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  1. I called asking to buy the replacement parts. Their first question was were you using Federal Primers? Yes, They would not take money to replace parts and even sent parts I did not think I needed but they said needed to be replaced.
  2. TW, I keep this picture to remind me what can happen. This is 97 primers and it went off on the down stroke. I thought one of my 45 rounds had gone off.
  3. Tn Tombstone


    So if the stage instructions say "miss on bonus target does not count" then it would be no bonus only? I got no problem with that. Other than dont like bonus targets either.
  4. Tn Tombstone


    OP did not say the shooter missed the target, OP stated the round did not go off. There is a difference.
  5. Seems like it was about 40 minuets from the range giving yourself a little time.
  6. I know there will be a group of us staying at Twin Fountain RV Resort. They have a restaurant, bar and social area on site. It is owned by a Marine and the bar is decorated with old army photos. The bar was a sports bar that had a sign that said "No NFL Game will be shown in this bar due to kneeling" It was the best sports bar I have been ever been in. Make sure you are looking at the right RV Resort, make sure it has the Simper Fi Bar and Grill.
  7. Another one that is well done. Thanks BranchWater
  8. Great to hear, Congratulations to one of the Greatest Ladies I know. I just wish I could have been there to see it
  9. It was well deserved and over due. Thanks Jackalop, you done good too.
  10. Fantastic Match, Great stages, in incredibly fast posse. A great big Salute to all involved.
  11. I remember the secret stages well including that one. I enjoyed the SS but some of the faster shooters didn't much care for it. I always thought it would make a great side match stage. At least the secret might stay a secret until at least lunch.
  12. It was fantastic ... again, Not sure how they keep getting better each year but they seem to do it year after year. Thanks to the whole crew, it takes a team effort to make a match run like this one did.
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