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  1. only a few months ago, the people who were making jokes about other people using scarves, handkerchiefs, bandana's or even masks from Home Depot designed for sheetrock dust none of which will stop bacteria or viruses, are now the same people demanding people wear these very things to prevent spreading disease.
  2. What about 5.5 to 6 grains of Trail Boss? Or heck, full case of APP, make it nice and smokey.
  3. Korean zombie series called 'Kingdom' on Netflix was top notch. Period piece that takes place in the Josean era after many Japanese invasions.
  4. Prayers up. Way Up!!
  5. I go back and forth regularly. I use Ballistol, Gunzilla, or Qmaxx. All three work well with both BP and smokeless.
  6. I have always found it's easiest to get a hold of him between 4p and 5p.
  7. Would never have thought there would be that many piano's around to tune. Did you have to do alot of traveling for this?
  8. If Biden wins, I expect the left to embrace this. Want it to go away, and never come back, have Trump support it.
  9. nothing like the real Macho Man
  10. Can you share this blueberry pie recipe?
  11. Did he design any replacement hammer springs?
  12. Always thought this was off the rail, in a good way.
  13. Guess I'll be watching this tonight. Got nothing to do, and nowhere to go anyway.
  14. When shooting a revolver underwater, would the bullet leave the barrel, before water creeped in either through the cylinder gap, or the back part of the chamber, thus extinguishing the burning of powder, which would thus reduce the powder of said burning powder? Would this be dependent on the pressure of the water?
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