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  2. You are confused. Trix are for kids, and no one from the 1930s would be considered a kid.
  3. I've lived in some pretty gun unfriendly states. As a young man in my late 20s and for no more reason other than I wanted a CCW when they weren't generally issued I went that route and much to my surprise was issued one. Since then when I needed the local Sheriff to sign off on something that could be equally politically unpopular I made an appointment with the Sheriff and expressed my desires in person. Never been turned down. A hand shake and eye ball meeting goes a long ways no matter where you live. I like to think that every vote counts and the Sheriff gets elected by people just like you, me and them.
  4. Looks like a Colt Root based side hammer job. I know that they made the 1855 pattern side hammer revolving in a long shotgun as well as rifle. Never knew they made it in a 'hand' gun configuration as well.
  5. This is what I used to clean the Merwin Hulbert the second time. The first I noted the next day a tiny bit of rust forming in the cylinder so guess I did not get it all out. OLG gave me this same idea and it worked perfect and then made sure a good oil and swabbed down and voila! No more rust and I check it peridocially. BTW after a good clean and some lube that 1880's made revolver seems as slick as some of the tuned newer stuff. The suction is now so good that I thought something was wrong when taking it down but the vacuum was just that high. Sure wish someone would make a replica of the things as neat gun.
  6. My advise is what it's worth is a darn good shoulder holster under your vest or coat as applicable ....
  7. Why didn't she call the po-po, the second she was in the store? That would have been a high priority call in any dept. OLG
  8. I really like your suggestions - thank you. I’ll keep all this in mind if I ever go ahead with this. WBM
  9. http://onlineslangdictionary.com/meaning-definition-of/pip
  10. I just found out that my niece successfully completed her 36 hour spur ride at Fort Hood, Texas. Though she is a pilot in an MI battalion, her unit works closely with the cavalry units on base. One of the squadron commanders invited her to step up and join the ride. 36 hours and 34 miles later, she had earned her spurs. Proud as could be! And did I mention she deploys next month? Bar’s open. My tab’s buying.
  11. I stopped shopping there about a year ago. The customer service I received was pathetic at both stores. There was a time once when we’d stuff a bunch of folks in a RV, drive to Sidney and shop like the world was coming to a end in 48 hours. That was Cabelas in its prime, long gone they are.
  12. It never dawned on me until after a few times of loading and unloading my car in front of the apartment where I live. Although you can’t see what’s inside the locked boxes anyone looking out their windows or walking by my car can see I’m loading something important. I also think about this if I’m loading musical instruments in my car. Anyway, you’ve got a point about keeping a low profile by not drawing attention to myself. Maybe not dress in full costume till I get there. WBM
  13. Maybe some of us have come back around a time or two. . .
  14. In considering elastic, and in some cases canvas, material for loops I find shotgun shells a tad slower to load onto belt than a good quality leather looped belt. I am especially referring to pairs. In pairing, one might suggest your craftsman to be able to mold a slight "crease" in center of pairs to give small gap between two shells....at least in my grabbing/loading technique that is a plus. This is a minor detail but I find in comparing my grab from canvas loops versus leather, I am more comfortable with the tiny part between shells.
  15. It’s gone, and the river has washed away any evidence.
  16. Better have lots of change, I only drink the good stuff. Not that rot gut exliar.
  17. Ha!! I got it. A Trix question. So .... just how many of us do you think were around in the 1930s?? That can still play CAS??
  18. OP... I commend you. That is a Stupid Dad joke of the highest order. Kudos
  19. When you get a chance let me know what you have and such, Thanks, Blackfoot
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