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  2. Here’s a kicker. I thought I was in the 39th district in CA. I was about to send the lady I thought would be my representative a little $25 donation when something told me to check. I am not in her district. I would have been had I moved where I was going to move, hence the reason I thought I was in her district. I just saved me Twenty-Five smackers... No need to look for a rep from my party running in my district. This one is sewed up for the dirtbags ruining this state. 3 and 3, my friends. 3 years, 3 months until I retire.
  3. You ask for it..... p.s - check out the feller at the 30 second mark... ..........Widder
  4. I highly recommend that you don’t say that while near your vehicle...trust me They have ears.
  5. Didn't that poor Subaru once have a run-in with hail...?
  6. That would be potassium sulfate plus potassium carbonate and hydroxide in the fouling. Believe the combustion is pretty complete,and the potassium nitrate in BP would not be converting to the sulfide. Not enough free carbon left in the residue to reduce sulfate to the sulfide. Good luck, GJ
  7. My first Kimber was a compact model, all steel..... and flawless in function and accuracy was top rate. But, I had another higher priced Kimber with feed problems. I was reloading .452 bullets. Called Kimber and the rep told me I probably had a tight chamber and suggested I try .451 bullets. Ta-Da...... never another problem. As stated above, my two Springfields have been great. ..........Widder
  8. That’s actually pretty easy if you know the trick. All ya gots to do is get Ima Schofield (His lovely bride) on your side. (Which just goes to show that he ain’t ALL dumb)
  9. I did that hike several times in my youth. Im afraid it is beyond my abilities now. sad but thankful that I did do it.
  10. Are you sure that ain't short for Tennessee Nanner' Williams?
  11. TN Williams is a Country Music fan. He knows some Nashville song writers and probably a few celebs. Anyhow, 'Williams' is really his last name and Don Williams sings a song: "What do ya do with good ole boys like me" and mentions the name Tennessee in his song. Well, Because he is from TN and his name is Williams, he is TN Williams. He's probably kin to all those 'Williams' folks. ..........Widder (I ain't kin to nobody)
  12. I carry sandwiches in a Tupperware like plastic container with a lockable lid. Holds 2 sandwiches easily and keeps them from getting smashed. Use wax paper to keep the sandwiches from sticking together or sticking to the container.
  13. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is my favorite. There's lots of others already mentioned. But one I was thinking of the other day to watch was "The Toy" with Jackie Gleason and Richard Pryor. "You Ass!!", "That's U.S.!" Funny stuff.
  14. Coming back from Wyoming from my hunting trip, got a rock in my F350's windshield. I get at least one a year. My son owns a trucking business and has replaced 6 or 7 of them this year in his 18 wheeler.
  15. Nice pics Warden I don't shoot GF but dabble in Duelist sometimes, shoot mainly two-handed..tried all sorts of grips , now have these dimpled rosewood on C&B as well as my .45's & 44-40...think I will stick with them as they feel great in the hand.
  16. I did down and back Bright Angel Trail on the south rim in one day in the first week of June. I was in my mid thirties and It was one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but well worth it. You can't comprehend the vastness unless you go all the way down. I have pictures down around plateau point where the horizon looks like you are on flat land in the desert. Pictures from the rim show what looks like grass which is actually 60 foot cotton wood trees at Indian Garden which is 2/3 way down.
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