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  1. I thought everyday was Saturday when you're retired?
  2. Black MZ is like $10 per pound from Sportsmen's Warehouse. Cheapest bp sub around, people who use it tell me it works great. I've never used it. I use APP if using subs.
  3. I'd recommend rollin' your own, with APP, nice and smokey black powder substitute , and soft lead bullets, from places like Desperado.
  4. Always a bit of contention. It's pretty frowned upon, at least with experience, of gunfighters 'pumping' the pistols. The photo above would be an extreme case of pumping pistols, though some say you're sweeping yourself if your 'pumping', and you have one cocked gun behind the other, some say you can't sweep yourself, some say it's ok as long as the pistol behind is not cocked. I had a bad case of pumping for a spell, and was called out with a warning about 'unsafe gun handling', I got out of it as I was shown it is a sloppy way of doing things, leading to more misses and P's. But what do I know. I recall reading something about this in the RO book, buried somewhere you wouldn't think of finding it.
  5. I had a MH Pocket Army with skull crusher grip. I found real black to be a hassle cause it gets into every knook and cranny on the over engineered gun. I would suggest APP and soft lead bullets, made cleanup for me so much easier.
  6. I know people who shoot these tends to roll their own, but for one not setup for 45.70 rollin', this is the type of rifle that you need to be careful about what type of off the shelf 45.70 you feed it?
  7. Was it even used? Looks fresh out of the box.
  8. I know a few people who has Squibber work on theirs, they are very happy with the work, and showed me the work. Very nice indeed. http://www.dustybunch.org/repair.html
  9. I use the 45acp dies, with the 45colt case shell on my LEE press. No problems.
  10. I would suggest ignore the 'siren song' ......... you're life will end up shattered on the road to nowhere. I had one....sent it back three times....after the 3rd time going back, I requested a '66 in it's place.
  11. Let me guess.....you live 1/2 mile from the range right?
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