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  2. Okay I listed one earlier that I always thought was a stinker, but then I saw one last night... kind of like Kraft, really cheesy! If you ever get a chance...miss it! Supergirl 1984.
  3. Marshal flagg could you pm me some pictures and info?
  4. Remingtons are series 80 pistols . I prefer series 70 pistols myself . A couple less moving parts . So the trigger pull and feel is a little better . But I own both and they all will serve you well . To be honest with you . The best bang for the buck is The Armscor 1911's . They are a series 70 design and Armscor have been building 1911'S since the 1940'S . They are probably the largest builder of 1911'S in the world . Just sayin. Rooster
  5. Johnny Meadows did both of mine, even fixed what I had messed up I believe he is moving at the moment, but hopes to be back up and working soon. Camp Verde Gun and Repair Love mine and they are built like a tank.
  6. WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS!!! The drafting of effective warnings for equipment is an established methodology, controlled by international standards and conventions. The use of symbols and colors are part of that system, as is the use of certain key words. "Caution", "Warning" and "Notice" do not all mean the same thing, and each has its own designated color. The exclamation point in a triangle is a General Warning, and should not be used in place of specific warnings designed to alert users to particular risks. Language must be clear and concise, address the specific risk, and be appropriate for the people expected to have contact with the equipment. The boys at Guangzhou Airhorse need a refresher course, and any US importer/seller had better hope that no one is hurt while using this unit; the warnings are grossly ineffective LL
  7. There is a limited release movie coming out on October 24th called “The Reliant”. It’s a Christian based movie on the 2nd Amendment. I saw a preview of it at the theatre Sunday. It looks pretty good but I suspect it will not do well at the box office AND it’s only a one night showing at “select” theaters. It won’t be shown around here. https://www.thereliantmovie.com/
  8. I actually worked with a guy that wanted to put signs up to tell the deer not to cross our railroad tracks. We got a lot of humor mileage out of that one... What a Maroon!
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  10. Actually, they can...don't you know that deer can read English? How else would they know what to do at the "Deer Crossing" signs???? LL
  11. Okay.... Six-gun revolvers are always loaded with only five rounds and the hammer lowered and resting on the empty chamber. On my left hip I have an 1860 Colt, Konverted to shoot cartridges. It has a five shot cylinder. Therefore, it is a "Five-gun." On my right hip is a Nagant, it has a 7 shot cylinder. Therefore it is a "Seven-gun." Therefore, I should be allowed to load 4 in the Colt, and 6 in the Nagant. Both revolvers will have the hammer down on an empty chamber. This allows me to safely have the needed 10 rounds in a typical stage. I've seen more than a few 9 shot pistol strings over the years, and the question of it being against the conventions has never been brought up. Usually the nine shots are done to mirror a 9 shot rifle string, most commonly where you have three targets with three rounds on each in whatever order. [But not always".] Come on folks, let's not get silly here...
  12. This video brings up some very good points that I have not considered in regards to countering those that think Gun Control is the answer. It’s a 5 minute video.
  13. Creeker, couldn't have said it better myself. If you need to vary round counts to be creative, you need to go back the drawing board. Not to say that varying the round count once in a while is a bad thing, but you don't need it to be creative.
  14. That is why I was questioning it. I also read where some were seating the bullet out so they could pack more powder in so I thought, eh, maybe that how some get even more packed in.
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