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  1. That's way too long. One time, I called about action work on a pair of guns in July, asked if they'd be done by Oct for a match I wanted to use them in. Was told 5 weeks. Got them the following May.
  2. Well, if you have one pistol with a cap jam, you HOPE the other pistol won't. But my luck has been that one jams up, the other is sure to follow. Then I'm stuck with two jammed pistols. Have to ground one, then clear and finish with the other. Misses based on unfired chambers in grounded pistol. Unless you have more than just those.
  3. Discontinuing?? Picking up a new car this weekend, now I know where to take my first drive to!
  4. Interesting take. I was under the impression that this happened to appease the influx of new shooters who had little to no experience with firearms to begin with. You know, increasing the odds of them hitting the targets, thus increasing the odds of them staying in the game.
  5. Stated back in '06, and I remember stages where we started sitting a bathtub, on top of a wooden horse, or 'taking a knee', and having to get up and move to other stations where pistols were prestaged. Yeah I miss those things, but when 'old timers' complain about the loss of doing such things, I typically ask them if they would have the same fun, and ability, to do them now. Typical answer is no.
  6. JB, who is your smith who did your relining, and how can I contact TJ Enterprises? Thinking of relining my father's old 25.20.
  7. Easy. From the Italian Western called 'They Call Him Cemetery'. https://youtu.be/ck6ErOz4GeY There's a saloon scene where the two gunfighters are talking, and one tell's the other 'that' you're giving so much work to the Undertaker, he started calling you Cemetery'........
  8. Not to hijack this thread, but I got a nice stash of new 25-20 that I tried selling, nobody interested. Nothing more than what I paid for it.
  9. Here's a comment from an old thread with phone numbers. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/261810-which-1873-miroku-or-uberti/&do=findComment&comment=3407482 I'm gonna give 'em a call myself.
  10. Dropped by app in the mail this morning!
  11. I thought everyday was Saturday when you're retired?
  12. Black MZ is like $10 per pound from Sportsmen's Warehouse. Cheapest bp sub around, people who use it tell me it works great. I've never used it. I use APP if using subs.
  13. I'd recommend rollin' your own, with APP, nice and smokey black powder substitute , and soft lead bullets, from places like Desperado.
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