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  1. V.C. - Victoria Cross K.C.B. - Knight Commander of the Bath K.C.I.E. -Knight Commander of the Indian Empire C.L.dH. - Chevalier Légion d'Honneur U.S.M.H. - U.S. Medal of Honour S.A.P.T - San Serfino of Purity & Truth 4th Class Nope, Colonel Flashman, or Sir Harry, or Flashy works just fine, dependin on how well ya know me. ;-)
  2. SASS Alias: Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE CLdH USMH SSPT SASS #: 535 Life Member Where you are from: La Verne, Ca. How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 1984
  3. Salutations, Y'all.


    Seems I'd to Rejoin as I'd not Visited in Awhile, due to some members, Stuff & Nonsense.


    So I'm back, For Now.


    Also I've some BAD NEWS.


    My wife, Lady Elspeth Flashman aka Nancy E. Moran-Culpepper, lost her 4 year Battle w/ A.L.S. on 2 July at 0200hrs '18. I was my Soulmate's Primary Caregiver for those 4 years & it took its toll.


    A few will remember Lady Elspeth, as she Dressed to the Nines mostly, her Rapier Sharp Wit, & she Ran the 'Puters for E.o.T. & the Great Northfield Raid for 15+ years here in So. Cal.

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