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  1. It's obvious he had other coach's, someone had to teach him to use sights . It is amazing to watch the young guns.
  2. Congratulations to my favorite Outlaw. Yazoo City Gal, you have made us all proud. Judge em All is looking down with a big a$$ grin. He would be beside himself with pride.
  3. He has plenty of spots, make sure Pete calls Ray to reserve one. I prepay and go in a day early. Tell him to put you all near Tombstone.
  4. Hoss, cant believe it took you this long, feels like you weren't trying. Dont know how many I have had but it would fill one hand at least. Probably would not have to take off your boots to count but pretty sure I am into the second hand by now.
  5. Congratulations Jace the Ace, you done good despite your coach. Looking forward to seeing you and your family again, Plan to shake your hand and look at the buckle, that is as close as I will ever come to a championship buckle.
  6. Yul, thank you very much for all the post. It was a lot of fun seeing EOT from your lens. You too Seamus.
  7. For the record ol TW has not visited the campground in all the time we have been there. It might have something to do with the Crown and the crowd around the campfire.
  8. I met those folks at the NRA last year, great looking guns. If I was still working I would have had one already. They take Glock clips. The one with wheels would look good behind your cart.
  9. I am thinking it might be him and his family. He responded to an earlier post so figure it jist might be them.
  10. Yes, he is taking reservations, I don't know if he has any lake front still available but for you he will probably work something out. He said he has a few new folks, one couple from NM. Looking forward to meeting them.
  11. I talked to Ray this morning and there seems to be a little confusion so I went back and cleaned up the camping post a little but basically it is $50 per night We camp at the Sale of Champions horse park in Shelbyville TN 790 Whitthorn Street Ray lives about 20 miles away so you have to send the check to his house.
  12. I dont mind timing BP, not sure I want a whole posse of Black but you never know what might happen.
  13. What did ever do to you all? I really do not deserve this honor. Second hand smoke kills.
  14. But instead of beans we have Crown with vastly different results We stay at the Sale of Champions Horse park. It is also a full campground with all hook-ups. Ray does not live at the campground Camp Ground Address is: 790 Whitthorne Street Shelbyville, TN This is about 15 miles from the range $50/night Call Ray Beech to reserve space. 931-580-3831 Mail Check to: Ray Beech 531 Bellfast-Farming Rd Bellfast, Tn 37019 This is not the camp ground, although Ray is a great guy he does not want campers at his house.
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