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  2. Not trying to pick a fight, but how you stick a fork in a whole raw egg w/o tearing things up? I might could see a 2 inch 25 ga. hypo if you have one handy, but don't think they make them that long. Su Amigo, JHC
  3. Depends on the parameters of the side match. Twenty years ago, we would shoot long-range rifle cal lever action out to 500 yards. In more recent years, I haven't seen anything more than 250 yards, and half that is even more common. I have an 1895CB, and a 336CB 38-55, but normally use a Winchester M94 .38-55 "Legendary Frontiersman". Barrel length on the 336CB and M94 are 24", and the M94 is also a round barrel, which is a bit lighter.
  4. I distinctly remember telling an anesthesiologist he had one more chance.....
  5. Where'd you get my Boo Kitty? They could be twins. And yes, Boo curls up in sinks.
  6. I understand the physics of it, but that's gonna be another melluvahess if you stick a fork in a whole egg. JHC
  7. I have a pair of tall stovepipes made by Bench Made in Leon Mexico. They're very comfortable "all day" boots. They're the style with pull tabs and smooth leather around the top, not the kind with the elastic "expanders" and mule ears. I bought 'em from a vendor a few years ago at the Wisconsin State Match. I don't remember the price, but I'd call them a good bang for the buck.
  8. Sounds really good. Petey won't eat the shrooms, but I can deal.
  9. I find if I take Motrin or any of that family of medicine the ringing gets louder.
  10. Poke holes in the yolk with a fork to keep them from exploding.
  11. It is 700x which I know is a little temperature sensitive. But it was very warm on Saturday and we had it inside until right before. The load is not that light nor the bullet and we have shot this same load like crazy for years and never had this problem, even shooting in very cold temperatures. For us to have this all of a sudden happen twice in one day, something has to be different and the only variable I can find is the crimp. I am calling this case closed. If I'm wrong and it happens again, I'll let you know. We will be shooting again tomorrow.
  12. Looks like guys are working night and day to comeup with new ideas of how to use the new APP press.
  13. The whole point of the 94 is to handle the larger higher pressure cartridges the previous models would not. The action handles 3 1/2” cartridges much better than 1 1/2” cartridges. That’s what it was made for. There are other actions better suited to the 44WCF.
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  15. I've been looking at Stovepipe or Cavalry style boots. I've been wearing Ariats for years and find them to be some of the most comfortable boots I own. So, school me on the tall shaft boots. What's comfortable for all day? What's the best bang for the buck? What to avoid?
  16. Then you should have given Last Chance Cyn a go. Only about 5 or show miles east on the road to Ransberg. OLG
  17. Read the rules about adjustable sights! Get to some shoots BEFORE buy'n anydangthing. OLG
  18. Prayers are up to the man upstairs! Let us know if they need anything. Rafe and family
  19. Lift one up before put'n down the green. I thought the 26" was to muzzle heavy. Be VERY cautious of Remmy made Marlins. OLG
  20. GO you will enjoy it! The altitude and dryness can be issues for some. OLG
  21. When I was young I loved Mexican food, as I got older Mexican food didn't love me. My days of holy Mole are over!
  22. Believe me when I say that 26” barrel will make a difference when shooting side matches! My 26” 1895 makes a mediocre long range shooter look like an almost decent shot Take advantage of the long rifles potential, go with the 26”!
  23. I could use the brown if they are not spoken for.
  24. Just depends on how cold it gets. What's the powder? Trailboss is very temp sensitive at the low end of the charge range. OLG
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