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  1. The Up the Creek Gang's Bladesmith Skinner Knife & Saddle Bag Raffle Drawing is going to be postponed for 2 weeks until Saturday, Mar 6 due to the recent ice storm that we just had. The Orange County Regulators, at whose range in Texas the drawing will take place, will still have a match this Saturday but many of us who live in Louisiana would rather not chance driving across the many bridges (some of which may be icy) that we would have to drive over for us to get there. The winners will be telephoned immediately after the drawing on March 6 and I plan to post a video of the
  2. This might be of some help to you in getting ready to sell them - a USPS small flat rate box holds around 300 of them and the shipping for those boxes is currently $8.45. You can sell them by the box full at whatever price you come up with for 300 of them plus that amount of shipping, or add $8.45 to the price you come up with for 300 and say they will ship for free Hellbender
  3. I like those Federals for use in my '97 pump even better than the low noise low recoil AA's because they are slightly ribbed, which makes them less likely to fall out of my hand, and I can't tell any difference in the felt recoil. Those ribs might make them problematic for shucking with a sxs though.
  4. We're selling these boots to raise more funds to continue rebuilding our cowboy town in Lake Charles, Louisiana that was destroyed a few months ago by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. For sale: used size 13 EE Justin BR 305 Men's Bent Rail boot in chocolate bisonte with white classic top. This cowhide leather boot features the J-Flex flexible comfort insole system and a double stitched wide square toe with long base block heel and leather outsole - $45 + shipping SOLD
  5. PM sent. My PM was full and I couldn't receive. I can now receive.
  6. Howdy

    I didn’t see my PM show up here. If you’re still selling the vest - I’d like it. 

    1. Hellbender


      You got it.  My inbox was full and I just emptied it.  I'll send you a PM now with details.



  7. if you don't sell the black leather vest before Trailhead bring it and i'll take it

    1. Hellbender


      Will do pal!

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