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  2. I also used to watch The Galloping Gourmet. I don’t know how much I learned but it didn’t matter. My Mom would not let me help in the kitchen. I taught myself to cook years later. My wife and I basically learned together when we got married.
  3. The mystery abounds...: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=winchester 1873 b suffix&ia=web
  4. Well, ran into him.
  5. Is that period correct ;-) Hope you are well. I still load your clever .357 boolit on occasion over a case full of real powder. prs
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  7. I thank Y'all for the nice comments, but try not to spoil me. I am happy to see that there are a good number of mold makers offering designs with similar features. All we had to do was show them way and to establish that there was a market. We are blessed to live in THE country most friendly and receptive to our passion and we must work to make sure our United States remains a safe haven for our guaranteed protection of the natural right to keep and bear arms. And, perhaps, someday that guarantee will be restored to exclude all infringements that we now struggle to tolerate. prs
  8. I have a .45-70 Pedersoli "buffalo rifle" and a Navy Arms '92 in .45 Colt, both in the white. I treated the exterior of them with Johnson's paste wax after proper internal cleaning and lube.
  9. What does the "B" suffix at the end of the serial number of a 1873 rifle made in 1885 mean? the serial number search would not recognize the letter on savage99.com when I did a serial number search there.
  10. Well Im glad they finally caught it and it didn’t take out a lung or something.... the medical system.... egads. Get better bud!
  11. Happy that things went well and they are looking up for you.
  12. Now that's funny and philosophical at the same time. I think I'll have a nanner split and think about it.
  13. Well, the surgery seems to have been a success. I have stinging pain at the incision points but overall I am doing better. I am off the morphine and just taking Norco, Naproxen Sodium. I think I need some Gabapentin for the incision stinging but that is easy enough to get from the nurse. They removed the drain tube from my side and disconnected me from everything except the monitor that does O2, heart rate and BP. I get to go home tomorrow Contrary to popular opinion I will not be getting rid of my bike. Thank you for your concerns. Bike’s in the shop getting fixed. And yes, I did have a crash 2 years ago. Both incidents were caused by individuals that shouldn’t have licenses and probably shouldn’t be trusted to ride a bus. Someone asked me if I plan to sue this lady. I have not made a decision yet but I am leaning towards “no”. Now, if she gets silly and does the traditional California thing and sues me, well, the gloves will come off. I have it all on video. She clearly messed up. I am still waiting on the police report. It looks like I will be off work the rest of this week and next. The sad thing is I still need to get my wrist operated on...
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