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  1. Had two soldiers at Fort Sill killed when they ran their VW bug into a bull bison. The car was compressed by about 4 feet. The bison was killed but hardly a mark on it.
  2. Compared with colt clones, I hate the new model Vaquero. Always a serious pain in the neck to reassemble..
  3. Redleg, do you shoot any w.b. Or BAMM? Our monthly  Wild Bunch match is in Bowie , Tx  3 rd weekend. Dusty Boddams


    1. Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372

      Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372

      Thanks, Dusty but I don't shoot that stuff.  Still having too much fun shooting cowboy.

    2. Dusty Boddems

      Dusty Boddems

      Very good! Just thought I would check since y’all are so close. 

    3. Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372
  4. Our club also has mixed WB and cowboy on occasions. We're not big enough to have a separate WB match, so a couple of times a year we have a WB match for the 1911 crowd and the rest of us shoot it cowboy.
  5. I've used Clay's and Clay Dot in both revolver and rifle with no changes to my loading equipment. It alls goes bang and shoots just about the same.
  6. Not just West Point grads were Regular Army. Top ROTC grads were as well. Back in the day, all career officers would become Regular Army when they reached the rank of Major, assuming they were reserve officers until tuen.
  7. With our cowboy loads, bowling pins will send the round right back at ta. We tried it once for a stage and stopped after the third shooter.
  8. I thought we fought a revolution so we wouldn't have to hear about all this royalty crap.
  9. My extractors don't become unreliable, they break in the center. The rifle is in .45 Colt and has about 25k rounds thru it. I do try to keep the claw end relatively clean..
  10. I've been shooting the same non-slicked up Uberti 73 for 17 years and I'm replacing the extractor for the 4th time. Just wondering what the normal lifespan should be on an extractor.
  11. And a small Swiss Army do-it -all knife.
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