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  1. 2 pair (with screws) of Eagle elk horn grips for Uberti Schofields. No dings or damage. $450, shipped Priority Mail, insured.
  2. #1: Altamont "Altai" model grips, in basketweave walnut, for a round-butt S&W K-frame. Never used/carried. Asking $42.00 (2/3 the cost of a new set). #2: Herrett Jordan Trooper grips, skip-checkered, for Ruger Super Blackhawk. Some slight signs of wear, but overall in very good condition. I love Herrett grips, but unfortunately, these are too large for my hands. Asking $83, about half of the cost of a new pair. Or, if you want them both, $120. Shipped Priority Mail, insured.
  3. Mr. Wolf; that's what I like to hear tell your friends.



    1. Wolf Creek Bodine

      Wolf Creek Bodine

      What a great pard to deal with.  100% honorable cowboy in every way.  Thanks again for the great, smooth, deal!

    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Wolf, It's my pleasure to deal with true SASS folks.

      Thanks again


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