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  1. The Up the Creek Gang in Louisiana had our first match on June 13, with scenarios that had been written for a match in March that never happened. The best opening line was the one at the General Store - "I'm just here for the toilet paper!"
  2. Thank you for answering my question, Long Johns. I've been wondering what my rifle was doing in the USA and you've given me a very plausible and most likely explanation. Hellbender
  3. Has anybody ever seen this name stamped on an Uberti? The person I bought this 1866 from didn't know anything about it. All I can find out from an internet search is its a German firearms importer. How this rifle got here is a mystery to me. Anybody know anything about that company and how/why the rifle might have made its way to the USA? Based on the date stamp, it was manufactured in 2001. thanks, Hellbender
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Sarge. I participated in both mail in matches and eagerly look forward to the next one. This gives us a chance to compete with folks across the country in as close to a level playing field as it can get when we're not actually together, and lets us anticipate and prepare for a match now while we await the resumption of regular matches. Way to go TMM!
  5. Purly that was a great match, thank you! We're looking forward to the next one.
  6. Are scores to be sent to Sudden Sam like last time?
  7. That shouldn't be too hard to do the way you set those scenarios up. We're lucky to have a dedicated cowboy town with 7 stages. I still had to move some targets to fit your scenarios, but only a few stationary ones.
  8. I got our cowboy town ready this afternoon. We can shoot stages 1 - 3 at the Saloon. or the Drugstore, or the Livery (shooters choice) and 4 - 5 at the General Store. This is gonna be a blast!
  9. Thanks for doing this again Purly! There will be more than just two of us shooting this here in at our club in southwest Louisiana this time. Plus, I expect there also will be several shooters partaking in the mail in shoot at our neighboring club in southeast Texas who didn't enter the match the first time you put it on. Yippee! Hellbender
  10. A pard and I shot this match today in Lake Charles Louisiana and I just emailed in our scores a little while ago. We had a blast and wish to thank the TMM for putting on this match. What a great idea!
  11. I've switched from the AA low noise low recoil to Federal Subsonic Target Loads for use in my '97 because they are slightly ribbed, making them less likely to fall out of my hand when I'm loading over the top, they are even slower velocity than the AA's (900 fps vs. 980 fps) and they are cheaper. I ordered several cases from Vance Outdoors in January when they had them for $5.99/box. I see now their website shows them out of stock but at $7.99/box.
  12. Santa before and after
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