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  1. Not a clue, unfortunately, and I'd hate to venture a guess. All I know for sure is that it will be a long time from now
  2. La Sombra, Thanks, and we look forward to seeing a shooter wearing a giant sombrero show up for it
  3. Thanks AD! Here's what we got done this morning - as you can see, we're moving right along!
  4. We'll make it be known far and wide when it happens, but as of right now we really don't have a handle on when that will be
  5. Thanks Jackrabbit. I hope you and Sly Puppy make it our way when we're done.
  6. Thanks Tequila Shooter, we hope you make it here for our "grand opening" whenever that will be.
  7. Thanks Badlands Bob, we EXPECT you and Krazy Kajun to come back when we're done!
  8. Thanks Totes! The design is due to both James Moore and Possum Skinner, who I had asked to co-chair our rebuild. James Moore is currently both the supervisor and the foreman of the work done so far. Possum is in charge of the inside work, and he, along with Nellie Blue, are currently planning the remaining stages (the cemetery stage design is done, and the interior construction is nearly done - by the way, James Moore was the one who built that loading table coffin and he is working on the other two coffins that will go in there).
  9. Thanks Colonel, and thank you again for all you have done to help us!
  10. Thanks Kajun. We’re looking forward to you and Badlands Bob coming back to shoot with us again!
  11. Thanks Not Dead Ed (and thanks for your support too!). Oh, yeah we are affected- lumber prices are sky high, but we've got to have it!
  12. Here's both the original walk-through of our destroyed cowboy town I had posted back in September 2020 and a walk-through I made just this morning to show y'all the progress we've made so far (yes, I know I say its May 4 in the video but that was a mistake - I took it today, May 5). We could not have done this without the generous support of a great many folks, and we thank you all! Hellbender
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