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  2. Find a piece of PVC pipe that the shell will slip into. Cut it to your desired length. Insert shell and cut with sharp blade to length.
  3. They got the snot kicked out of them by a tornado last. Lots of people hurting and hunting for shelter.
  4. KIRK, that is some deep thinking. Do you know the velocities of the rounds you are shooting of the 105/110 vs. the 125? Velocity x weight divided by 1000 = PF Example: 105 at 800 fps has a PF of 84 125 at 750 fps has a PF of 93 I think your observance of heavier bullets causing your sights to move off target is a real occurrence. This might not have helped answer your question, but I thought I would post it. 'CLANG' effect on a target with different bullet weights is a good lunch table discussion. I shoot a .32 H&R in Cowboy competition. My bullet weights are 78, 82 and 100 grainers in the rifle. My velocity with the 82 grainers is above 1200 fps because I like a fast bullet down range. I have been told that my rifle 'clangs' are more audible than most others on the Posse and more so than the mildly loaded .38 special stuff that most folks shoot. Trying to filter in 'clang' effects is something you might have to experiment for yeself. ..........Widder
  5. Good Morning Painted Mohawk: There is excellent information and a great tip for trimming your shells in Tom Bullock's helpful page. --Dawg http://www.tbullock.com/bpsg.html
  6. Thanks, but I'm not interested in a subcompact. I'm wanting a full-sized 17+1.
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  8. I've modified a few steps but essentially come out the same. I trim the hulls with the same dowel and knife method but recently bought a pair of $1.88 "gripper" gloves that reallly make turning the hulls much easier.
  9. Thanks for sharing. It put a smile on my face this morning. I know I don't need to tell you those times can't be beaten.
  10. Howdy Bill, The load I use with trailboss for WB is 4.6g with a 250g bullet from my 20” 73 it avg 170PF. I have tried numerous powders & bullets and one consistency I have found is that the 250g bullets produce the ‘cleanest’ results vs the same loads with a 200g or 180g bullet. In practice, this was obvious just by inspecting the spent cases and the amount of fouling collecting on the carrier. Good luck!
  11. Ah cooler weather..& that's the way it stay's, not like you lot up there that have that freezin' stuff when it's your turn.., anyways it's vegs & meat stews, grass that don't grow,no mosquitos, no sweatin' on the range, warm as toast in bed, football season...ah what a time of the year !!!!!! Grump 'ya' say .....I ain't no grump least not for the next 5 months Pretty soon all your grass will be green so best ya all get ready...me well I'm checkin' out the footy teams for the w'end, go to a gun show & bust some clays on Sunday Luv' this time of the year..ain't even gunna' tell ya to git off the lawn !!!.
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