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  1. Joe, we traveled the same path just about 5 years apart, also had a plainsman pistol too after the Kentucky and I went with an 1860 where you went 1858
  2. Not counting the black powder pistols and rifles i bought as a kid, the first "Real" purchase was an M1 Carbine in 1989 at a gun shop on the West Side of San Antonio, Tx. Got to pick from quite a few to get a choice example. Cost me a whopping $160, wish I still had That one.
  3. Go ahead and flame me but I reload a box a week on a Lee Loadall. I couldnt justify the purchase of a Mec. If it werent for shooting black powder Id still be buying AA's from wally ay 7-8$ a box. I dont even WANT to know what a box of 12g BP shells costs me all said and done. I love reloading, I sit a the bench for fun and throw 44-40, 38-40 etc, it was only natural to load shells too even with the extra cost.
  4. Been shooting Real BP since I was 7 or 8. Switched to Pyrodex cause its all anyone carried locally. Now I'm shooting Grafs 2 and 3F BP, buy it 5 pounds at a time. I've been using regular lubed bullets but am about to try BP lube. I havent shot a whole match with BP (Except shotgun) but I've done several stages with zero issues.
  5. Over a thousand of 44WCF on a Stock Dillon Square Deal B. Zero issues, no crumpled cases and good crimps. Took my time setting up and careful while loading. I can knock out 200 in an hour or less. I switch to a lee single for "Special 44WCF Rifle Loads" and all other calibers.
  6. Grew up with my dads 92, short magazine, round barrel, short rifle in 38WCF, when I got older I bought a matching 38WCF, 4 3/4" EMF SAA, I ALWAYS had black powder rifles and pistols (brass frames, I could buy them for soda pop bottle money) I still have the SAA and BP pistols, missing dad's, I bought a Taylors '92 in 44WCF with a matching pistol. Heck my leather has been a Tandy leather belt and holster I made in about '94. Wood and steel always appealed to me, along with lever actions. Phosphate coated guns have their place in my collection but the beauty of CCH steel and walnut stocks warms my heart.
  7. Wisht I could make it out and join my fellow CC's and CG's! yall have fun now!
  8. Looks like my old CVA. Was actually a daily carry gun for a while. Still have it, still shoot it, About 20g of black and a 454 ball, Now caps, I use #11 Remington and squeeze the body ever so slightly to get it tight, #10's stick on the nipples along with too much pressure to put on. By brass frame is still going strong after 25 years, a lot of that was with a max load of 25G. When my first hand spring broke, I replaced it with a SAA hand spring from a local gunsmith, only part ive ever replaced.
  9. I bought one new for $820 and shoot CC with it, a little tight new and the hammers are heavy but I can pull 'em with one thumb. All in all a nice gun, shucks AA's well and patterns well. - As always, Good review Hickok
  10. Deep Creek Texas Shane 107767 Texas bout 4 months
  11. Still trying to pry the gold from the Mrs', back to the top!
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