down the road to change now. If you already have targets with rear hangers, I would work on fixing them, not going to the holes.
  8. I had the wife measure between face and front sights with rifle and pistols. For me, this was 34 inches for both. Taped a pencil to a yard stick at 34 inches and took that to the eye Dr. I am right eye dominate and so the right lens has a focal length at 34 inches. Left lens for distance viewing. It does take a couple of minutes for my brain to adjust when I first put them on. I have to take them off to read stage instructions for the posse. I shoot gunfighter and this seems to work for that also. Chancy
  9. I will take one of those if you will ship to iowa Chancy Shot
  10. How do I locate the Q&A section? I don't see it at the top of the page 1. I clicked on the Forums located in the Home>Forums>SASS Wire at the top of the page and got a list of the forums. No surprise there, but there was not Q&A. Then I clicked on the Forums located above Home>Forums>SASS Wire next to the Calendar. Now there is a list of the forums with the Q&A right at the top. Chancy PS - I would call Cowboy Carty, Carty Allaman, Western Gun Works, Monmouth, IL (309) 536-0163 if I needed work on a Marlin.
  11. but,but,but.....where does he carry his back up guns, extra ammo, lunch cooler, bug spray, sun block, umbrella, beverages, squib rod, tool kit, shooters handbook, stool, etc., etc.? Chancy
  12. There is a cowboy that has spilled some to have to come up with that idea. Now I know what do to do when it happens to me (again). Chancy
  13. At the Illowa Irregulars (Milan, IL), we have a different match director at each of our 7 monthly matches and Fall Roundup. All are run by our TG, Count Sandor, to eliminate any confusing wording or safety problems. Having 8 different cowboys with eight different opinions of a good stage keeps things interesting. We keep a new rope handy in case there is a really bad stage, but have not had to use it yet. It is fortunate our club has enough people step up to do the writing. I know that is not possible at all clubs. Chancy
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