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    This works much faster... I use this method on cases other than 44WCF, or 45s.
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    Apples. What is worse than biting into an apple and seeing a worm? Biting into an apple and seeing half a worm?
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    Crawdaddy SASS# 92287 Green River Gunslingers Kentucky Cowboy shooting since 2011
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    IMO, this is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best matches you can go to, period. If you’ve never been to this match, you owe it to yourself to go. Dutch
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    PLZ, don't use facts to cloud my fantasy....... OLG
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    Hot Damn!! This match just got on my radar!!
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    I have never experienced the” old days” but have been active in the four corners area for the last seven years. My family has really enjoyed SASS as it is today. We have had the opportunity to flip cards, stab a dummy, carried gold during the stage, pushed out windows etc…. and have the opportunity to shoot more matches where this is being done today. Personally, I like it better if it is off the clock. I usually avoid too much of it Most of the clubs around AZ and Nevada that we shoot at advertise these matches, and they are well attended. They do not come close to the real old school that Deuce has described, but are an attempt to duplicate it. Some like it and some do not . It is a choice. I am in the SASS competitions for the shooting. Pushing my equipment and myself to the max (and over my max, I often do crash and burn) but thoroughly enjoy shooting next to someone who is there for dress, or just loves the smell of smoke from the old firearms. It is all great and everyone has a chance to have fun. Frankly, I do not hear a lot people complaining when I go to matches. Everyone seems to be having fun and the clubs appear to be healthy and well attended in AZ. I realize this could be different from club to club and state to state. It is a healthy conversation on the wire. The question is what draws shooters to SASS today that will keep our clubs going in the future. It is the people of SASS. That is the common thread I hear over and over, especially from shooters from other disciplines. My children have never seen the old westerns I grew up with, but they do enjoy the new ones. They really enjoy the competition and especially to people of SASS. After observing the crowds at the AZ expo for the last seven years with the kids and I participating and working it, we have noticed the crowds often walk off when the narrator is talking about dress and styles of shooting. But when the firearms are blazing, whether they short stroked fart loads or the black powder flame throwers, the crowds stick around . The kids and I use to do exhibition shooting with blanks for the town of Sedona celebrating The Day of the Cowboy each year and drew in healthy crowds. It appeared it was the fast shooting that excited them. We love being around the dress and realize the impact it has on cowboy action shooting and would never advocate eliminating it. It is who we are. The dress is obvious to the crowds and it makes us unique, but we do that is unique is the shooting.
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    I'm relatively new to CAS, having begun 2-1/2 years ago. Here is the perspective of two new members, who found something attractive enough here to cause us (my wife and me) to make the big expenditures and join in the Fun. Both of us were raised on TV westerns. So playing cowboy was a big part of both of our early childhood. After many (50+) years in more serious endeavors, we watched just ONE Kings River Regulators monthly match, and we both jumped in with both barrels. This is California, so it took nearly six months to get our guns purchased, but generous KRR members were everywhere around us to lend us their expensive equipment, to get started. Wonderful people ! Now, after becoming equipped and making some improvement in my own performance, I'm finding myself at a crossroads, to either: 1) shoot for enjoyment, cowboy play, and comaraderie, or 2) focus more narrowly and shoot for the fast times. The current design of stages tends to push all of us toward the latter. One thing is obvious. There is a point where target numbers can be reduced, target distances can be reeled in, courses of fire can be simplified, guns can be modified. and clothing can be compacted to a point where we will probably see some 5-second stages, and ten second stages will become pretty common. It will then become a contest of who can best improve their "primitive firearms" (which seems like a bit of an oxymoron). That speed shooting end-point seems fun enough from the competition perspective, but it isn't what Roy Roger's or Matt Dillon used to do, so it doesn't really seem like my idyllic cowboy play. And to become a champion at such a simplified sport might make me feel a bit like the "King of Nothing". I don't really need a belt buckle to commemorate my ability to rapidly shoot big targets at six feet. Alternatively, since we want to be called championship "shooters", then maybe a champion "shooter" should be able to reliably hit a target that is smaller than 16" and/or further out than eight feet. After all, it is supposed to be "shooting", which by its nature implies some kind of distance, carefulness, precision, and accuracy. Our best shooters, who have the best equipment, and who practice-practice-practice would likely remain our top shooters, regardless of the shooting difficulty. So this membership question seems to be a decision about defining the sport, not just defining the competition scope. As a newcomer, those seem to me to be the choices. The speed path is fun, but it leads to little opportunity to do what drew me here in the first place, which was to play cowboy. When I look at Snakebite's old photos and videos of matches past, my imagination takes me back to another time. Seeing people mounted on wooden horses or shooting atop a buckboard, and shooting slowly but accurately, is much more like playing cowboy to me. Those can still be done rapidly with practice, and be a part of serious competition. And should I ever win, I just might feel like Matt Dillon for a few minutes. For the time being, I feel more like Festus -- but I can still feel like a COWBOY ! The question of membership shrinkage may just be attrition, as us older guys and gals who were raised on TV westerns fade out, with no similar social demographic coming along to replace us. Today, kids were raised on Rambo and fast action. So Three Gun is probably enjoying better membership growth and more young shooters. Maybe we just need to engage in our cowboy play to the maximum, while we have it to ENJOY, and in our search for new members, continue looking for those who can correctly answer the question, "Who was Trigger".
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    According to Lady T, that birthday suit is in bad need of a good ironing!!
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    I was worried, I dont have a birthday hat, birthday suit?? Yes but not a hat.
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    Got one. Don't care for it and here's why... I did see it on sale at Grafs. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/28223
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    Up for another look! It will be here before ya know it!
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    OLG, You forgot to turn the sarcasm OFF. We need to know when you're not using it anymore...
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    I am not much of a checkering guy. The stock itself takes about 2 months of my spare time.
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    Hi Vicki, Please don't let them chase you off. I used to write that I came here for skin thickening exercises. I gave up on that. My skin will never be that thick. There is an "ignore" feature. Try it, make your posts, and ignore theirs. Regards, Allie Mo (AKA The Most Hated Person on the SASS Wire) PS At least, no one called you names.
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    Yes, thank you.... I actually have a fair idea of what the rules are. Like I said... I'm not upset about them... I just don't like them... feel the same way about Dodges.
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    Howdy, Do you think perhaps there is a difference between what is funny or what is fun? Funny = humorous, amusing & comical Fun = enjoyable, pleasurable & agreeable I prefer shooting a match that is Fun rather than Funny. Just my personal preference, no judgement being passed on others. Well, exactly what is stopping y'all from having "Good Old Day Matches"? If you want to have matches of yesteryear, put it together, make it happen and stop blaming other folks. Who's stopping you?
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    It always amazes me when I hear complaints about someone wearing "jeans" or short sleeves, etc that wreck the atmosphere of the match when they're standing next to a bright green baby buggy gun cart with a rainbow color umbrella attached to it and their guns are staged on a plastic folding table! p.s. no references to posters in this thread are intended or implied.
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    Aint nothing worse than a northerner trying to speak southern.
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    Wow, this is great. I miss all the fun cowboy shooting used to be. Montana,Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado,Utah ,Nebraska, Kansas( not leaving other states out, just my experiences) still have all the movement and the funny things going on. And everyone still takes dressing like 1800’s in as part of it. When you go to a match and people wear jeans, tennis shoes and a Henley or wear a pair of chaps and a regular shirt it just takes away from what it started out as, playing cowboy and dressing the part. Lots more laughing and having fun. Everyone going out after and making a day of it. I still love it but miss the old times.
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    No, no, no, Snakebite. Make no doubt about it. That's a "Tall Tale Contest" not a "Liar's Contest!" As a "Tall Tale Contest" (during our complimentary to all Match Director's dinner on Friday night) it gives everyone the legal SASS-approved right to lie through their stinking' teeth - or however they do it. Regarding "qualified entries" I'm not so sure any of us are duly qualified! But... As to the "tall tale" - I did one (which Snakebite witnessed) at the 5-Dogs "Shebang" match (Bakersfield, CA) in January - a very fun match hosted by all the cowgirl shooters and lady members - in which I told the story of me being the grandson of Wyatt Earp. I supported my chat with posters with time lines that showed the link of my mom being Wyatt and Sarah "Sadie" Marcus's daughter, and so on. To which I pointed out why our dog's name is "Sadie." I read a [fake] paragraph from Casey Tefertiller's book Wyatt Earp that talked about Wyatt and Sadie having a daughter named "Ruth." I then produced a wood case - which I blew the dust off of - that held Wyatt's Buntline which I carefully withdrew wearing cotton gloves. When it was all over, one of the elder shooters came over to me and wanted to shake my hand, was very appreciative of meeting Wyatt's grandson, excited that the 5 Dogs club invited me to attend and speak, and so on. He was dead serious - and I felt SO bad, and I had trouble breaking the news to him. So, in this one case you are wrong Snakebite, I was a very qualified liar! RR
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    The Mason Dixon Committee thought long and hard about it, and decided not to submit a proposal to be the 2019 North East Regional. SASS was only looking for a host for a single year, (Why is, of course, the subject of potentially endless debate ), and after the unexpected termination of the Divisional Matches, we decided that we would take a step back, finish making the improvements we started in 2017, take the opportunity to change the dates of the match to the Summer, and just host a dang fine match for all who are lucky enough to be able to attend. I don't know this for certain, I will have to check with Chuckaroo the unofficial club historian, but I think this is the first year that the Mason Dixon Stampede is being held where it is not at least a Regional. Something new and different, for us at least. The rumor mill does indicate that there are other clubs that have expressed interest in becoming the N.E. Regional, and I certainly wish them the best success, so I expect SASS will find someone to take it on. I hope we have the opportunity to shoot together again one of the days. I'm getting tired of getting my butt kicked by the same folks. Time for some fresh butt kickers!
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    Serious topic for the true Cowboy Action Shooter. When I first became interested in joining in the FUN, it was exciting to know there was a place I could actually dress up like a cowboy, and strap two six shooters to my waist and play John Wayne or Clint Eastwood for REAL. Did I aspire to be one of the best and fastest? Of Course! Did I believe I could do it? My heart said yes, but somewhere in my grey matter, brain cells were shaking their collective heads side to side. Does that take away from my shooting? Absolutely NOT! Pushing the limits of speed in CAS, be it fine tuning your firearms, or practicing extensively, ultimately has it's limits. And I'm not talking about each individual's limits, but the game itself. No one will ever get to zero! Will there be a runner that can break the current 3:43:13 minute mile...SURE. Will it ever be 3 minutes or less, NEVER. Same for CAS. Enjoy the game for what it was originally intended to be....Enjoyable, Fun, Exciting combined with the comradery of others.
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    Grizzly Dave, SASS 85224 From the Colorado Territory Shooting for I reckon 8, 9 years now
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    Deep Creek Texas Shane 107767 Texas bout 4 months
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    Copperhead has a new web site, NICE! Link in case anyone has trouble finding it. https://ponderosa-pines.com/ky-championship
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    I've cleaned green cases and they come out clean as can be using the pins with dawn and lemonshine,,, and about a 2 hr run time without soaking them first
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    Lawdog Dago Dom 105516 Shortcake 105517 Edwards, IL Started in March 2017 Yes, the one picture is a Shortcake photo-bomb. Santa gave us a Doc Noper Christmas. We will add those photos in the Spring!
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    SASS Kicker and Cody Women's Overall Winter Range in 2016
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    Dead Eye Jake SASS #105569 Pawnee Station Vindicators Shooting 1 year
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    Dutch Bullwhip 95799 L shooting cowboy action 9 years , fcgf Clinge ,Netherlands
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    Rusty Spittoon, Calamity JoAnne, and Mustang Gregg at HOW many moons ago.
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    Terry Lane 12257 Nebraska Joined 1997
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    SASS Alias: Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE CLdH USMH SSPT SASS #: 535 Life Member Where you are from: La Verne, Ca. How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 1984
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    SASS Alias: Buck Henson and son, Buster Henson SASS# 107777 & 107778 From: Hutto, TEXAS Joined back in September 2018
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    Here are some of his trophy's from the old days
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    Big Fritz is still shooting, our SASS # are very alike.... ;-)
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    Four Eyes Henry #16042 Pijnacker, the Netherlands 10 years of Cowboy Action Shooting
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    SASS Alias: Colonel Dan SASS# 24025 From: Central Florida Cowboy Action Shooting: 20 years
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