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  1. Just worked on a pair putting the 17 lb / 30 oz combo in. The good folks at Wolff thought 17lbs was too light but if you polish the inards it'll result in a pretty smooth firearm. Comparing Wranglers to "Jimmy Spurs" guns isn't a fair comparison. After all they're a < $200.00 firearm not a NMV but the fun you can have with them is priceless.
  2. Yeah Seamus they did spend a good bit of time with the best posse out there!
  3. One thing to consider is if you're using a round nose bullet switch to a truncated cone. My wife shot 32s using H&R Mag brass and the round nose would not go all of the way into the chamber. We switched to 90 gr TC bullets and a full case of APP and had no problem fitting into the cylinders and made plenty of smoke.
  4. +1 for what CC said. Besides that's the ONLY good use I've found for Cream of Wheat.
  5. This year was going to be our first trip to EOT. If it's any further west than NM it may be a dealbreaker for us. I don't have the vacation time for 2 extra days of travel unless we're willing to give up another major in the southeast and we're struggling with which one to drop for EOT already.
  6. We're looking at going to PS and trying to figure out the best route for tablets. I'm leaning away from iPads so if you're using an Android device what is it and how well do they work? Thanks for the help. Traveller
  7. All of the SC clubs are open with the exception of the Greenville Gunfighters. I'm with Palmetto Posse and we shoot the first Saturday of the month and Y'all are welcome to join us. We're keeping posse numbers low and limiting the loading tables to 2 shooters at a time. Registration opens at 8:30. Safety meeting at 9:45 and first rounds downrange at 10:00. If you're looking for decent camping in the Columbia area I would recommend the campground at the Barnyard Flea Market in between West Columbia and Lexington. Barnyard RV Park 201 Oak Drive Lexington, SC 29073 (803) 9
  8. Kitty and I will definitely be there. As for the pole dancing contest...ever since ole Badlands Bob an Kajun showed up in their speedos it HAD to be banned! Not enough Copper Head juice to get over that one.
  9. We had this discussion at our last monthly. The general consensus is to allow 22s in a category called Elder Buckaroo / Buckarette. They would score the same as anyone else and we as match directors would have to make sure any rifle / pistol knockdowns could be accomplished with 22s. That being said in our neck of the woods we cannot even get factory SG ammo or primers and many of our shooters either do not have 22 cal firearms or ammo so for them they're gonna run out either way and this option is moot. I do like the idea of having a stage where the shooter could use one of their pistols and
  10. I run the one pc firing pin from Snake Oil George and there's no spring.
  11. The Palmetto Posse shoots on the first Saturday and the Savannah River Rangers shoot on the third Sunday. Surly Dave used to run SRR but he retired a few years back and moved down near Conway.
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