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  1. Wait, there was a debate? From what I heard on news radio this morning, I thought there was a new pro wrestling show on Tuesday nights!
  2. Vote 'harvesting' is legal. Democrat operatives went around to registered Democrats homes, and got them to complete voting forms. Nothing preventing Republicans from going to homes of registered Republicans and getting vote forms completed. Only way to stop this 'vote harvesting' is for Republican party to actively do the same thing, then Democrats will make the practice illegal.
  3. Same here. Didn't understand that. Some people had custom build rifles that cost more than a full set of guns for our game, and you'd think they'd be concerned about damaging the crowns.
  4. They just ban frangible ammo. NYS tried. Not sure what ever came of it. https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2013/S4175
  5. Must have been a long ride home, if that happened on a match day.
  6. RC Cola in little grenade bottles for $0.35.
  7. Saturday afternoon double header of creature features, and kung fu movies!
  8. I had a co-worker swear by it for his achy and painy joints, but didn't work for me. Used the same brand as he did. A neighbor of mine swore by cbd oil lotion for her neck cramps, another friend of mine used a similar cbd lotion for her arthritic hands and she said it helped. Reckon your mileage will vary.
  9. He's right you know. There where people of color, women, and LGBTQ people at the protest in Richmond. When shown photographic evidence that it was not all old white men there, the left dismisses anybody who is not old and white, as 'tokens'. So yeah, not even left of center gun owners can catch a break.
  10. Only in NJ would this be considered a WIN for gun rights......
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