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  2. I've had the privilege of handling a Widder Magic Henry with the Slater trigger. I can say it is the finest .22 I've ever handled. I own a 9422 and have had a couple of the BL22's and Widder's .22 puts them all to shame. I did ask Widder to work on my 9422 and he snickered. I still like my 9422 because it is a real Winchester. I own a 9417 which is a fine gun but it actually isn't a Winchester by purest standards but I like it. Rambled a little bit, back on subject. If you ever have the chance to get a Henry Widder 22 my advice is jump on it like a frog on a fly. Whiskey Hayes
  3. But them bisleys are Uberti with the distressed finish, love them guns!
  4. You can let me win again in October if you want..... I'm retired from speed events, so you should do very well this year..... ..........Widder
  5. This is a C&B speed loader a friend made for me. If you use fillers it comes in 3 parts. Diamond Curly has the metal version now.
  6. We get free tree cutting by PG&E in CA. Here are that decided for themselves that their time had come. The first one took out a fence and fell over our driveway. The second took out a shed. We have a nice new shed there now.
  7. It's real simple folks. Get everyone together, and I mean everyone, and work to change things. Preaching to the choir is...well, preaching to the choir. On second thought... Look at the socialist political movements in this nation over the past 20 years. They have gained a foothold through their antics and their acts. It doesn't hurt they have the press and an entire political party behind them 100%. What do we have? A political party that blows smoke up our skirts and takes our money. We have a HUGE group of people that will not agree on the color of the sky let alone how to fight for our rights. We have a multitude of gun rights organizations that are impotent because they are a multitude. We have the NRA that everyone is a proud member of until the NRA needs money and then not so much. Until we get mad enough to do something en masse we get what we get. Period.
  8. +1 to those advocating paper cartridges. It just makes loading faster and you only have to carry a small box or pouch of cartridges, and caps. Get's you back to your posse faster. It's been stated that yes, it takes time beforehand to load up the paper carts, but it doesn't take that much time. Most people are reloading metallic cartridges and don't seem to complain. Loading paper is WAY faster and easier than loading brass. In an hour, you can have all the paper cartridges you'll need for a match. Watch two episodes of Bonanza while you're loading and you'll be done.
  9. As a former “one and done” contestant on the show I can tell you that pushing that damn button first is the hardest part of the game. On the game I was on all three of us knew most of the answers but the frustrating thing was to try to time it so you pressed the buzzer just as the light (visible only to the players) came on when Alex finishes asking the question/answer. It was maddening finding out that what I had believed to be a mostly intellectual exercise as also such an important physical one as well. Of course anyone who’s seen me shoot a match could have predicted what happened to me! Seamus
  10. I don't remember the part of the Bill of Rights that says these amendments only apply if you pay a fee to earn them and keep them. I thought the 2nd Amendment was a restriction on the government, not on the People.
  11. Even if he's wrong? In my example the TO was wrong for giving a minor safety penalty! So his job is to make calls that could be wrong and we all have to accept it? SO the shooter can't ask questions and or challenge the TO on his call? The shooter is the only one who knows his intent. The rest are guessing at what they think the shooter thought when he shot the stage. I agree with if you see it call it. But in my example 4 people didn't see the P and only the TO is calling it. If there is some confusion on the call wouldn't a prudent TO discuss it with the spotters and maybe he gets convinced he's wrong? Again all I'm saying is TO's can and have been wrong. Ike
  12. Exactly! We never saw the guys pull ours out. I was at work and my wife was out. It just happened! They even laid down boards so there wouldn't be any ruts or divots in the yard. Most of it was already firewood length too.
  13. Found this post in another forum. It’s long but interesting information about primers and primer testing. https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/it-dont-go-bang-fires-misfires-hangfires-and-short-order-cooks.850720/
  14. Because that's his job. Let's look at this from a different angle. If I'm a spotter and I see a miss when the TO and two other spotters don't see one I'm calling it. I don't care what anyone else says, if I see something I'm calling it. And by the way, I couldn't care less what the shooter has to say.
  15. I was working on a project and ordered 500 cases of 38 Short Colt which was the smallest order available from Starline. I only needed 200 cases so I am selling the remainder of 300 cases for $45.00 plus $6,.00 shipping CONUS. Thanks for looking. DC
  16. Anything's Ok with us, Jack. If you need to make an early departure; let us know so we can help! Mo
  17. While we’re on the subject of great CAS songs about pards gettin’ in trouble with Mexican saloon girls let’s also pay homage to Jay and the Americans great classic “Come a Little Bit Closer” wherein the hero actually survives by bolting through a window when Bad Man Jose (what a great SASS Alias, has anyone taken it yet?) shows up to claim his woman. The only casualty is the poor cowboy’s drink he dropped from his hand. Otherwise a reasonably happy ending! Seamus
  18. Those short cable locks would make good saps
  19. As the title says, looking for a brass 1873 Carrier for 45C rifle. Doesnt need to be pretty as i'm going to skeletonize it, just needs to not be worn out. Would prefer to pay via paypal, zelle, or google pay for quicker deal making!
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