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  1. Stopped in at the local SW last Tuesday and they had several calibers of ammo in stock including 9mm at $14.99 box. No I did not buy any. I've got plenty for now so I don't want to perpetuate the problem.
  2. I don't know about the rest of the world but in the last week or so I've had 4 potential new shooters contact me expressing an interest in getting into CAS. It's very encouraging.
  3. Apps for Kitty and I go out tomorrow. Always a great match.
  4. The Birchwood Casey brass cleaner works very well also. I use 2 capfulls and a small squirt of Dawn and the brass looks like new money.
  5. I also use the Oxpho Blue after a thorough cleaning with Acetone.
  6. Bought several items from Online Outpost. Fine folks to do business with.
  7. Just worked on a pair putting the 17 lb / 30 oz combo in. The good folks at Wolff thought 17lbs was too light but if you polish the inards it'll result in a pretty smooth firearm. Comparing Wranglers to "Jimmy Spurs" guns isn't a fair comparison. After all they're a < $200.00 firearm not a NMV but the fun you can have with them is priceless.
  8. Yeah Seamus they did spend a good bit of time with the best posse out there!
  9. Kitty and I will definitely be there. As for the pole dancing contest...ever since ole Badlands Bob an Kajun showed up in their speedos it HAD to be banned! Not enough Copper Head juice to get over that one.
  10. Captain Bill Burt,

    We just mailed the entry forms for myself and High Cotton Kitty in today for the Immortals match. Is there a motel you would recommend? We stayed at one a couple of years ago that was across the street from a pretty good Mexican Restaurant but I can't recall the name.



  11. No problem! I'm sure Kitty would be glad to let her try out the model 100....just to see which she likes better. We wouldn't want you to buy the wrong one.
  12. Bill, I hate to tell you but after Deb shoots the SKB one time you WILL be looking for another. I speak from experience. Just go ahead and start looking for a nice 100 and all will be well. Kitty loves hers from Fast Eddie and the Baikal is now our backup.
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