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  1. By the way, there was nothing wrong with the HUMVEE. It was a replacement for that non-armored jeep but was asked to be an armored vehicle in the sand. Original concept was just like the jeep, recon and transport. The only issue we had with them when they were first fielded was that it was bigger than the jeep and wouldn't fit on some of the small trails we used in Germany. Otherwise, it was a large step up from the jeep.
  2. Spent a week down there a number of years ago. Great place for riding a motorcycle. Beautiful countryside, in not just a bit desolate. We stayed outside the national park in Terlingua. Motored thru Marfa but stayed in Fort Stockton. It and Alpine were more interesting. Riding the boundary road along the Rio Grande was worth the price of admission.
  3. I have them and could not make them work. Could not get them to lock up fast enough to go off with any reliability. Took out the interlock and put in a spacer to force the firing pin to stay out, but still had issues with the three click. Finally replaced the hammers with old style 4 click and now I can run them.
  4. Well, just a reminder that I'm holding a spot on the posse for you and my arms are getting tired.
  5. So what do we have to do to get you to come to the range and shoot that thing?
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