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  3. Bubba, you have stated it well. I don't know what will be said of me at my passing except my faith in Christ gave me comfort in my passing. But if I could write my own obituary, it would be to show thanks, gratitude, love and kindness to all those who help my life a good one, and less about me. I often feel like I have received more graciousness from my friends, ESPECIALLY my Cowboy friends, than I could ever be worthy of. I think some of the life Judge Em All shared with us was some of that graciousness that help make our day brighter. ..........Widder
  4. The arrangements will be announced on Monday. Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home is handling the arrangements. There is a tribute page at the link below. https://www.mayeswarddobbins.com/obituaries/Vernon-Duncan/
  5. [Jack has just been found not-guilty of killing Wild Bill Hickock] Al Swearengen: What's your name, it's Jack, ain't it? Jack McCall: Yes, sir! You buy me a drink, I'll make my mark. Al Swearengen: Stick around camp, Jack - I'll make mine for you. Jack McCall: What in the H*** is that supposed to mean? Al Swearengen: Means there's a horse waiting for you outside you'll want to get on before somebody murders you who gives a * about right and wrong - or I do. [Jack stares, dumbfounded] Al Swearengen: It's the paint, Jack. Right outside my joint. [whispering] Al Swearengen: Run for your * life.
  6. Me too, Griff. Although I was only in the Navy for 4 years, I speak of those memories often. Of course, some of those memories ain't so fond but they helped shape me for my future. Thanks everyone for your Service. And thanks to others for minding the store front and paying taxes to help support us and your encouragement. ..........Widder (US NAVY 69-73) The Zumwalt years. I was a radioman and I got to see ALL of the Z-grams before the chiefs and officers.
  7. Just remember to tell the boy Guns don't kill people, Dads with pretty daughters kill people Got that from a friends t shirt Regards Gateway Kid
  8. My college girlfriend's granddad came over with a sixteen gauge model 12 Winchester and a broad grin. I tried to trade him out of it. (The gun, not the broad grin!) He wouldn't trade.
  9. I know nothing about these ladies save only that they are about to be graduated from the premier engineering college in the world. That alone qualifies them for my most profound respect!
  10. His lever was open!! Didn't that make you go hmmmm???? Sorry, real bad call.
  11. I knew a Marine that served with ROK Marines In I corps in 69. He said they were phenomenal. They expected everyone working with them to do Tae Kwon Do with them in the morning, and he swore when they were on point they could smell the VC. Kinda sad how quickly America has forgotten our allies.
  12. I believe Nikola, Thor and other name brand competitors are all running electric trucks right now. https://www.trucknews.com/equipment/spotlight-shines-on-nikola-at-first-ever-nikola-world/1003090876/ https://insideevs.com/photo/3979066/startup-thor-claims-it-will-drop-hammer-on-tesla-semi-with-its-own-electric-truck/ Here is the creepiest one yet.... no cab by Volvo. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeanbaptiste/2018/09/16/new-volvo-trucks-autonomous-semi-is-a-cabless-tractor-pod/#715507f7436c
  13. I used a .30-30 to win the long range event at Comin' Back Atcha 2018... I think that far target was in the neighborhood of 300-350 yards. My Winchester 94 is a full octagon 26" bbl with tang peep and globe front sight. My loads are 27 grains of RE7 behind a hardcast 150 grain GCFN traveling @ 2160fps (ave.). I've won a couple of long range shoots where the shoot-off occured at 400 yards (One of those against a hundred year old 30WCF rifle).... Yep, windy days are whole nuther story... but if the weather is cooperating, even my little 16" Trapper in .30-30 can ding those silhouette pigs with boring regularity. (300 meters). I just love to whoop up on some dunderhead that under-estimates the little ol' "thuty-thuty"! Maintain a positive attitude... there's already more than enough gun writers that say a .30-30 isn't capable of killing deer... and shots over 100 yards are just luck... need we add to that myth? Personally, I beg to differ... with them and ALL those here that na-say the world's finest, (and may I remind others), first commercial smokeless cartridge! (Yeah, yeah... on the American continent)! It hasn't lost a single step in its 125 years of existence. Have I been beat by .45-70s & 38-55s, sure... but I've beaten my fair share of those... (Afterall, there are better shooters than me out there... somewhere)!!! Practice, practice, then practice some more. Shoot that rifle in all sorts of conditions, at all sorts of ranges, get to be "ONE" with your rifle. Work with your rifle to improve its inherent accuracy, work with your load to improve its inherent accuracy... then work to improve YOUR inherent accuracy.
  14. When Harry Houdini was on the vaudeville circuit, he met a young couple and their boy child. Harry said, "Now that is a real buster!" and that's how Buster Keaton got his nickname.
  15. Maybe a Tesla pickup isn’t that far off.
  16. http://thesentinel.net/politics/missouri-bans-all-federal-gun-control-laws-in-23-10-vote/?fbclid=IwAR1HXzAdjQ8hkFtl4geV87BHqQLUYcDbioMD757vwCSHnl2vzgdZ4-W3sLk
  17. In the movie "Deliverance", did anyone else notice that the mountain boy played the banjo clawhammer style, while the music that was playing was three finger Scruggs style?
  18. Thank you Goody... but in all honesty, I enjoyed almost every moment of my service... It feels a little awkward to accept thanks for something I did voluntarily.
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