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  1. Maybe the initial hole, before they cut the slots, was too big. You could measure it with a pin gage set, I suppose. Then measure when the slots are closed in the die.
  2. CBC brass is thinner so it expands and seals better with my Blackpowder loads.
  3. Outward, with Blackpowder I fill the case so the bullet compresses the powder a little. I had blowby with my 45Colt rifle and that went away with my slightly larger sizerdie and CBC brass and I use the same sizer for 45CS That also helpes with case life BTW shooting the same batch for 8 years now...
  4. Laughter, no way, you know shooting is a serious sport... ;-) Good to hear you are getting back in. So, accordeon out, guns in? ...if you shoot blackpowder you'll have an excuse for the misses ;-)
  5. ...forgot to mention that they make a beautiful roll crimp... Because of the slightly bigger sizer die I can thumb seat the bullets so I need a good roll crimp..
  6. I've only used roundball in cartridges to get POA/POI with my Pietta 1858 conversion like with the percussion cilinder, that, more or less, worked. For a long time now I'm using the J/P 200 in my 45 CS and 45 Colt with 18 grains blackpowder (cous cous as a filler for 45 Colt) I have a Lyman sizer and Pacific 45 ACP dies for the 45 CS. The sizer die is a litlle bit bigger then standard, so I get straight wall cartridges.
  7. like these ?... http://www.biglube.com/BulletMolds.aspx?ItemID=8ea1b8fc-d133-4c8d-83d9-20b3e2959d21
  8. Big Fritz is still shooting and he allowed me to take some pictures of these...
  9. Here are some of his trophy's from the old days
  10. Big Fritz is still shooting, our SASS # are very alike.... ;-)
  11. Four Eyes Henry #16042 Pijnacker, the Netherlands 10 years of Cowboy Action Shooting
  12. I'm using their large pistol primers for the last 7 years or so, never had a FTF, my springs are not the super zoomy kind. I uniformed my primer pockets, with a specific brand of brass I had high primers ...... and overhere they're the cheapest ;-)
  13. My sizing die is reamed to .472 and I use a .452 inside reamer for my home brew 45 CS. I made them from Starline and Magtech brass and only the starline brass needed inside reaming.
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