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  1. I hope we never forget the debt we owe them.
  2. Every pistol caliber rifle with a tube magazine has the same potential problem, yet I don't hear of very min any idiots blowing themselves up. Don't think it will be worse with a 9mm rifle.
  3. And lots of folks sell 9mm rnfp, to include bullet makers like Missouri Bullets.
  4. Beats me, but all their literature on the rifle and the rep said they, as in Taylor's, is making the rifle. https://www.taylorsfirearms.com/tc73-rifle-18-9mm-tuned.html
  5. Saw it at the NRA show today. Looks great and cycles very smoothly. MSRP is north of $2000.
  6. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should......
  7. Lots of non-infantry folks earned CIBs in Nam while serving with ground combat forces. And everyone, regardless of branch who serves in a combat zone, earns the right to wear a combat patch.
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