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  1. I’m letting my Cimarron go for $1,200. Better sights, 1 1/2 seasons of very light use. Always BP. I’ve had the stock cover on since I got it. Basic action job, never let me down.
  2. I have an Armi Sport takedown, 20”, maybe 100 Rounds of BP 44WCF through it. I’d let her go for $850. Smooth as butter and purtier than a baby calf.
  3. Normally I shoot (real) black powder 44WCF 7 1/2” uberti colts (I shoot Classic Cowboy) I picked up a 7 1/2” Schofield in 44WCF for the rare times we have a pistol reload. Also because the Schofield is such a nice pistol!
  4. Welcome! Keep the wife, ditch the gun. After shooting 1873's I wanted a 66. I bought a Miroku thinking it would be superior to the Ubertis. Its sure enough a fine riflegun BUT, I dont like how hard it is to close the lever the last bit, not a huge deal, the finish was superb, couldnt wait to shoot it. I ONLY shoot real black powder about 35g, a Big Lube .428 bullet with plenty lube. Second match, so this is bullets number 61-120 through it, the barrel bulged. Not sure why or how, maybe my fault with excessive oil in the barrel BUT, Heres the kicker, CANT GET A NEW BARREL, Winchester/Miroku does not support the gun. There are no more. My only choice is to have a barrel made and it aint cheap! I elected to purchase a Uberti Octagon (My Miroku is round). Thats when I found out no one has any parts for this wall hanger. Some day when I win the lottery, I'll have a 38-40 barrel made for it but for now she sure looks purty hangin on the wall collecting dust.
  5. Howdy and welcome aboard. What Colt said! I was where you are 2 years ago, lots to learn. I cast and reload for 45 Sharps, 44-40 and 38-40 rifles and pistols as well as 12g in Black and that "other" powder. Feel free to ask questions.
  6. Deep Creek Texas Shane 107767 Texas bout 4 months
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