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  2. Ironic. High Noon was the most infamous "message movie" for decades. Writer intended an analogy with black-listing in Hollywood for being communist sympathizer. JW, others, would not take the lead role because of the message.
  3. Sure, the ad for the S&W 7 shooter is interesting....... But the ad below it is the one peaking my interest, and I ain't even married.
  4. FIRST, I don’t know what you know or don’t know, so please just bear with me. You don’t need to explain, I’m just throwing information out to consider. Ask questions here. LISTEN: REVOLVERS I hope that you understand that there is some considerable difference between RUGER Revolvers — Blackhawk (NO...it you don’t already own Blackhawks, DON’T buy them) — Old Model Vaquero — New Model Vaquero and COLT Revolvers — Genuine Colt Single Action Army (SAA) — Colt type CLONE Single Action Army (SAA) Further, consider that, among the Colt type clones, there’s the issue of — 4-click action versus — 3-click action BARREL LENGTH - ask questions, get opinions here. CALIBER — MOST Cowboys will recommend .38 Special for several compelling reasons, including reloading costs, recoil, resale value of guns, etc. (The caliber of the gun will be stamped on each gun’s barrel. Understand all that.) — NOTE: .357 Magnum is a longer version of .38 Special; .38 Special will interchange in the longer .357Mag cylinder, but NOT vice-versa. Whew! Get those differences understood and decide what you like. If you buy off the Internet, including GunBroker, the SASS Wire Classifieds, etc., be careful.......really Cat Brules
  5. Lake Quinault is a great place to RV/tent/easy camp, outside SW side of Olympic Nat Park, Hwy 101. Fishing on the lake with reservation license, and day trips. Son and I stayed for a few days on one of our summer road trips. Worlds largest Sitka Spruce is just down the road. Redwood (giant) forest park access nearby.
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  7. Nope, nobody specializes in them. I've only seen two people ever shoot one at a match, and I'm one of them. The hammer spring and trigger spring are opposite legs of the same V spring, so ya gotta be real careful about lightening that 15-20 lb trigger pull. Break the sharp edge at the top forward edge of the breech block so it doesn't dig into the next bullet so bad. Just the middle part is what's really important, as the rest of it isn't going to make contact with the bullet - don't radius it, just break the sharp edge. If the whole lever/breech block assembly ever drops clear out the bottom of the action when levering, insert a thin washer as indicated. (Washer is green in middle picture, yellow arrow in last picture shows location. Red arrow points to where the block can slide past the trigger plate tang and fall out.) The screws holding the firing pin slide in place will probably work loose and jam up the breech block, so maybe put a dab of Loctite on them - not too much, or you'll glue it solid to the breech block.
  8. Kilroy Kiljoy Jughead (Johnson, Smith, ...) Pikes Peak Pete
  9. DANG!! Where is this??!! A woman after my own heart!!!
  10. Watching this on KQED. Biography of Maj. Winters.
  11. Every now and then, I shoot a brass framed .44-40 1860. I owned the "JKO" steel frame .44-40 Henry for awhile, but sold it to a pard in Billings a couple years ago.
  12. Howdy Uberti 'iron frame' Henry, 44-40 caliber. It has been my usual main match rifle for about 10 years now. Making smoke. Making more smoke. I replaced the stock rear sight with this one from Track of the Wolf. Stick Loading ammo on my Hornady Lock and Load. Starline brass, Federal Large Pistol primers, 2.2CC (about 33.3 grains) Schuetzen FFg, Big Lube Mav-Dutchman 200 grain bullets sized to .428. Yup, the brass is stained. Shiny brass does not shoot any better, it is just easier to find in the grass.
  13. Howdy I too use fibre wads from Circle Fly. I prefer to use the Remington STS hulls because the plastic is the most slippery and they eject the best from my SXS. I occasionally use Remington AA hulls, but I prefer the Remington STS. Winchester 209 primer 4.3 CC (the largest dipper in the Lee dipper set) approx 65 grains of Schuetzen FFg. 1/8" over powder card 1/2" cushion wad 1 1/8 ounces of #8 shot .030 over shot card No lube is necessary. Lube is for bullets so the rifling does not fill up with fouling, ruining accuracy. The card wads scrape out most of the fouling left behind by the previous shot, and there is no rifling to fill up with fouling. I load them on my MEC Jr. The size of the shot really does not matter, I have #8 because that is what I used to use when I loaded for Trap. The reason for the over shot card is that this load does not quite fill up the hull and the crimp would be a tiny bit concave, leaving a small hole in the center that a couple of pieces of shot can escape through. The over shot card levels the crimp and seals the hole. I could increase the powder charge a bit, but then I would run the risk of blowing a hole in the pattern. This winds up being about a 2 1/2 dram load. Plenty of punch yet the recoil is not too bad in my 24" barreled Stevens hammer gun.
  14. With a new purchase I am in need of 45 LC brass and projectiles if anyone has some they don’t need. Thanks
  15. I run a powder check die on the progressive so squibs are less likely. I had the powder through expander die on my turret press plug a couple of days ago. Three rounds got through before I saw it. Had to weigh about 25 rounds to find the three squib loads. It can and will happen.
  16. Maybe that is a Wal-mart problem - and perhaps just your local Wal-mart at that. It's available at a ton of the on-line retailers, including Midway. Good luck, GJ
  17. Yes Indeed, but much easier to be inattentive with 6 plus things going on at a time than just 1. Since I started taking a poll of squibs and types of presses about 3 years ago, 100% have been on a progressive press
  18. Joe - I just remembered! You have met Ms Helen Brimstone! She was riding herd on a mob of Cub Scouts at a Civil War Revisited event, and we visited with you when you were on a cannon crew! Sweet lady - but she undergoes this amazing transformation when she gets an HOA Nastygram. I've actually heard her say some kinda bad words a time or two or twelve or...
  19. Have you ever shot in a long range side match with a single shot rifle? Or Been to a buffalo shoot and operated a single shot rifle?
  20. Buyer was the father of the 12 year old!
  21. Either. It's caused buy inattention and/or lack of concentration & focus. OLG
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