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  1. Dang, my new 44-40 Cimarron 66 just showed up 2 weeks ago.
  2. I shoot 3 44WCF pistols and 4 rifles in main match with holy black as well as side match and long range (in a 92 with smokeless). I've only lost a few cases due to cracking and those were the next reload after being deformed (stepped on) during a match. I'm still using the same 300 or so cases I bought 2 years ago, with 600 new, in reserve! My brass is always clean and my actions cleaner after a match, barrels are a whole nuther matter!
  3. I showed up there in 2000 wearing cowboy duds, everyone wanted to take pics with me, my wife was amused! The place is great, MANY MANY shows and movies filmed there and in the surrounding area. Highly recommend visiting when returning from Tombstone.
  4. TOO tight, they're El Paso's and I couldt even holster the left one and the right was just too tight when I got them last year (Cimarron 7 1/2" 44WCF's in 1890S holsters). After MUCH working with leather shims, at least I can withdraw and re-holster now. At least I know they wont fall out!
  5. I recon I'll be in touch as soon as I can get this barrel replacement figured out!
  6. I've considered shooting it, I've been told Absolutely no and why wouldn't you so I'm on the fence safety wise. The ring is noticeable if you know where it is, otherwise not so bad. I thought about having it mag particle checked or eddy current for cracking, just not cost effective. I only shoot black powder, none of that funky smokeless stuff! As far as barrel, I'd go with a round one from GM to avoid having to configure for an octagon and I have a local guy who can fit the barrel, chamber and dovetails if the threads are SAE, if metric, I'll have to outsource that. The rifle was 1,000$, I already bought a replacement in 44-40, so if I can come in around $500 for a replacement in 38-40, I'll be happy. Thanks to everyone who posted, all good advice.
  7. I really wanted one in 38-55 but my banker said NO! Very nice looking rifle!
  8. Anything to get you in the game! I had an EMF Hartford SAA in 38-40 for Years waiting to save up for the rest of the required guns. I finally made a sweet deal on a 44-40 SAA and Taylors 92 the next week bought a cheapo Lever shotgun and I was in business shooting 49'er! My leather was a Tandy leather belt and holster that I made 25 years before and a cheapo mexican loop, both right hand so I cross drawed from the tandy leather holster! Then I decided I wanted to shoot Classic Cowboy, bought a used pair of 44-40 7 1/2" Cimarrons and borrowed a 24" 73. Still shoot the Cimarrons but have acquired 2 66's and a 73 along with a CZ Hammered Coach, lots of reloading equipment then many other cowboy guns all to suite my needs! My point is start out cheap till yer sure what you really want to do, then build up. The main thing is Shoot!
  9. Thanks Fireball. I have considered just shooting it! Heck, I shot a whole match with the ring (I'm assuming the ring was excessive bore butter left from the last match a few months prior). I should tear the Miroku down and check the threads . The ring is between the mag tube dovetail and the fore-end cap.
  10. I shoot 7 1/2 black powder framed 44-40 cimarrons, only a few hundred s/n's apart. Same springs in both, handle similarly and I dont keep track of them. I thought I did but then realized if I ever did get them swapped, it might cause some difficulty, I have enough difficulties without having to worry about that!
  11. I started this game with an Chinese 87, one of the new ones that was so bad out of the box that I spent a week with files and watching videos to make it run smooth and extract reliably. Its now slick as butter and as long as I do my job, she does hers. I bought a CZ Hammer Coach as a back-up gun. I Love the double hammers but I still like the lever gun better!
  12. Those are great options, wonder why I was told my dovetail was too deep. I also see green mountain has 38-40 round barrels for under $100. Since my rifle is alredy a round, I'd rather go that way so I dont have to change too much, just thread, cut a few dovetails, chamber, blue and go. Does anyone know what the thread pitch is on a miroku? is it metric or SAE?
  13. Thats my size, and I'm in need, now to convince the bank!
  14. I've been into Real BP since I was 8. Love the stuff, its very addicting! I load everything in Holy Black, 12g, 44-40, 38-40, 45-70 and 45-90 as well ass my old reliable cap and ball 36 and 44. Its Very easy and doesnt require "precision". That said, the 45-70 and 45-90 are loaded heavily compressed on a Lee single stage, very precisely, with 2F since they are long range and I need repeat-ability! The 44-40's (main match guns) are loaded on a Dillon square deal with mainly Goex or Graf&Sons 2f or 3f (Cheap). It throws consistent loads from the large powder slide and primed with Federal LP in station 2. The pan lubed bullets are used to compress the charge about 1/8" in station 3 and a perfect crimp is applied in station 4. I can have more than enough for a match in 30-45 minutes. My 12G AA's are loaded on a MEC 8567, powder bushings are a hand carved unit or a stock bushing each throwing 2F, depending of what the shell is for (Big load or regular). I use a wooden bench with everything bolted down. Bottom line is I'm careful but fully understand what can happen with a stray spark.
  15. I weighed both the round barrel and octagon 66's yesterday and found a 4 ounce difference FWIW.
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