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  1. Did you check out Western Star Leather? That's where I got mine from. https://www.westernstarleather.com/Cowboy-Action-Web-Shotgun-Belt-CB106WEB_p_938.html
  2. BTT for a beautiful rig - too bad for me the belt's not longer (sigh).
  3. 1. Officer positions usually are the same, but Board members are term limited to 2 consecutive 1-yr terms but can be re-elected after sitting out a year. 2. Once a year. 3. not significantly 4. no, Board members vote on expenditures over $100. 5. yes
  4. I became SASS # 100,494 in April 2014 if that helps narrow it down somewhat.
  5. 1. I'm right eye dominant and right handed, and I shoot double duelist keeping my left eye closed. I've found (by lots of trial and error) the best way for me to shoot with my left hand and (almost) always hit the target is to turn my head slightly to the left as soon as I draw my left gun. That way my right eye seems to line up just right with the sights on my left gun. 2. There is no way in this world I can shoot my long guns from my weak side.
  6. Hellbender


    Thanks for the advice. I do get plenty of oxygen at sea level so I guess I'll be fine.
  7. Hellbender


    Thanks. But I sure won't miss our humidity at all!
  8. Hellbender


    So what will it be like for those of us who live at 0'?
  9. If I lived a lot closer than 300 miles away, I'd be there for every shoot you have. I hope ya'll continue with your annual Defend Old Fort Parker - I'll for sure keep coming for that!
  10. I've got several of these 8 gauge industrial shot gun shells that I'll bring if anybody's interested in getting one or more for a buck each (shown here next to a 12 gauge for comparison). Unless you happen to have an industrial shot gun, there only good as novelty items/attention-getters. I've got two types - zinc slugs and zinc pellets. Anyone interested? If so, let me know and I'll bring some.
  11. Sass Alias: Hellbender SASS #: 100,494 Where you are from: Lake Charles, LA How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 4 years
  12. +++ to everything about dealing with Outlaw Gambler before and after the sale. He's especially great with relative novices like me!
  13. At our last monthly match I arrived at a loading table just as one of our most experienced, top shooters was opening the loading gate on one of his pistols. He drew my attention to it, showing me spent cartridges that were still in his cylinder from the previous stage. Smiling all the while, he told me, "That's a Stage DQ for the last stage." He self-reported it and that smile never left his face for the rest of the match!
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