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  1. KY State is only a few days away! Confirmation letters were sent out to all pre-registered shooters. If you haven't received one, please reach out to me. WE HAVE ONE LAST MINUTE OPENING FOR A CABIN ROOM IF ANYONE IS INTERRESTED. Email me at ponderosapinesposse@gmail.com if you would like to reserve it. First come first serve. I've had several questions on how much ammo may be needed for Wild Bunch and/or PCC. Here are estimates: Wild Bunch- 100 rounds 45 ACP, 50 rounds rifle and 25 SG. PCC- 140 round count for 4 stages.
  2. KY State schedule is now posted on Ponderosa_pines.com! Get on and check it out.
  3. One of these could be yours…but you’ll need to sign up and come shoot with us!!! Kentucky State 2022- Shoot Out in the Hills. April 21-23rd. Get you entry and release at ponderosa-pines.com.
  4. We will check with some of our friends and see if they would be interested in renting there's.
  5. Sounds like you’re facing a tough few days. We’ll miss seeing you! I wish you all the best!!!
  6. Awesome!!! That makes it even more exciting!
  7. I hear you on that one! Had to get my rifle fixed and haven’t had a moment to even try it out. Looking forward to seeing you both!
  8. Great! We’ll be looking out for your entry. Lots of shooters from IN, MI and OH this year…We’re taking the “south” over!
  9. I have you guys down! Can’t wait to see you both!!
  10. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT IS COMMING!!! This year's grand event will take place July 13-16, 2022. Our main match will take place Thurs-Sat, for a total of 12 stages. Those who have joined us in the past can attest that BG isn't your typical shoot! Camping (electric or dry) is still available. More info and our app/waiver can be found on our website: ponderosa-pines.com. Can't wait to see ya'll soon!!!
  11. Ready for some action??? Well now's the time to get ready for our annual Crap Shoot on 3/19 and 3/20/22. The range will be ready, and so will we! We're demanding some beautiful weather for our 1st shoot of the season, so come join us. We have free camping and a few cabin rooms available ($50 per night-must reserve). For those wanting even more fun, we have a fish fry and live entertainment lined up for Saturday evening. If you want more info, visit our website: ponderosa-pines.com or contact us at ponderosapinesposse@gmail.com.
  12. We’ll miss you, but we may still cross paths before BG!
  13. The countdown begins! KY State will be here before you know it! April 21-23. Get those apps in and join us for blasting fun and camaraderie! On-site camping, with majestic views, is still available (yes, with electric). You can find the app, release form and more info on our website: ponderosa-pines.com. I’ll be posting shooter lists periodically. If you have questions, you can shoot us an email at ponderosapinespose@gmail.com. Can’t wait to see everyone there!
  14. The KY State Match is scheduled for April 21 - April 23, 2022! Mark it down on your calendars!!! Our 2021 match was a success, thanks to all of you who attended, helped, supported, etc. Additional information, applications and release forms can be found on our website: ponderosa-pines. I've also attached both forms below. You can contact us at ponderosapinesposse@gmail.com with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there! Agreement Of Release .pdf KY State Championship Entry Form-2022.pdf
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