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  1. The week before the Indiana State Shoot at Paradise Pass, I was diagnosed with a small bleed in my small intestine. Both I and my doctor felt it was stable and I would be able to enjoy the shoot. We were wrong. I was able to get through two stages of the BP warm-up before I went down. I want to thank all who helped me out. The Posse Leader of the warm-up (All I can remember is that part of his name was Red.) was considerate and kept checking on me. There were two lovely ladies who help me after I went down. A pard, Doolittle Ernest, who I shoot with at home, was there to take care of my guns and camper. The ambulance arrived in a timely manner and I spent the weekend in a Fort Wayne hospital. I am back home now with the bleed repaired and all is well. Again, I apologies for disturbing the shoot (I understand it was a great one.) and thanks to all that helped me out. Chancy Shot
  2. I think I saw Chili Pepper Kid wiping a tear of joy from his eye. 2388711934673685.htm Chancy
  3. The cowboys I shoot with got me interested in Air Pistol Silhouette. A completely different type of shooting. There is still the instant gratification of Bang / Clang. Since movement is not required, I think I will still be shooting this long after I have to give up Cowboy. Chancy
  4. I use Pro Ears Pro 300. I can adjust the volume of normal sounds, but loud sounds are cut off. Behind the neck band works well with a cowboy hat. I took a look at Planetoptics web site and could not find the model I have with a behind the neck band. If I was buying today I would get these. http://www.opticsplanet.com/pro-ears-pro-tac-300-nrr-26-hearing-protections.html Chancy
  5. Cowboy Rick and Double Tap have the right of it. I do the same. Chancy
  6. I have an example that might be considered, outrunning my gun. I have 2 SXS shotguns. A biakial bounty hunter and a hammered double from Coyote Cap. The lock time on the on the biakial is such that I pull the trigger, it goes bang and move to the second shot. After several years of shooting this gun, I have no trouble hitting the first shot. Along come the hammer gun. Pull the trigger, expect the bang, move to the second shot and bang between targets. I have to wait for it to go off. My timing will have to be adjusted to shoot this gun effectively. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Chancy
  7. I use 41 grains of FFg. I think that is enough. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g226/wildemuthstevenl/_93R9337_original_zpsieochize.jpg Chancy
  8. At my club, the Illowa irregulars, a poker chip is awarded to the winner of each category if there was any competition. You have to beat somebody to get a chip. Everyone seems to enjoy the announcements as each winner is announced. Chancy Shot - First Place FCGF --- No chip Someday I will beat somebody. Chancy
  9. My wife inherited some farm land from her folks and rented it out to a high school friend. We went to visit one weekend to work on landlord/rentor details. He said, "instead of going to church with the ladies, lets go out to the farm and shoot my .45's. So "Farmer Phil" put the hook in my mouth. When I got home I searched the web for a SASS club nearby. Illowa Regulators were closer, but the Shady Creek Shootist were shooting the next Sunday. I called the club president, "Dapper Dan", to find out location. He said to bring $10 for the shooting fee and he would set me up with guns, leather, and ammo. He was a posse leader so he had me follow "Toby Tuesday" around and push the cart. THAT set the hook. Chancy
  10. I get mine from Crater Fireworks, Blasting, and Black Powder. http://www.addictedtoblackpowder.com/ They are 45 minutes away from me, so I have no knowledge of shipping. They are good people to deal with and have donated many pounds of powder to our St. Judes Shoot. Chancy
  11. http://vid57.photobucket.com/albums/g226/wildemuthstevenl/cowboy%20Videos/TraderDave.mp4 Notice the red shotgun smoke. Great idea. Maybe some red garters. Chancy
  12. I have OIpticon opn 1 miniRITE. I think they are great. They ought to be for the cost of 3 or 4 rifles. The lady adjusted them to the frequencies I can't hear. The Bluetooth is a hoot. I can listen to music, Rush Limbaugh, and phone conversations through my phone. It will send my phone a message when the batteries are low ( I turned that off. Too many messages.) All the stuff is behind my ear with a tube of wires running to a speaker in my ear. Best money I spent this year except for the Marlin in 38/357. YMMV Chancy
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