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  2. 07/06/2020 p.m. "Astrid and I visited Michele at her window perch. She was very happy to see us. Astrid and I had to jump back in the truck to avoid the pop up summer showers. Michele just smiled at us. Today I received a pleasant surprise when Michele facetimed me this morning. She just wanted to say hi, that she loved me, and to make sure I was going to visit her this afternoon. I visited her this afternoon and found her very happy. As we were talking, she told me that she is started to regain feeling on her right trunk, right shoulder, right side of her neck. I was so happy to hear that and you could see the satisfaction on her face. Hopefully this progress will continue to happen. Good night all."
  3. With all due respect to your time in the game... The changes you're stating will make no difference have NEVER occurred - so inferring that they won't change anything is a faulty conclusion. The only equipment change of any consequence that has occurred is early when the 2nd pistol was added to the game. Dress requirements have not changed dramatically (but they have always been stressed poorly) - we have never offered an adult rimfire category. And changing the rules is not necessary a guaranteed participant loser. But sadly as our shooters age out and die - continuing to do nothing different is a guaranteed way to lose membership.
  4. You're not going to like the prices on a new one. With no add ons or modification, new Yamaha SRP $8734.00 https://www.yamahagolfcar.com/buildptv/
  5. I liked that story. Except for the "everybody carries a mallet to crack their nuts with, and nobody touches anyone else's mallet". That just seems like a big stretch.
  6. I"ve got a 510 series, 5.5" in 45 Colt, but it's all blue for $600 shipped
  7. Howdie all, it's been a while but, I have sampled the "Rattlesnake Red" at the White House Saloon and some beverages across the street at "The Joint" Sure was fun to talk with Olga's family there ! Thinkin' the White House might be closed now , damn shame.
  8. Have you posted it in a “For Sale” ad in the SASS Wire Classifieds Forum. Post it there...... Post it also in your local “For Sale” paper, usually distributed free. Look for it; most places have such a “ Sale” paper. Cat Brules
  9. Maybe reaching out to shooting shows and inviting them out to more matches, I know they have done shows at eot and winter range but show how family friendly our sport is. Unlike other shooting sports. Rafe
  10. There's a story I read once.... Gun writer Chuck Taylor is transported back in time to the age of the vikings, with his 1911 and competition gear. In the story, it turned out that HE was the inspiration for Thor. Good story.
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  12. I'd say you have! What have you NOT seen that you may think would help? How about advertising or something? Of course I don't see many other shooting sports advertised either but I don't have much TV time so I may not be a good judge. Any ideas? This thread has morphed around the world and back a couple of times.
  13. Thanx TL - nope - not now! pm headed your way
  14. Just a reminder that Logan’s Ferry Regulators will be shooting this Saturday, July 11. Hope to see you there. For more information check http://logansferrysaloon.smfforfree.com/index.php?board=1.0.
  15. RIP Mr. Morricone; you brought great pleasure to millions and millions of people through your music! SASS/CAS owns a debt to him as well; how many members found themselves drawn to this game through the westerns which he scored and made so memorable?
  16. A black slide for 12 ga $18.00 shipped
  17. Interested in your gun cart there partner can you shoot me a pm to talk about shipping it
  18. Howdy; Where to start? Outfits, more cloths,or less, no real difference in joiners. Guns; more, different cal. and actions, no difference. Change the rules; lose what you have, no gains, net loss. Scoring; no change in attendance. After decades in CAS I have made most mistakes mentioned in the previous pages and saw the rest tried. The game is what the game is. What to do now?
  19. 6.5 creedmore....New home here....Is this stuff hiding in your reloading room?? Texas Lizard
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