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  1. Of the actions your looking at the hi wall is the strongest. The trapdoor is the coolest and the Sharps is the best (my opinion!) if you’re loading for the action, the trapdoors are ok but if you need some long range, past 400 yds, go Sharps, if yet gonna go past 1000 go hiwall. Take a look at the 45-70 sections on reloading, the trapdoor gets its own loads due to the action. 45-70 is the only cal to really consider if your reloading tons of data and components, the number of bullets and weights are earth shattering!
  2. I’m the second owner of a pair of 71/2” Cimarron Uberti 73’s in 44WCF. They have only ever shot real BP and LOTS of it, full loads, about 38gns and as of late I’m using cannon powder, it has less felt recoil, in both pistols and my 66 also a Cimarron Uberti as well as Cimarron 73. I also shoot only black in my CZ Hammered Coach, Chinese 87, 86 Winchester 45/90, EMF 73 Hartford in 38WCF and 45/70 Pedersoli Sharps. Only cowboy gun I have that takes smokeless is that dang 44WCF Schofield, it will go 2 rounds but that’s not good enough. I cast my own soft lead bullets with Large lube groves an
  3. I had the pleasure of moving here from Texas over 20 years ago, liked it so much I stayed. This state is truly one of the Last old west places left. I’m in Far East Mesa by the Superstition Mountains. Ghost towns, gold mines, wild horses, lakes and mountains and some of the purtiest sunsets you’ll ever see in yer life. Certainly don’t recommend any place with “Phoenix” in the address but there’s plenty of Gilbert’s, Mesas and Chandlers to settle into
  4. Yup, in his defense, he did offer to clean it but no one cleans my guns but me!
  5. I had the unfortunate experience of loaning my hi dollar (least for me) hammered double to a pard who’s sg died. If hate to see the look on my face when I saw the red and blue chalk fly out of it. Cleaning that crap was a heck of a lot harder than cleanin the black powder residue.
  6. I shoot Holy Black in Everything except long range pistol caliber rifle. Those hand cast bullets and smokeless powder are all carefully weighed using choice components. I also match load my 45/70 and 45/90 but in black powder. Small changes at the chamber can make big differences 100+ yards down range.
  7. Comin from a native born Texan, It’s a fantastic movie. And the series that came after with Newt was purty good too, loved the scenery. Like I tell my two young boys, you gotta consider the times. Heck, in 100 years people will say things were doing now were horrible and unlawful.
  8. That can’t happen here we have the 2nd amendment
  9. Beautiful gun, good price in my opinion. Fair warning, Miroku isn’t the best help when things break and there’s not much in the after market. My 66 44WCF has an issue and Winchester can’t-won’t help. It’s a wall hangar for now but a dang purty one!
  10. My 71/2” 44WCF fits well in a 71/2” open toe double loop cheapie Oklahoma leather holster, The only hold up is the front of the frame ahead of the trigger, it’s what keeps it from droppin in but the barrel stops where it’s supposed to
  11. I have just under 1000 LPP and LRPs but with no way to replace them, sadly, I’ve stopped shooting. Cant even play a good game anymore thanks to hoarders and dumb political issues.
  12. Deep Creek Texas Shane 107767 Texas bout 4 months
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