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  1. Well as somebody who went through a shake down by the Tennessee Highway Patrol on the way to Comin' at Cha back in 2011, in no way ever, EVER consent to a search. They will try and use scare tactics to make you fold like cheap lawn furniture....'well ya know, if you don't consent, then we'll have to bring the dog out, and if the dog signals something, that will give us probable cause'........you just simply reply all nice and calm like with 'gee officer, I don't know, I think I'll need to see a warrant'. And leave it at that. And always ALWAYS ask what they're looking for. My case they told me narcotics and large amounts of cash.
  2. Yeah, it's currently owned by Keurig/Dr Pepper. I think you have to go to a big stores like Target/Walmart. I see it online, but not in person.
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