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  1. What Yusta said is correct, BUT. Having tried it, I think Sedalia has the best answer. After messing around with some thin brass, I bought some. Chancy
  2. My memory might be failing, but I seem to recall Penny Ante saying something negative about blowing up a bunch of balloons. Chancy
  3. Yes and no, maybe! Chancy ( it’s been a long winter in Iowa) Shot
  4. The gun is loaded on the line, not ahead of time at a loading table. We start with gun in hand with muzzle on the table. Target is either (depending on the year) a big dump or a Nevada sweep on three targets at 5 yards. Five shots. Shoot it as many times as you have ammo for. Chancy
  5. Maybe I am little slow, but I checked your web site and cannot find toe location. A little help, please. Chancy
  6. I used plastic hose for a fish tank air pump. find the inside diameter that will fit over the nipple securely and cut to a length that will protect the nipple but let the hammer fall properly. throw them away and cut more after a while. Might cost you a dollar. On the other subject in this thread, I once saw a young lady in a land far away, spin those things in opposite directions at the same time, then switch both to the other direction (while they were on fire). Impressive! Chancy
  7. If you are shooting a SXS, try a few before buying in bulk. My Baikial (SP?) Bounty Hunter II loves ribbed hulls and dislikes smooth sided ones. I fought with AA's a long time before figuring that out. Now I reload Remington Gun Club hulls. Chancy
  8. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a lot of work. Chancy
  9. +1 I am not even sure what you mean by "adjusting the timing". A little help, please. Chancy
  10. The Illowa Irregulars use blue for pistol and white for rifle. We used to use red for shotgun, but gave that up last year. It just didn't last past the first 6 shooters. Now we just don't paint them. I have shot against all black targets and that is ok. too. I really like any color with an outline' when I don't have to do the painting. Chancy
  11. RT -- Just have Count fire a couple of rounds from his 10 gauge before each shooter. That should work. Chancy
  12. Moutain Man You might find this interesting. Its been around a while but good stuff!! https://marauder.homestead.com/files/TUNING_M_1894.htm Chancy
  13. You can punch up your own with a leather scrap and some lacing. Chancy
  14. This is a picture of one of the vertical racks used at Winter Range. The base is waist high and padded. You can almost throw a long gun from across the room and it will be OK. I copied the design, added a taller wall around the base and a wider back panel. We screwed it to a table and can move it around where needed. This is a trough screwed to a table that can be angled towards the berm. We use this more often for down range movement. Chancy
  15. The cowboys I shoot with got me interested in Air Pistol Silhouette. A completely different type of shooting. There is still the instant gratification of Bang / Clang. Since movement is not required, I think I will still be shooting this long after I have to give up Cowboy. Chancy
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