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  1. That pic of Randy's loading room is giving my ocd a nervous twitch!
  2. The point of not allowing a frontier cartridge or any other open/age based category to shoot gunfighter makes no sense. I am no where skilled enough to be a competitive gunfighter but there are plenty of times that I've thought a particular stage would be a blast if only I could shoot it gunfighter. I personally think any open age category should also be allowed to shoot gunfighter, duelist or any other style at will. Some may argue that it would dilute the GF category allowing open age groups to do it but if you're a dedicated GF and that's the only way you want to shoot then keep it as a seperate category. I'm also a TG and during our discussions concerning the proposed rule change granting an exception to a junior shooter was pretty much unanimously voted no. Everyone thought why give just one group an exception to the rule but not others? IMHO the bottom line is to have fun not rule ourselves into obscurity. The most fun I've had shooting a match is during the "All around Cowboy" matches. It's hilarious watching people shoot outside of their box just for the fun of it.
  3. WC & EH. What length are you trimming your hulls to please? I've got a couple of bags of the pink wads.
  4. If I could afford a nicer neighborhood I'd have higher class friends. But, I remember a wise old cowboy once said he wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have him so I'll just stay where I'm at.
  5. DMP this is good to hear. I've been shooting subs but placed an order for the real thing yesterday and was wondering where the bullets would come from. Hopefully you'll be casting a 38 cal 125 g.
  6. Dang, Badlands Bob and now Kajun? There goes the neighborhood.
  7. Fantastic job Scarlett. Very nice work. I hope to check them out next saturday.
  8. Corpus I've been using CCI 400 Small Rifle and Federal 200s for quite a while now. I'm shooting Spurs OMV 38s for the pistols and my regular main match Uberti '73 . The only issue I've had was the Federal 200s would occasionally ftf but based upon advice from Scarlett that you have to make sure the 200s are firmly seated my issue ceased. The CCI 400s have always performed without issue.
  9. TC you need to come on down and shoot with us. Always a good match. Traveller
  10. went to a gun show recently and a dealer had 2 of the 9 oz bottles @ $100.00 ea. I just laughed and walked away. I'll stick to 231 and Red Dot.
  11. Looks great CBB. Thanks for all of your hard work.
  12. High Cotton Kitty will participate as well (Lady's Frontier Cartridge if available). And Kitty's Kloset has agreed to sponsor a buckle. Now we've got to get some more Ladies involved.
  13. I had to miss it this year due to a job change and it broke my heart. Well, the broken heart was between missing the match and Kitty wrecking my truck while there but I will definitely make it this time. And she's not allowed to drive my truck any longer!
  14. Denhams out of AL . Casketmaker Dave does excellent work.
  15. Capt. BB I'll be shooting Sr. Frontier Cartridge or FC if not enough entries. Thanks Traveller
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