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  1. I appreciate the help!! Our Sportsman's Warehouse has closed in this area. The Wal-Marts in our area don't carry that specific ammo. I have ordered it from Bass Pro shops before but it took 2 months for them to ship it out. I will go online and set up Rogers Sporting Goods and Sportsman's Warehouse as favorites so I can order the shotgun shells from them. I saw them on Rogers Sporting Goods website. I don't need them now but I was thinking about ordering some before I get too close to running out. Thanks again!!!
  2. I have ordered and received Winchester AA Low Recoil in 12 gauge. The FPS is 980. I enjoy shooting it at SASS events. I was looking online to buy more but it seems to always be sold out. Does anyone out there know of a reliable provider of this ammo? I would take other ammo as long as it is SASS legal. I just like the low recoil as it feels good to my shoulder. I am thinking I am going to have to do reloading of shotgun in addition to reloading 38’s. I don’t reload yet but I know I will begin one day. Just need a vendor that doesn’t run out of low recoil shotgun ammo.
  3. SASS Alias: Buck Henson and son, Buster Henson SASS# 107777 & 107778 From: Hutto, TEXAS Joined back in September 2018
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