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  1. Slim, what mold do you use? I don't cast, but maybe I can find a source that uses your mold.
  2. Yay says I. Yay because I purchased a rifle a few years back, had random failure to fire's, one day while doing a tear down cleaning, I noticed the firing pin spring was cut too short to be useful. Fixed that issue with a spring from a click pen. Rifle has been rock solid since.
  3. Hard grey crust is most likely melted wads from the the BP shotgun loads. You can spray cleaner down the bore like Simple Green and let its soak, or just blow it all out at the next match with smokeless, which is what I do.
  4. yeah, why not? probably equivalent to 30g of real black.
  5. Today's main stream country just sounds over produced. I prefer the sounds from the 50s/60s. Recording technology was primitive compared to today, but they should did something right, regardless of what genre you listen to. I tend to listen to stuff that falls into the 'alt country' catagory. Just download the free Gimme Country app.
  6. Is there a website, facebook, or instagram page? Neither Google nor DuckDuckGo are giving results for Island Gun Works. LQ Jones Gunsmith only turns up with results for the actor.
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