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  2. One thing I am noticing in the past couple of years, I saw it in Oregon and I am seeing here in California, lots of Liberal minded people buying guns and going to shooting ranges. They were / are there to buy guns and learn to shoot. One might think that this is odd but many Liberals are patriotic Americans. A bit misguided, but patriotic Americans nonetheless. Now, Antifa at a pro gun march? I would definitely go armed.
  3. I’ll take case trimmer for 55.00 shipped, send info for payment.
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  5. It doesn’t make sense that they would not have at least an informational message as an answering explanation it they are closed during regular business hours for an extended period, don’t you think? Cat Brules
  6. to offer to take your wife or sweetie to Chickfila and then Hobby Lobby. She'll thank you for it.......until she realizes it's Sunday.
  7. Could be as simple as the Seven Hills spokesman says -- an intersection of interests between groups on the left and on the right. The old, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," bit. Or it could be a more a matter of a leftist group going where they know there will be angry conservatives, hoping for a fight. Either way, it will be interesting to watch the different takes the media offers on it.
  8. Early in the year they usually have big discounts on the upgraded life memberships.
  9. I know but if you listen to the movie, you'd think it had 8 forward speeds.
  10. Warlock - stars Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark and Anthony Quinn. https://youtu.be/8aaYQThZddc The Oregon Trail - stars Fred MacMurry, John Carradine https://youtu.be/T-4V-XuFzeE
  11. Hello Pards, I have this fixed sight Old Army that's been languishing in my safe for a few years. I figure someone might like to give it a new home. I have never fired it and I don't think the previous owner did either. It's totally original and in excellent condition. I do not have the box. I would like to get $650 shipped. As a black powder firearm I believe I can ship it directly to the buyer in most states but please be aware of the laws in your area.
  12. Circumstances, words, emotion and feelings, and context. We shall fight..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkTw3_PmKtc
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