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  1. Just got an email from Kirkpatrick Leather about their 40% off Black Friday sale from now through Sunday. it's for in stock items only. There might be something of interest there for somebody.
  2. You might try more and better photos, give the year of manufacture (you can look that up online from the stamped date code - for example, that BP on mine in this photo means it was manufactured in 2001), and add some description to what, if anything, has been done to it. That might help get it some attention.
  3. That's mighty fine looking and I hope you do sell it. I bought one locally just recently from someone getting out of the game and it is really slick (it's had a lot of work done on it). It is an Uberti. Based on the date stamp, mine was made in 2001. Good luck!
  4. Hellbender

    Name Tags

    The Old Fort Parker Patriots (Grosbeck, TX) made them out of cow ear tags for one of their annual matches fairly recently.
  5. I hope you can make it this weekend Texas ShaDi. I heard that the day of the rain out, after I left to go work the gun show, you got a lot of help from those who stayed and I was glad to hear that!. As you can see in the scenarios, this weekend we'll be using the swinger as well as the sliding gator. And it looks at least now that the weather will cooperate this time. Hellbender
  6. Howdy Texas ShaDi! You're more than welcome to come shoot with us again and again at Muskeeta Flats in Lake Charles. We'll be awful proud to keep assisting you in the learning curve. This Saturday's shoot will be a great one and since you're on our emailing list you'll get the scenarios ahead of time. I sure hope you can make it. Cordially, Hellbender
  7. Did you check out Western Star Leather? That's where I got mine from. https://www.westernstarleather.com/Cowboy-Action-Web-Shotgun-Belt-CB106WEB_p_938.html
  8. BTT for a beautiful rig - too bad for me the belt's not longer (sigh).
  9. 1. Officer positions usually are the same, but Board members are term limited to 2 consecutive 1-yr terms but can be re-elected after sitting out a year. 2. Once a year. 3. not significantly 4. no, Board members vote on expenditures over $100. 5. yes
  10. Sass Alias: Hellbender SASS #: 100,494 Where you are from: Lake Charles, LA How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 4 years
  11. +++ to everything about dealing with Outlaw Gambler before and after the sale. He's especially great with relative novices like me!
  12. At our last monthly match I arrived at a loading table just as one of our most experienced, top shooters was opening the loading gate on one of his pistols. He drew my attention to it, showing me spent cartridges that were still in his cylinder from the previous stage. Smiling all the while, he told me, "That's a Stage DQ for the last stage." He self-reported it and that smile never left his face for the rest of the match!
  13. If you can't get through to our website please send me a PM with your email address and I'll gladly email you a Bayou Blast 2017 entry form. Enter by Feb 1 and receive a $10 discount on the Main Entry fee. Hellbender Secretary, Up the Creek Gang
  14. I bought a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited a few years back that had a XS Sights adjustable rear ghost ring sight which I didn't care for so I removed it from the receiver and stored it away. I just came across it and am now offering it for sale. I've still got the single mounting screw and I will include it with the sight. Brownells has this listed for $58.50 + $7.95 (minimum shipping). I'm selling it for $45 shipped. SOLD PF TO FLACO JOE
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