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  2. Nope, skip it, nothing but trouble; adding BP to the mix will only make the problems worse and frustrate you immensely. Where exactly is this gun for sale? In case you couldn't tell, I was kidding. You shouldn't have any trouble with BP, especially in that caliber.
  3. https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/collections/rossi-92-357-lever-rifle/products/rossi-92-magazine-plug-screw-357
  4. Our 2020 application is up and ready for downloading! https://eldoradocowboys.com/index.html
  5. Sounds like Ruger hired someone from S&W and Colt to set up those pistols..... ..........Widder
  6. I shot a Hartford 92 in 38 for about ten years shooting black powder. About once I year I took off the stock and soaked it really good and then blew everything off and lubricated it good and back shooting. I prefer the 73 now in 44/40 only because it really is easier to tear down and clean. You will enjoy the 92 in 44/40 shooting black powder.
  7. I bought a Browning 92 about 8 years ago from the cowboy who won the Black Powder class at Winter Range 1n 1999 with it. I have shot black (APP) since then with no problems. It was worked over in 1999 by the Cowboys & Indians shop and has had nothing but regular cleaning since then. I ve only torn it down a coupe of times and it was clean inside, just needs regular post-match routine. That's 20 years of BP shooting from one well-made, well-setup gun!
  8. The Rossi 92 with BP is no harder to clean than the 60's -66's and 73's
  9. Those of you familiar with the model 92 have you run black powder through them? How terrible are they to clean afterwards? I normally run a 66 or 73 in 45 colt with bp loads. but I found a Rossi 92 in 44-40 at what I feel like is a hard to pass price. I pretty much only shoot true BP and I'd certainly only run BP in a 44-40. How could I not? Lol Thanks T.F. Jack
  10. I enjoy shooting them on occasion. I'll try to get a short video showing recoil of the above loads after work tomorrow. Between rain and a bout with headaches this week I've not wanted to do anything. Interesting note: the Super Blackhawk cylinder rotates clockwise while the Super Redhawk cylinder rotates counter-clockwise.
  11. https://online.flowpaper.com/77a9072e/AUSAGraphicNovelIssue3AudieMurphy/#page=1
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  13. You can find it here: https://www.ausa.org/medal-honor-graphic-novels to read online or download the PDF.
  14. I just bought a pedersoli carbine for the same price and it is great. Both my 14 and 10 year old sons like shooting it with cowboy loads. Good quality
  15. First they’ll be sharin spoons then the straw.
  16. Not knowing how much rust we are talking about... Inspect inside the chamber walls closely for rust damage. If there is noticeable rust on the outside, there may be more ( and worse) on the inside. You don’t need the surprise of one chamber burning through a wall and setting off its neighbor!! Some kind of probe, like a dental pick, may help find any possible problem spots.
  17. Getting close. Gonna be fun with poker, shootin', and eatin'. 3 of my favorite things. Might get a good foot rubbin' too.
  18. I got .45s named Fire and Brimstone ,,,, they are boys ...... I have a Highwall in .40-65 that I call Trouble because she likes to reach way out there and wack things .... She is a Lady ... classy and dependable like my Mrs. I have a Low Wall in .38-40 and she is so sweet and easy to handle and doesn't hurt the ladies and kids I let shoot her but she is sure death on steel out to 300 yards ... I call her Baby .... Jabez Cowboy
  19. Probably wants to buy you a beer and some pizza. Maybe nanner splits for breakfast. Yall don't get one with two spoons and share though. That'd be weird. Heck, or not nowadays I can't keep up.
  20. Well glad your ok and back home. Sorry to hear of your mishap. Take care & hang in there. Sent you an e-mail also. Give ma call t (623) 693-3424 or e-mail me back. JRJ
  21. My snow is all Gone again ......... Nice day yesterday reached a high of 72 F yesterday and 65F today .... Started Shooting indoor Cowboy 3 stage mini matches 2nd and 4th Monday evening .... Just wrapping Up our Fundraiser for our Work in Uganda brought in $6,686 Had my bow out the other day ,,,, bow is fine, me I need a little Work .... Shooting not too bad , but the wind has been right Gusty ... Pumpkin Pie and Coffee fer da Grumps Jabez Cowboy
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