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  1. Fort McHenry and the war of 1812. https://www.nps.gov/fomc/learn/historyculture/the-great-garrison-flag.htm
  2. Back when I was lieutenant at Fort Sill, we were undergoing a unit test in a driving thunderstorm. Lightning hit the commo wire and traveled thru it to my fire direction center. I watched my talker get blown out of his chair by the electrical spike. He was okay but sure scared the hell out of all of us in that tent.
  3. Look at all his early movies - and he looks old..
  4. And the Air Force continues to be a joke. No wonder we used to call it Eastern Airlines with bombs.
  5. We don't bother and no one seems to care. It's not supposed to be work, just fun.
  6. Had many of these same issues with my first set of aids. Never could get the sound of voices where I could hear but was overwhelmed by other noises. This current set is over the ear with the speakers in the ear. Vast improvement. The app on the phone has allowed me to modify the settings and come up with one that reduces noise buts increases voice. Uses bluetooth to hook onto the phone for calls and the TV for sound. They are Phonak from the VA.
  7. Sorry, but can't support Hanks or his wife. Too left wing for my money.
  8. Used to ride 2 up all the time but not much anymore. Less traveling than we did earlier in life I guess.
  9. I've traveled all over Europe and most of the US on a motorcycle. Wouldn't trade traveling that way for anything. Being on a bike is like being a part of the scenery instead of being transported in a sealed steel cage. Traveling 2 up, we'd do 300 to 400 miles a day depending on what we wanted to stop and see. Traveling alone, I've done over 600 a day but that was when I was younger and had a better back. Meanwhile, long ride to eats are the ticket here in Texas with the Honda ST1300 family of friends.
  10. Had two soldiers at Fort Sill killed when they ran their VW bug into a bull bison. The car was compressed by about 4 feet. The bison was killed but hardly a mark on it.
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