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Let's say you live in Washington or Idaho or Montana - border state. And they're having a Civil War in Canada. The people are revolting against the dictator.


From your house you can see a battle going on in the air. A fighter plane and a transport. The transport shoots down the fighter, but is damaged itself. The pilot makes a good landing - one of those that you can walk away from, but that plane probably ain't going to fly again. He makes this good landing in your backyard.


Would you go outside with your arms spread in welcome - "welcome refugees from that horrible dictator!"


Or would you go outside with a gun in your hands - "what the hell do you want??"


This is the arc in the webcomic I'm reading. Instead of Canada, they're an actual another species of sentient beings, that lives in Lake Superior. They have people with the ability to do wonderous things - think Star wars and the force. The comic is about an eight-year-old girl - a member of this species - who is adopted by a human. And she is one of these people. They call them echoes.


The girl's aunt - her father's sister - has just gotten married. And through the window of the church they see a laser beam come up out of the lake.









And this one we learn that the refugee ship is carrying an echo. Who offers to help.





The echo shoots down the pursuing ship



The refugee ship crashes





And when the commander of the refugee ship goes into the church to seek help, she finds an extremely pissed off little girl


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Is it just me, or in that last picture does she look like Wolverine? Slightly bent forward, arms outstretched, fingers spread. She doesn't have metal claws that come out the back of her hand, but she does have talons and she's got them curved and ready.


When an echo is about to "use the force" (they call it "the resonance") their eyes start to glow, and their voices change. The last two panels of strip 1897. The echo says that he is going to help. In a normal voice. And then the fire eyes come out and the voice changes. He had powered up.


Which is why the ship Commander freaked when she walked in the church and found a 9-year-old echo ready to kick ass.

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Ya know, there are a few established, enjoyable, more easily understood comics out there....  :rolleyes:






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Come May that strip will have been running for 14 years. Seems like that should count as established.


But it isn't like Blondie, where every strip is a joke in and of itself. It's more like Steve Canyon, or Alley Oop. It's an ongoing story, and you really need to be up with all of it to follow what's going on.


That's why I showed so much of it, and explained a few of them, when all I was actually after was the last two - where the ship crashed and then the captain went into the church.


But if I only posted them nobody would have any idea what was going on.



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