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  1. Yeah, they call it a receipt for paying your range fees
  2. If it was blue with "United State of America" on it, someone likely thought that it was Marine 1. The crazies are out there and they're going to do more and more crazy stuff.
  3. I load real BP on a Lee Loadmater, no problem at all. I take my time to make sure that the action is smooth and consistant. I use the Lee Auto-Disk as my powder hopper and it has always thrown well and without a concern from me. The Lee Loadmaster has five stations and I have them set-up as follows: 1. Deprime and size 2. Lyman M die and prime 3. Charge 4. Seat 5. Lee FCD roll crimp These are for .45 Colt.
  4. They did the same thing on The Undefeated. War Arrow is a good movie.
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