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  2. It ain’t over ‘till it’s over—the beauty of baseball!
  3. Thanks, I entered in on the wire in error and reposted it in the classified but I must have done something else wrong because it keeps posting on the wire. Not sure what else to do.
  4. Swallowell: "I'll put gun owners in jail." American gun owners: "No, you won't."
  5. I just read that the NRA will be the presenting sponsor of EOT. Nice teaming between two fine shooting organizations!
  6. You can text me at 8034871849 and we can work the details
  7. Dupont Car Camp Recreational Vehicle, 1910s
  8. You can text me at 8034871849 and we can work the details
  9. I was going to ask which SHTF scenario was happening. But since it was the one in alas babylon, it was a decent arsenal. 22s would be important, but I'd like to have more hunting and personal defense options.
  10. I use them for freezing lemon juice and such. Or stock.
  11. Dave, The only problem I see with what you're suggesting is that I won't be able to disconnect the wire. That's a big thing for me. The mast itself will unhook from the deck and attach at the bow pulpit and lay across the boat into a crutch at the stern of the boat for storage and transport. It's going to spend more time like this than up. I must have the antenna cable where I can disconnect it. Although I may have come across a better solution. It's not as great as having the antenna at the top of the mast but it'll work just fine for most of what I'm wanting. No thru-hull fittings either. Although I did like the idea of using the mast as an antenna. I may use that if nothing else as I know I can make that work. I really appreciate the help and ideas. Spent this weekend working on the boat and took it for my first sail yesterday. Perfect day for it. No hiccups except for someone in a new fancy boat crowding the docks making it difficult to maneuver.
  12. After being delayed a day getting to Seattle I finally made it home late Friday night. Work (and traffic) kept me from getting to Chinook's or Ivar's. I did make it to Duke's. The food was good but it was spendy. The place I enjoyed the most - atmosphere and taste - was Wally's Chowder House. It was also very convenient to my hotel. Another place I ate was Sharps RoastHouse. Again, kinda spendy but the food was very good.
  13. I got that you were kidding on the square. It DOES need sod. But in the past few years they have torn up most of the grass. There is some around the clubhouse and by the pool. There are a few largeish open areas that have grass, but all of the smaller areas have been stripped. We are on a private well here, with a hook up to the city water for emergencies. If power goes out the whole trailer park is without water, hence the hookup to the city.
  14. “Get outta bed already, you’re gonna be late getting to Mr. Utah’s place!” Calico had no idea how her brother always managed to sleep through the noise of her making breakfast for the two of them. Their cabin simply wasn’t that big, and she didn’t bother trying to be quiet, he needed to get up anyway. Granted, he was usually tired after the amount of work he put in over at the Lazy B, but she didn’t have it much easier trying to handle all the responsibilities on their own farm. The previous year had been difficult at best. The fever that had killed their parents had also affected the siblings, just not fatally, and recovering from the illness had taken time. They had barely managed to harvest enough food to keep themselves and the few animals they had from starving over the winter. Things would have been even worse if it hadn’t been for the multiple times Calico opened the door of the cabin to find either a ham or big slab of bacon wrapped in paper sitting outside in the cold. She had tried going into town and thanking the butcher, Grumpy Old Man, and offered to pay him. He had waived off both the thanks and the handful of coins she attempted to give him, swearing that he had nothing to do with the meat she’d found. The twinkle in his eyes told her a different story, but he allowed no argument on the subject and refused to take the money. Calico also suspected that Mr. Seamus and Miss Kay were not charging her the full price on the few supplies they’d had to buy, but she couldn’t really prove it. Math was not her strong suit, by the time Miss Lorelei had come to Stone Creek to establish the school, Calico had been too old to attend. Charlie had only gotten about a year’s worth of attendance himself before having to stop to help out Pa on the farm, he wasn’t much help with the math. She knew the couple would never admit that they’d undercharged her, but she thanked them anyway and said an extra prayer for them every Sunday at church. Sedalia Dave over at the S Bar D had sent his ranch hands over a couple of times during harvest to give them a hand, if it hadn’t been for the kindness of their neighbors the siblings would have been in far worse shape. But this year Calico was determined to not need anyone’s help to keep them fed. Her brother was finally starting to stir as Calico finished her coffee and headed for the door. “Hurry up Critter, the coffee is still hot but your pancakes are getting cold,” she called over her shoulder. The dishes could wait, they’d still be there when she got done feeding the pig and the chickens. Critter needed time to get a good meal under his belt before he headed for the Lazy B. At least Mr. Utah always made sure he got a decent lunch, saved her the trouble of having to pack one for him every day. Once the dishes were washed, she needed to get the clothes washed as well and hung to dry, before heading for town to drop off the plow at Blackwater’s smithy, it needed some fixing before it would be much use to her. She also needed to stop in at the general store, and if she got her work finished in time maybe she could spare a few minutes to wander down to Miss Kris’s dress shop and peek in the windows. Not that she could afford to buy any of the lovely clothing sold there, but she could always look….and dream.
  15. I wondered that a long time ago. I settled on that he ran because he was young and dumb. He got gunned down because he stole a horse and it makes you look guilty when you kill someone, then steal a horse and run away.
  16. post a picture of what you need please. I may have one.
  17. The youngest son of a great Indian chief went to his father and asked "Oh father, how did you choose the names for your three children?" The great chief replied "My son, when your older brother was born, the first sight I saw after the moment of his birth was a bear running through the woods; so I named him running-bear. The morning your sister was born, the first sight I saw was a beautiful star, so I named her morning-star. But why do you ask me such a question, two-dogs-fornicating?"
  18. Yesterday
  19. I was a Captain in the Texas Rangers, fought in the Texas Revolution, survived the Goliad massacre, led the first Ranger expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Apaches, wound up fighting the Mexicans and burning the town of Piedras Negras to cover my mens' escape back to Texas. Or at least my alias did. JHC
  20. J-Bar, try going down to Puertorico. There your name is your first name, your father's last name, and your mother's last name. When a woman marries she keeps her name. So if Maria Sanchez marries Juan Gomez, she stays Maria Sanchez. If they have a kid named Pedro, his name is Pedro Gomez Sanchez. I go down there to work. I had to sign in at the airport gate. I showed him my Florida driver's license. 14 hours later I'm attempting to go back to the motel. I have to sign out at the airport gate. They can't find any record of me signing in. The morning guard looked at my license - John Doe Alpo - naturally assumed that Alpo was my mother's name, and signed me in as John Doe. Then when I was trying to leave, and told her that my name was Alpo, they couldn't find any listing for Alpo on the log. I had to look through it and find where the morning guard had screwed the pooch.
  21. Crunch time. I need whatever I can get my hands on. No problem with the Marbles.
  22. I had a PW-87 that Lassiter had worked his magic on. Worked just fine but it was far from pretty. Replaced it with a stock IAC 1887.
  23. A few years ago, there was a congressman here in Massachusetts. His name was Richard Swett. He didn't go by Richard. Or Rich, or Rick. Believe it or not, there were bumperstickers on cars that read, Dick Swett for Congress. Don't believe me? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Swett
  24. No disrespect of anyone intended. I thought I was being humorous, but posted without thinking. Mea culpa. I feel very badly for the folks suffering through droughts and water restrictions. We are fortunate at our primary house to be on wells that are very deep and very full; no water issue...yet. The summer cottage is a different situation. All of Cape Cod is on the same aquifer; spill some gasoline on the ground on the north side and it can end up in my drinking water 100 miles away on the south coast. Very delicate system that teeters on the edge of failure; we do have some voluntary rationing and limitations on non-essential uses. We may need to abandon the lawn and end up with sand dunes and beach grasses. LL
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