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  1. As others have stated, it has more gluten. You can add gluten or bake it as is. I've been making our everyday Brioche from AP flour as all other bread making material (flour of any kind, yeast, etc) are never on the shelf where I'm at. Luckily I buy in bulk and know a thing or two.
  2. Reinvesting into and expanding of the family farm. We bought some additional fruit trees for the orchard and expanded the irrigation lines. We need a new incubator for the turkey, chickens, and ducks as well. I'm going to the sale barn tomorrow and look at additional livestock. The barn needs a paint job too so I'll spend a little on that. Maybe an implement for the tractor or a replacement welder? Other than that, we bought a male wolf/husky for our female husky.
  3. They did the same thing on The Undefeated. War Arrow is a good movie.
  4. My EDC is a 1911 and I ditched the FLGR as soon as I got it home. I had a Colt Series 80 years ago and tried the FLGR in it as well just to see before I ditched it and went back to the USGI. But, this thought is for a Government length carry gun, not a super race gun. I feel the same way about ambi-safeties was well, toss 'em.
  5. There's fence that needs to be ran and gates that need to be hung. I need to build a new milking/shelter barn if the rain ever stops long enough for the ground to firm up. The fields are plowed, but again they're waterlogged and so we can't plant. We need a new enclosed chicken run so that's a possibility as well. My tractor still needs some maintenance done (points and a radiator swap) and our well pump needs some maintenance as well. My regular 40hr isn't effected so I am still blessed with that. The kids are homeschooled so momma needs time off too so I make sure she has some down time to decompress and unwind. Add to that there's Spring Rio Grande Turkey season starting in two weeks and those song dogs near the farm are still wanting an invitation to a dirt nap.
  6. I'm fairly new to rolling my own self consuming cartridges, but the short answer is yes. Smoldering paper left in the chamber has the potential to ignite a new cartridge. As far as debris, mine actually burn or blow out fairly clean to be honest, but I'm always mindful and give the gun time to "cool off" just in case. Otherwise, I clean whatever is in ther chamber out at the end of the shooting session. I use plain jane, untreated coffee filters with 30gr of Ffg in a Uberti Walker with a .454 RB.
  7. Sometimes you just get busy physically or mentally (or both) and just not in the groove. I think that we've all been there. If you have a lot going on then suddenly it isn't a priority. Watching some vidoes or a relaxing day at the range might help. I know that sometimes that doesn't help either as you still have a lot going on. I haven't been to a match in months. Running a farm, working a 40, kids in football-basketball-baseball-softball-track, and late nights popping predators after our livestock has made me "less enthused" about CAS. However, now that things are starting to settle down a hair I’m starting to think about CAS more. Hang in there, you’re not alone. This too shall pass…
  8. Well, that outta fix most of it. Next they'll use P65 against the "toxic vapors" of spent gunpowder and thus ban the burning of powders.
  9. 225 yards on a 10"x12" dinger, but it was a different discipline and using a Glock 21 and 230gr brown box. With a cowboy gun, 100 yards with an 1851 Confederate in 44 on an Evil Roy.
  10. That, the Wrangler, was my first rifle whem I started CAS nearly 20 years ago, but in .45 Colt. I didn't know any better and it was cheaper than an 1873. Many times I short cycled that gun only to hear "click". It had also had a bad chamber in it and would bulge/split about half the cases that came out of it. I love the coloring of the Uberti 1894. I wish that my Marlin 1894 was color case hardened as I think that it would be attractive and appealing to the eye.
  11. I do not have a 550, but a Lee Loadmaster and I load .45 Colt using FFG. My process utilizes the Lee Autodisk powder measure for charging each case and I charge on the press. I've been reloading for 20+ years from plinker ammo to long range precision. So, with that said, I'll say that loading full auto progressive with black powder is pretty well summed up with two words... slow down. It won't be as fast at full auto progressive loading of .45 ACP. Take your time to watch everything that's going on. That is one of the advantages of the single stage in the learning process is that you are forced to slow down pay attention to what’s happening with each cartridge. That's normal, most of us started on a single stage... I did. If you do, or when you do, load on the Dillion I do recommend that you utilize some good on-press LED lighting to help aid you in visibility while reloading.
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