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  1. Mine is just about my every day carry now. Recoil is a lot less than I expected, about the same as the .380 I used to carry. Had some problems with FTE but replaced the main spring with an after market one that was a bit stronger and it is now super reliable. I've carried multiple Kimbers and trust them.
  2. Our club is doing the same, allowing .22s so folks who have run out of match ammo can still shoot.
  3. Drop Facebook like a hot rock. Staying with them is not worth the harassment and the censorship.
  4. Our club has 4 experienced stage writers who write all the club matches. No one approves them, we just shoot them. When we have a club member who would like to write a stage, one of our regular writers goes over the stages prior to us shooting them.
  5. Biggest reason I left FB was the constant "fact checking" and targeting of conservative groups, etc. Nothing like that on mewe.
  6. I think you are right. Guess you could make an account and see if the platform works for you.
  7. Beats me. Search for "shortgrass rangers" and see what by happens.
  8. Our club has moved to mewe.com. Easy to use.
  9. Well, just a reminder that I'm holding a spot on the posse for you and my arms are getting tired.
  10. So what do we have to do to get you to come to the range and shoot that thing?
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