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  1. Our range has no shotgun ranges at all. Anything we do would have to be easy to set up and take down. We thought to buy a bird thrower and use it for some kind of side match. Cowboy Clays looks like more that we want to take on. However, with a shotgun and a bird thrower, I can think of several games to play. We just won't call it Cowboy Clays. Eaxample - At the beep, the bird is launched. A single shot is timed. Shortest time with a hit wins. Or Longest time with a hit wins. Does that sound interesting?? Chancy
  2. For my sins, I am in charge of the side matches for our Fall Roundup. It has been suggested that we add Cowboy Clays to the list of side matches. What is the typical setup and rules for this event. I understand that side match rules are up to the Match Director (me) but I don't want to come up with something on my own and disappoint our shooters. What say the fire? Chancy
  3. There is dry camping on the range only on special occasions (this year that would be the Illinois State Match and Fall Roundup ) There is a county park over the river in Iowa that is 7 minutes from the range. That would be West Lake Park --https://www.scottcountyiowa.gov/conservation/west-lake Hope to see you soon. Chancy Shot Man, that Popcorn is fast with the keyboard
  4. I did my application online but did not receive a confirmation. Am I in?? Chancy
  5. I like to shoot mine. Darn things shoot where I aim them, not necessarily the target. Therefore, my misses are cause by the guns. Chancy
  6. Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire – Revolvers Revolvers are considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while holstering, or while moving through a stage) and SAFE to leave the shooter’s hand in the following conditions ONLY: - Hammer fully down on an empty chamber. - Hammer fully down on an expended round. A revolver may not be originally staged in this condition, but may be restaged in this condition. - GUNFIGHTER shooting style considerations: When shooting Gunfighter style, a gunfighter may not holster revolvers with the intent to engage another sequence. (See Gunfighter Rules). Looks like a "no call" Chancy
  7. I have one. Been using it for about 4 years. My only complaint is the small size of the drum. If I had it to do over, I would buy the one with twin drums. Dual Drum Rotary Rock Tumbler (harborfreight.com) Chancy Shot
  8. Very very nice. As a matter of curiosity, is there room in the cabinet to keep a SXS open or does it need to be closed to shut the door? Thanks for sharing. Chancy
  9. These are the chips the Count was mentioning. These chips are hard to come by, since I either shoot BWestern or FCGF, so I am usually the only shooter in my catagory ......and I rarely shoot a clean match. Chancy
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